Albert Einstein and Zionism

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

This section is devoted to the life, work science and philosophy of Albert Einstein: man of genius, philosopher, humanist, pacifist, socialist and Zionist. 

Albert Einstein's life and work should be an inspiration and example to decent human beings everywhere. In truth, Albert Einstein belongs to the world, but we are proud that he was a Zionist and a Jew.

Albert Einstein's approach to life, love and science were unique. He was a scientific iconoclast who later regretted his iconoclasm, and tried to find reason and order in the chaotic world of quantum physics. He was a deeply religious agnostic, an anti-nationalist Zionist, a committed socialist who was unafraid to speak out against Stalin's excesses when it was unpopular to do so, and a pacifist who was among the first to urge rearmament in order to face the menace of fascism. 

Albert Einstein's contribution to physics was perhaps not quite what the layman usually thinks it was. He was not, for example, the first to discover the principle of relativity, but he was the first to apply it properly in order to solve the problems presented by electrodynamic field theory and the transmission of light. He showed that relativity "worked."

For many years, everything he touched produced another revolution in physics, and another. However, his major contribution was the unification of gravity and acceleration in the general theory of relativity, which demonstrated a strange universe of curved space-time, and overturned Newtonian physics.

We should all be trying to learn from the example of Albert Einstein and his thought - to create better science, to build a better world, a better Zionism, a better Judaism, and a better Israel.

We will try here to present every aspect of Einstein's multifaceted life, so that the interested reader can understand the different aspects of Albert Einstein's thought and work.

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Albert Einstein