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So it turned out. A group of villagers was ready to receive them in front of the spacious community house. This settlement, with its fine farm buildings, cattle and fields, was known as "Neudorf" ("New Village").

A hundred-throated "Hedad!" greeted them as the car stopped.

"'Hedad!' means 'Hurrah' in Hebrew," explained Reschid to Kingscourt.

"Thought at once it must mean either 'Hurrah' or 'Down with them'!" chuckled the old man.

Before entering the community house, they listened to a Hebrew song of welcome sung by a moir of neat school children under the direction of their teacher. Fritzchen awoke, and crooned an inarticulate accompaniment from his nurse's arm.

Friedmann, the head of the community, was a sturdy farmer of about forty. He came forward and delivered a short speech of welcome to the visitors in the Russian-Yiddish dialect, addressing himself particularly to Littwak and Steineck as party leaders.

"Donnerwetter!" growled Kingscourt into David's ear. "I did not know you were a party leader."

"Only for the time being, Mr. Kingscourt. For a few weeks. It is not my vocation,"

A second farmer now stepped forward-a robust, sunburned man. He twisted his hat between his calloused palms, and spoke with some embarrassment. "Mr. Littwak, Mr. Steineck, you will permit me also to say something."

Arms were stretched out to restrain the unauthorized speaker. "Mendel must not speak!" "Mendel's not allowed to speak!" they cried.

Mendel, however, defiantly stood his ground, his determination growing as he was hindered. "I shall speak!"

Tumult. "No!" "No!" came cries from the majority of those present, but Mendel's supporters were angrily demanding a hearing for him.

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