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"Oh, I have much to tell you, dear Dr. Loewenberg, very much indeed," said Littwak. "But we must not stand here. You will come with me. My house is your home now, gentlemen."

"And our yacht?"

Littwak turned to the liveried negro who had followed him, and instructed him briefly in a low tone. The servant disappeared, and David turned to his guests. "It's all arranged. The boat will go back to your yacht, and your bags will be brought up to Friedrichsheim."


"To Friedrichsheim, my home. You will guess in whose honor it was named. Come, gentlemen, we are driving up."

For all his cordiality, there was something decisive in the young man's tone. "Fritze, he takes over the command," murmured Kingscourt not unappreciatively.

Littwak signaled to an automobile, and asked his guests to be seated. He was about to follow them into the machine when someone called him. "Mr. Littwak! Mr. Littwak!"

He turned. "Ah, it's yours. What do you wish?"

"There was a notice in the morning papers that you were to speak in Acco today. Is that correct?" "I was on my way there, but I shall have to be excused. I have something more important on hand today. Oh, I must telephone at once."

"May I do it for you, Mr. Littwak?"

"If you will be so kind."

"You seem to have distinguished visitors," probed the curious one, pointing backward at the car with his thumb over his left shoulder.

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