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Altneuland- Theodor Herzl's Zionist Utopia

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"Oh, that! Here the man went to my school for twenty years, and still entertains such thoughts! Say right out that you want to join this New Society!"

"I don't say that because I still do not know it well enough. It does, however, seem less repulsive than the old order."

"Less repulsive! Less repulsive!" jeered the old man. "Go right ahead and join this pure society. I can go on alone under my own steam. You'll see how well I'll get along by myself."

"Oh, I say, Kingscourt, don't get excited. I shall remain here as long and no longer than you do yourself.'"

"Is that a promise?"

"My word of honor....and I shall not join David's society unless..."

"Unless what?"

Friedrich smiled at his own thought. "Unless you also join it."

It was long since Kingscourt had laughed so uproariously. "Ha! Ha! Ha! Fritze, what silly-billy notions you have. Oh, hot ha ha ha! Don't you see me a member of a Jewish society? Me, Adalbert von Koenighoff, a royal Prussian officer and Christian German nobleman! No, Fritze, that's too good, too good!"

"The junker speaks!"

"Now he's piqued. You're an exception in my eyes. One's none."

"And what is your objection to David Littwak?"

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