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"Yes," supplemecnted his brother, "it's unnatural for him to be missing. The party is incomplete without him. Understand?"

"Not at all," declared Kingscourt. "I've been wondering all this time what you want of this unknown Joe."

"He doesn't know Joe!" shouted the architect, holding his sides.

"That's a fault in your education, gentlemen," said the Professor. "Joe is a person one must know. Without him, many a man would not be where he is today. Joe has achieved wonders with practically nothing. He's a remarkable fellow. He has a quality that's rarer than gold or platinum or uranium or the rarest metal there is."

"The Devil! You make me curious, Professor! What is this wonderful quality?'

"Simple, sound common sense. Understand?"

"I begin to. ...But now I should like to see this remarkable Joe."

The architect formed a speaking tube with his hands, and shouted, "Tschoe! Tschoe!"

Mrs. Gothland motioned the bawler to be quiet. "My dear friend," said she, "not even you can speak loudly enough for him to hear you. Unless you were to telephone him to Marseilles. Then it would be easy, of course. He arrived there this afternoon, and sends his greetings to all of you. I spoke to him a little while ago."

"Wha-at!" shouted the architect. "So suddenly! And without saying a word to anyone!"

"He decided on the trip several days ago," reported Mrs. Gothland. "You know our Joe. He heard that a manufacturer in Lyons had some new kind of machine. I must have a look at that,' he said, and left for Europe the same day. Notice of his arrival was cabled to the newspapers over there. He is probably being besieged by manufacturers, machinery agents, and engineers. It's always like that when Joe goes to Europe."

"Representatives of all kinds of industries call on him," added Reschid. "He has contacts with England, Germany, France, and particularly with America. Tomorrow he may be on his way to America if he does not go on to London or return to Palestine. You never know what he will do next. But you do know that it will be the right thing. He closes a deal for $5,000,000 sooner than another man buys himself a coat. He orders quickly, pays well, and never makes a mistake."

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