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Altneuland- Theodor Herzl's Zionist Utopia

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Father and son pulled the hard crusts out of their pockets and munched audibly.

They paused before a tall building on the Laende that still exhaled a moist, new smell. The peddler rang the bell. All remained quiet. After a bit he pulled again at the brass knob, saying, "The janitor knows who it is. That's why he takes his time. Many a time I have to stand here for an hour. He is a rude man. Often I do not trust myself to come if I haven't five kreutzer to give him for opening the door."

"What do you do then?"

"I walk until the morning, when the house-door is opened:'

Friedrich tugged vigorously at the bell. Once, twice. Behind the gate they heard a rustling, shuffling footsteps, jingling keys. A gleam of light showed through the slits. The gate was opened. The janitor held up the lantern and shouted, "Who was that rang so loudly? What! The Jew baggage?"

The peddler timidly excused himself. "It wasn't I-this gentleman here..."

"Such audacity!" stormed the janitor.

"Hold your tongue, fellow!" ordered Friedrich, throwing down a silver coin.

Hearing the clink of silver on the cobbles, the man became servile. "Oh, I did not mean you, sir. That Jew there!"

"Hold your tongue!" repeated Friedrich, "and light the way upstairs for me."

The janitor stooped to pick up the money. A whole crown! This must be a very great gentleman.

"It's on the fifth floor, sir," said the peddler. "Perhaps the janitor will lend us a bit of candle." "I'll lend nothing to I.ittwak," he shouted. "But if you, sir, want a candle..."

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