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"Knowledge!" said Dr. Marcus.

"Will Power!" said Joe Levy.

"The Forces of Nature!" said Professor Steineck.

"Mutual Toleration!" said the Reverend Mr. Hopkins.

"Self-Confidence!" said Reschid Bey.

"Love and Pain!" said David Littwak.

But the venerable Rabbi Samuel arose and proclaimed: "God!"


...But, if you do not wish it, all this that I have related to you is and will remain a fable.

I had meant to compose an instructive poem. Some will say it contains more poetry than instruction. That it has more instruction than poetry will be the verdict of others.

Now, dear Book, after three years of labor, we must part. And your sufferings will begin. You will have to make your way through enmity and misrepresentation as through a dark forest.

When, however, you come among friendly folk, give them greetings from your father. Tell them that he believes Dreams also are a fulfillment of the days of our sojourn on Earth. Dreams are not so different from Deeds as some may think. All the Deeds of men are only Dreams at first. And in the end, their Deeds dissolve into Dreams.

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