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Israel: Which Side Are You On?

Is Israel really the world's leader in human rights violations? Is Zionism Racism?

Israel: Which Side Are You On?


This essay presented human rights issues in Israel and elsewhere: Human rights in Iran and Israel and Human Rights in Israel and elsewhere.  Let's sum up: Who is a progressive, and who is for peace and democracy?

Progressives, students, human rights advocates, peace advocates: Which side are you on?

Israeli War criminal


The "Good Guys"

  Palestinian soldiers - progressive

Israeli soldiers - Aren't they just people doing a job, defending their country?

  Palestinian soldiers give a familiar salute.

Israeli War Criminals


The "Good Guys"

Zionist War Criminals   Islam is the answer
Israel: Giant peace demonstration   London: Jihadist demonstration "Europe is the Cancer, Islam is the Answer"

In Zionist warmonger Israel


The "Good Guys"

  Palestinian Kids Learning War
Israel: Highway sign: Israel Wants Peace   Palestinian kids getting an education in war.

Religious Freedom in Zionist Racist Israel


In the country of the "Good Guys"

  Iran - Bahai religious martyrs
Israel - Religious pluralism - a place for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Druze, Bahai. Each with their own belief, or no belief.   Iran - Real religious martyrs - These Bahai women were hanged by the Iranian government for teaching school. They could have saved themselves by renouncing their faith.

Gay Pride in reactionary Zionist Racist Israel


 The "Good Guys" Hanging gays

Zionist reactionaries   Human Rights - Hanging Gays in Iran
Israel - Gay Pride Parade   Iran - People are hanged for the "crime" of Homosexuality

Progressives, students, human rights advocates, peace advocates:

 Which side are you on?

Human rights in Iran and Israel  Human Rights in Israel and Elsewhere

Human Rights in the Middle East


Human Rights Highlights - Middle East


Torture in the Middle East


(Download the Presentation: A Tale of two Shrines )

Is Israel an Apartheid State?

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ISRAEL: Which side are you on?