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"Our house was a wretched hovel, and yet it held a treasure. Many a palace has no such treasure. That was she...my mother.

"She was an invalid. But Pain did not degrade her. It exalted her.

"Often she seemed to me the symbol of the Jewish people in the days of its suffering.

"She was my mother; and I shall not see her again.

"Never again, my friends. Never again. ...And I must bear it!"

His friends listened as he poured out his heartache, and were silent.

The room filled up with visitors. All came who had known David and his family.

To divert his thoughts, Dr. Marcus turned his conversation into other channels. The discussion was high and serious.

At last Friedrich put a question, and every man answered it after his fashion. "We see a new and happy form of human society here," he said. "What created it?"

"Necessity!" said Littwak the elder.

"The reunited people!" said Steineck the architect.

"The new means of transportation!" said Kingscourt.

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