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"We have not been in Europe for twenty years."

"Overhead trains are nothing new. There was one running between Barmen and Elberfeld in the 1890's. We installed them as soon as we rebuilt our cities, because they make street traffic safer and easier. Besides, they cost less to build than elevated or surface lines."

"I beg your pardon!" cried Kingscourt. "You speak of cities! Are there more cities like this in Palestine?"

"Don't you know that, gentlemen?"

"No, we don't," replied Friedrich. "We know neither that nor anything else. We know nothing at all. We have been dead for twenty years."

"And, indeed, dear Dr. Loewenberg, we thought you dead," said Littwak, pressing his hand.

"Did you inquire about me? And how do you happen to know my name? I don't remember telling it to you at the time."

"We were disconsolate when you withdrew from our thanks. Thinking you might be a regular patron of the Cafe Birkenreis, I waited for you many nights in the doorway. My father too."

"Is your father still alive?"

"Yes, thank heaven, and my mother too. And Miriam, whom you saw as a baby. ...Finally, it occurred to me to describe you to the waiter. He recognized my description, and told me your name. Imagine my grief, however, when the man added that you had been killed in a mountain accident. The newspapers reported your death. I can tell you, Dr. Loewenberg, we grieved much for you. We have always lighted the yahrzeit lamp on the date I found in the papers."

"Jahrzeit?" asked Kingscourt. "What's that?"

"A Jewish custom," explained Friedrich. "Relatives of deceased persons light candles or lamps on the death anniversaries."

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