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Territorial Zionism -

1- A movement founded by Israel Zangwill, with the formal name of  "The Jewish Territorial Organization" in 1905. Zangwill believed it would not be possible to obtain a national home for the Jews in the land of Israel ("Palestine"), and so he sought to establish national homes elsewhere. Other than settling a few thousand Jews in Galveston Texas, there were no practical results to this program and the movement was disbanded around1925, about four years after Zangwill's death.

2  Territorialism (not Territorial Zionism) was the doctrine of of Poalei Tziyon and the Socialist Zionists, which believed that the Jewish workers must have a territory of their own, as opposed to the cultural and political autonomy within Russia advocated by the socialist anti-Zionist Bund  and sometimes promised by  the Social Democratic (Bolshevik and Menshevik) party. Note that the "Territorialism" of the Poalei Tziyon always insisted on Palestine (Eretz Yisrael) as the territory of the Jewish people, quite the opposite of "territorial Zionism"

3- A clever pun on number 1 and number 2, attributed mistakenly to former Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben Ami, referring to acquisition of territory to annex to Israel. However, he did not refer to "Territorial Zionism" as such. What he actually said was:

Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami said this afternoon that "Israel had reached the end of Zionism's territorial stage."

Ben-Ami made the statement during a Hanukka candle lighting ceremony this afternoon with Foreign Ministry employees in Jerusalem.
Jerusalem Post, 26.12.00

This has been misconstrued by some as indicating that there was actually a "Territorial Zionism" movement in modern Israel. In reality, there was no such movement, though the term could be applied to groups like Gush Emunim which believe in Greater Israel and further conquest and settlement.

Synonyms and alternate spellings:

Further Information: Poalei Tziyon - Our Platform 1906 ("Territorialism")

Hebrew/Arabic pronunciation and transliteration conventions:

'H - ('het) a guttural sound made deep in the throat. To Western ears it may sound like the "ch" in loch. In Arabic there are several letters that have similar sounds. Examples: 'hanukah, 'hamas, 'haredi. Formerly, this sound was often represented by ch, especially in German transliterations of Hebrew. Thus, 'hanukah is often rendered as Chanuka for example.

ch - (chaf) a sound like "ch" in loch or the Russian Kh as in Khruschev or German Ach, made by putting the tongue against the roof of the mouth. In Hebrew, a chaf can never occur at the beginning of a word. At the beginning of a word, it has a dot in it and is pronounced "Kaf."

u - usually between oo as in spoon and u as in put.

a- sounded like a in arm

ah- used to represent an a sound made by the letter hey at the end of a word. It is the same sound as a. Haganah and Hagana are alternative acceptable transliterations.

'a-notation used for Hebrew and Arabic ayin, a guttural ah sound.

o - close to the French o as in homme.

th - (taf without a dot) - Th was formerly used to transliterate the Hebrew taf sound for taf without a dot. However in modern Hebrew there is no detectable difference in standard pronunciation of taf with or without a dot, and therefore Histadruth and Histadrut, Rehovoth and Rehovot are all acceptable.

q- (quf) - In transliteration of Hebrew and Arabic, it is best to consistently use the letter q for the quf, to avoid confusion with similar sounding words that might be spelled with a kaf, which should be transliterated as K. Thus, Hatiqva is preferable to Hatikva for example.

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