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Israel: Human Rights

Is Israel really the world's leader in human rights violations?

Is Zionism Racism?

Human Rights in Israel and elsewhere


A photo essay

We have compared human rights in Iran and Israel. Perhaps you still think Israel is an evil violator of human rights. Israel is not perfect, but no worse than most countries. Let's take a look at some others.

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Israel accepts Sudanese refugees  

Religion of peace:Results

Israel - Sudanese refugees from Darfur at the Yad Vashem Memorial. Israel has accepted a limited number of Sudanese refugees, asit accepted refugees from Bosnia and Vietnam in the past.   Sudan - A young victim of the Sudanese Muslim/Arab genocide of Africans in Darfur. Millions are dying, but almost nobody cares. The Arab League blocked international efforts to stop the genocide in Darfur for a long time. Egyptian soldiers have shot and killed Darfur refugees trying to get into Israel.
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Israelis rescuing Palestinians  

Palestinians lynching Israelis

Israel - Palestinian wounded in Hamas takeover of Gaza being brought to Israel for medical care. Israel treats hundreds of Palestinians for free in Israeli hospitals.   Palestinian Areas - In Ramallah, Palestinians lynch two Israeli soldiers who wandered into the wrong place by accident.
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  war crimes - where?
Israel - an African Jewish refugee from Ethiopia starts a new life.   Halabja, Iraq - Thousands died when Saddam Hussein gassed his own people. Nobody seemed to care.

Progressives, Students, Unionists, Women's Rights advocates, Gay Rights advocates, Christians, peace advocates and all people of good will: It is time for you to decide...

Human rights in Iran and Israel

Israel: Which Side Are You On?

Human Rights in the Middle East


Human Rights Highlights - Middle East


Torture in the Middle East


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Israel - Human Rights