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The Littwak's room by daylight looked even drearier than at night, but Friedrich found the family in an almost happy mood. David was standing near the window-sill with an open book before him, chewing a mighty slice of bread and butter. His father and mother sat on the straw, and little Miriam played with bits of chaff.

Hayim hastily rose to greet his benefactor. The wife too tried to rise, but Friedrich checked her. He knelt beside her quickly and petted the nurseling, who smiled at him sweetly out of her rags.

"Well, and how are things today, Mrs. Littwak?" The poor woman tried vainly to kiss his hand. "Better, sir," she answered. "We have milk for Miriam, and bread for ourselves."

"And we've paid the rent, too," added Hayim proudly.

David had put down his bread and butter, and stood regarding Friedrich steadily with folded arms.

"Why do you look at me so closely, David?" he asked.

"So that I may never forget you, sir. I once read a story about a man who helped a sick lion."

"Androcles," smiled Friedrich.

"My David has already read a great deal," said his mother, in her weak, soft tones.

Friedrich rose, and said jestingly, as he placed his hand on the boy's round head, "And so you are the lion? Judah once had a lion."

"That which Judah once had, he can have again," replied David almost defiantly.

"We cannot even offer you a chair, sir," lamented the housewife.

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