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Kingscourt nodded his satisfaction, but added, "However, I must remind you that you are undertaking a lifelong obligation. At least, it must hold for the rest of my life. If you come with me now, there will be no going back. You must cut all your ties:'

"Nothing binds me," replied Friedrich. "I am all alone in the world, and have had enough of life."

"That's the kind of man I want, sir! You will actually leave this life if you go with me. You will know nothing more of the good or evil of this world. You will be dead to it, and it will have gone under-as far as you are concerned. Does that suit you?"

"It does."

"Then we shall get along very well together. I like your type." "But there is one thing I must tell you, Mr. Kingscourt.

I am a Jew. Does that make any difference?"

Kingscourt laughed. "I say! That's an amusing question. You are a man. I can see that. And you seem to be an educated man. You are disgusted with life. That shows your good taste. Everything else is frightfully unimportant where we are going....Well, then, shake hands on it." Friedrich shook the proffered hand vigorously.

"When can you be ready, Dr. Loewenberg?"

"At any time."

"Good. Say tomorrow. We go from here to Trieste, where my yacht is anchored....Perhaps you still wish to provide yourself with some things here?"

"I shouldn't know what to get. This is no pleasure trip, but a farewell to life:'

"Still, Dr. Loewenberg! You may need money for your purchases, Draw on me."

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