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IDF Commando T-Shirts

IDF War Criminal T-Shirts


What it's about - Haaretz got the world in an uproar over IDF unit black humor gag T-shirts following Operation Cast Lead. At about the same time, Amos Harel of Ha'aretz leaked a story about "war crimes" confessions of IDF soldiers. As it turns out, it seems that the only verified 'confession' was that of a soldier who explained that his unit was unhappy about having to fold the blankets before leaving the house of a family of Hamas supporters. Anti-Zionist UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk claimed that Israel had committed war crimes in Gaza. All we can do is laugh about it.

These T- Shirts with the insignia of the famed Israel Navy Shayetet 13 Seals and IDF Givati Counter-Terrorism commandos will entertain your friends. Some are black humor - be forewarned. War is a dirty business. Be the first on your block to own these macho war criminal hardline Jew T-Shirts.

Ami Isseroff


IDF Commando War Criminals T-Shirt
IDF Commando War Criminals Obscene T-Shirt
IDF Commando T-Shirt
IDF Commando Sick Humor War Criminals T-Shirt

IDF Navy Seals War Criminals T-Shirt


IDF Navy Seals War Criminals Home T-Shirt


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IDF War Crimes T-Shirts