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Kingscourt was dumbfounded. "Us! What kind of a president is he? And what does he want of us poor desert pilgrims?"

"The President of our New Society," explained David, smiling. "The old gentleman with the white beard. In the first box."

They glanced in that direction. "Confound it!" cried Kingscourt. "I seem to remember meeting him. But where?"

"The oculist at Jerusalem," Friedrich reminded him.

"Dr. ..."

"Eichenstamm," prompted David. "He is our President."

"And did he recognize us after all these years?" asked Kingscourt, still amazed.

"The gentlemen were recognized, by Dr. Eichenstamm' s daughter," said Dr. Werkin, "and she pointed them out to him,"

"May I come too, Dr. Werkin?" asked David.

"Certainly, Mr. Littwak. The President would like to hear how your campaign against Geyer is going."

Dr. Werkin led them to the aged president, who awaited them standing in an elegant little salon curtained off at the back of the box. He was leaning heavily upon a cane.

"What a reunion, gentlemen, eh?" The old man's voice quavered as he shook hands with each in turn.

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