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David quieted them with a gesture. "Of course he must speak."

"You see...Mr. Littwak is cleverer than you donkeys," sneered Mendel at his opponents. "Well, then...What I want to say is that Friedman did not speak for the whole community."

More confusion. "Yes, yes! He did. He is our spokesman."

Mendel went on unperturbed. "He may greet our guests. Yes, he must do that....He spoke for the whole of Neudorf when he did that. We are not rude to our guests. But he has no right to welcome them as party leaders. There is a party here in Neudorf which does not follow Mr. Littwak. That is what I wanted to tell you, Mr. Littwak and Mr. Steineck."

"Indeed?" Kingscourt quizzed Steineck. "We seem to have come into the enemy's territory."

"They won't devour us," replied the architect. "We have come here to convert them. I shall soon set their peasant skulls to rights. But, for heaven's sake, where is my speech?" He searched through the traveling bag which the footman handed him. "It's not here."

"Didn't you have it in your suitcase?" asked Sarah, laughing.

"I remember now! I stuck it into my trunk!"

"Oh, speak ex tempore," suggested Miriam.

Steineck gave her a despairing glance. He was usually unlucky with improvised speeches.

The crowd of farmers opened passageway in their midst for a visitor. "Here comes Reb Shmuel!"

Reb Shmuel was an aged, bent man of most gentle demeanor. He took David's hand in both of his and greeted him cordially. Obviously, he did hot side with Mendel and the opposition.

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