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"Miss Sascha speaks from experience," said David. "She herself knows that kind of happiness very well, since she is at the head of the greatest eye clinic in the world. May I bring these gentlemen to your clinic, Doctor, when we come to Jerusalem? ...Large numbers of people, gentlemen, have had their eyesight saved or restored there. You can imagine what a benefaction that clinic is for the Orient. People come to it from allover Northern Africa and Asia. The blessings bestowed by our medical institutions have won us more friends in Palestine and the neighboring countries than all our industrial and technical progress."

Sascha parried the praise. "Mr. Littwak overestimates my slight accomplishments. I have done nothing new. But there's a very big man in this country-a bacteriologist named Steineck. You must see the Steineck Institute. You will find it awe-inspiring."

"Have you made any plans for seeing the country, gentlemen?" inquired the President.

"I am taking my guests to Tiberias first, Mr. President. We go up tomorrow to visit my parents."

"To celebrate the Passover, eh?" asked the old gentleman. "Remember me to your parents, Littwak. And you must bring your friends to call on me in Jerusalem. I shall count on it."

He shook hands with them once more, and they parted as the orchestra began the overture to the third act.

As they walked back through the empty foyer, Kingscourt remarked, "That president of yours seems to be a fine chap. A bit old and infirm though. Why did you choose him especially?"

"I can tell you that in a word, Mr. Kingscourt. Because he did not want to accept office."

"Oho! That's better still."

"Yes. We follow a principle laid down by the sages of Israel. 'Bestow honors upon him who seeks none!'"

Altneuland - Book Three Part One- The Prosperous Land


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