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Effective Israel advocacy:

Stays focused on the core issue: Jewish right to self determination;

Explains that we are proud to be Jews and Zionists, and explains why;

Is proactive rather than reactive;

Appeals to common values;

Provides basic information as a framework for understanding particular events;

Is meticulous about telling the truth and is credible;

Is pro-active for peace.

How to do it

Effective advocacy:

Appeals to emotions as well as intellect;

Takes advantage of modern tools - especially the Internet;

Uses multiple channels and means of communication;

Reaches the widest possible audience, targeting and informing the unconvinced;

Operates through grass roots efforts;

Is best done by informed, enthusiastic and savvy volunteers;

Uses issues to build a movement;

Builds coalitions and encourages cooperation when possible.

What it is not about

Successful Israel advocacy:  

Never confounds Zionism and Israel with local political issues or personal views;

Never excludes or gratuitously insults groups or their respected leaders;

Doesn't try to hide the word "Jew" or "Zionist."

Avoids announcements about advocacy campaigns that have no follow up;

Is not about a particular organization;

Is not about censoring anti-Zionist views;

Does not preach to the convinced, and is not "Zionist education";

Is not like "PR" that may be used to market products or political candidates.

Advocacy is not preaching to the convinced or "PR" campaigns.


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