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Foreign Language articles about Zionism

Muddled thinking about Israel and Leftists -Is Gaza poverty Israel's fault? More
Nick Cohen: Reactionary causes of the left - How can leftists support repression of women and homosexuals? More

Looking for truth among the lies Striking  a balance in criticism of Israel More

Has the peace process ended, and didn't Israel and USA notice?

02/16/2007: Temple Mount Tremors - Jerusalem, central to Zionism, has long been a detonator cap for explosion in the Muslim world. More
02/16/2007: Palestinian Unity: E Pluribus Confusion
02/16/2007: Bigotry awareness - Zionism and Racism don't mix. More

02/14/2007: Significant Anniversaries: Jewish Legion, Colonel Patterson, 6-Day War
02/14/2007: Palestine Massacre: The forgotten pogrom: Safed 1834

Send Flowers- From Israel- a Zionist family  anecdote about the start of a $200 million business. more

Limits of Anti-Zionism I  The Limits of Anti-Zionism 2

Hershl- A Jewish success story  - Anti-Zionism for fun and profit. More

CAIR: Women's rights advocate is 'just one more Muslim-basher on the lecture circuit'

02/11/2007: Carter's Apartheid book: Not anti-Semitic, but Not Good Either - Carter ignores Zionism and distorts history. More

02/09/2007: Palestinian Unity Agreement: Significance for Israel and Peace

02/07/2007: Unity between Hamas and Fatah: On what platform?
02/06/2007: Liberals, Leftists, Zionism and Right-wing anti-Zionists
02/05/2007: Robert F. Drinan, 1920-2007

02/03/2007: Christian Science Monitor: Israel's Right to Exist is an obstacle to peace
02/02/2007: Which lobby is stifling free speech about the Middle East?

02/02/2007: The Topsy Turvy logic of CPT Hebron
02/02/2007: Bradley Burston: The progressive Zionist credo

02/01/2007: Unity and Dissent: The two faces of Progressive Zionism
01/30/2007: Totten: 'They Had Machine Guns Welded in Windows'
01/30/2007: Eilat: No longer the end of the world
01/29/2007: Truce again: Suicide bombing in Eilat

Insidious Zionist poison balloon plot in Lebanon revealed

Who is a Jew?

01/29/2007: Truce again: Suicide bombing in Eilat - The suicide bombing served as a grim reminder of what Zionism and anti-Zionism are really all about, who believes in "genocide" and what "truce" means to Hamas. More

Conversations with an anti-Israel activist,-  about the occupation & "genocide"

Hawking on Israel  

01/26/2007: Recognition  Why should Israel give anything for the basic right that is conceded to every other country? More

01/22/2007: Outsourcing the IDF: Saving money for a nonexistent old-age
01/21/2007: Is Yasser Abed Rabbo a Zionist? ZOA bid to oust UPZ from campus group fails

01/17/2007: Visiting Tel Aviv
Is Jimmy Carter being bribed by the Arabs? - Mind you, I am not saying he is, I am just raising the question to be provocative. It is a fact that is impossible to criticize Carter without evoking knee-jerk reactions. More

Peace with Syria?

Secret understandings reached between representatives of Israel, Syria

Israel: "Syria Not Ruling Out Receiving Alternative Territory Instead of Entire Golan"

Full text of document drafted during secret [Israel-Syria] talks

01/15/2007: Self hating Jews: Google Zionism or Israel - Find complete failure

Victims of Holocaust Denial - Jews, Muslims, and Human Dignity - Munawar Annes repudiates Holocaust denial and Islamophobia More

Life in Israel - Israel like this, as if  

01/13/2007: Hudnawatch: The meaning of Hudna and the rain of Qassams

01/11/2007: Hamas is not recognizing Israel and there is no Santa Claus

01/08/2007: Israeli attack on Iran - the making of a Canard?
01/05/2007: Zionist propaganda?: Arabs vs Israel
01/04/2007: Look who is in the Israel Lobby now
01/02/2007: Recalling Teddy Kollek

01/01/2007: Israel and the Middle East IV: With Strengh and Courage
01/01/2007: Israel and the Middle East III: The Obsession
12/29/2006: Lieberman Corrected - Ha'aretz makes a minor error
12/28/2006: Don't let them forget Sderot
12/28/2006: Lieberman: End of a Zionist bogeyman? Not quite
12/28/2006: Israel and the Middle East II: Goals for Zionists and Israelis
12/28/2006: Israel and the Middle East: Looking for a policy instead of a "solution"

12/26/2006: The inscrutable west: US plans Palestinian state because nobody in Palestine can keep order
12/23/2006: Twenty Five missed opportunities of the Palestinians
12/21/2006: Full peace for the Golan Heights
12/20/2006: Israel Bashing - "Zionist" organizations are doing it too
12/19/2006: The coming out party of the pro-Israel Blogosphere

12/15/2006: Carter Movie - Truth is stranger and worse than fiction

12/14/2006: Pride and Humiliation

12/14/2006- Rabbi Moshe (Moishe) Friedman in Holocaust Denial Conference with neo-Nazis and KKK leader Duke - Nazis killed only 1 million Jews.

12/13/2006: The vanished peace proposal - history remade
12/13/2006: Mearsheimer and Walt: Son of Protocols of the Elders of Zion returns
12/13/2006: Israel-Bashers' Refrain - "We aren't saying this because we aren't allowed to criticize Israel"

Carter's Palestine-Israel Book: It's Even Worse Than They Say- Doni Remba exposes ten fallacies of the Carter book. More

12/10/2006: Who sows war will not reap peace - Ratna Pelle notes that  Palestinians respond to truce and Israeli peace overtures with more warmongering. More
12/09/2006: German arms embargo on Israel Hoax - After four years, haven't we had enough of this one? More

12/05/2006: The news from Iran is not good  - Iran is building nuclear weapons, and nobody is going to do much about it. More
11/30/2006: Lest we forget
11/30/2006: Jimmy Carter takes Israel-Hate Mainstream
11/30/2006: Israel's quiet economic miracle

11/28/2006: Israel: Democracy or "State of all its citizens?"

11/27/2006: Israeli-Palestinian cease fire and what it might mean
11/27/2006: Elections in the Netherlands: gains for socialists and nationalists

11/23/2006: If this is peace, who needs war?
11/22/2006: Jewish peaceniks, Christian visitors, and the Israel-Palestine problem

11/21/2006: The Forgotten Oriental Jews
11/19/2006: How not to fight anti-Israel propaganda on Campus
11/19/2006: Ilan Pappe: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

11/15/2006: Bangladesh journalist Salah Choudhury: Trial by attrition
11/15/2006: Fatal Qassams in Sderot again: Only a matter of time

11/12/2006: Secular Zionism: The possibility of what exists
11/12/2006: Zionism, Israel and the Diaspora

11/09/2006: All about the Zionist war crimes

11/06/2006: David Grossman's very Zionist Speech
11/05/2006: Viability: The case for a great Israel
11/05/2006: Zionism: they stole our movement
11/05/2006: Black and White and Zionist together: Can we revive the historic U.S. coalition??
11/03/2006: Is Israel in real danger? The US, James Baker and the Middle East

11/02/2006: Yitzhak Rabin: Mourning Mr. Israel
10/30/2006: Salah Choudhoury is ignored by Human Rights Advocates
10/29/2006: Justice for Jews from Arab Countries - Update
10/29/2006: Op-Eds in the war against Israel (the Guardian as an example)
10/28/2006: Israel's Powerful Propaganda Machine - 2. Presenting Israel
10/28/2006: Israel's Powerful Propaganda Machine - 1. Who is Buying?
10/27/2006: Israel feels good, like a country should - Branding campaign de-emphasizes Zionist idealism, which is our greatest asset. More.

10/22/2006: Heading for showdowns.
10/22/2006: BBC: British Bias Corporation?

10/19/2006: European Fairy Tales
10/19/2006: Zionist Unity: A Manifesto
10/18/2006: Report on BBC Anti-Israel Bias to be released

10/17/2006: Anti-Semitism in France - Reality and Hoa

10/16/2006: Coexistence in the Galilee
10/15/2006: Whose Interest? - Belgian right-extremists look for Jewish votes in their fight against Islam
10/14/2006: The Holocaust's Arab Heroes (Satloff)

10/13/2006: Marketing Genocide - Khaled Meshal in his own words - complete text of El Hayat interview.
10/11/2006: Muslim moderate journalist Salah Choudhury faces death

10/10/2006: The next Zionist Plot after Darfur - North Korean Nukes

10/09/2006: Hamas & Abbas - What next?

10/05/2006: Make Movies, Not War

10/05/2006: Christian support for Israel - and Zionist Gratitude
10/02/2006: Brian Whitaker is confused about Homosexuality and Middle East Politics

09/28/2006: Boycott? Not quite: 12 Israeli firms exporting to Saudi Arabia
09/28/2006: Alternative Energy Research Program Launched by Weizmann Institute

09/27/2006: Iran reveals Zionist plot behind Zionist Hollywood Happy Endings: Zionism is Mouse-ism
09/26/2006: A silent and brutal war against Islam
09/26/2006: Boycott Israel initiative: Irish Academics against Academic freedom in the Irish Times

09/26/2006: Hamas and Oslo: More Myths of History
09/25/2006: Which expert on Islam or Israel to trust? A guide to the perplexed
09/25/2006: Can Israel Ignore the UN?
09/25/2006: NYT Report: UN is in Lebanon to defend Hezbollah against Israel
09/23/2006: What is dialogue?
09/23/2006: Their ignorance is our enemy
09/23/2006: Terrorism and us

09/22/2006: Comedians can never be cynical enough for the Middle East

09/19/2006: Please sign the Fair Play for Israel at the UN Petition
09/19/2006: Anti-Semitism in Britain: Maybe they did win, after all!
09/18/2006: Iranian activists demand the arrest of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for the violation of human rights in Iran
09/17/2006: Farewell Oriana Fallaci, foe of tyranny and friend of decency and Israel
09/16/2006: The question of Iran - or Deja vu all over again
09/15/2006: Backhanded compliment for MEMRI translations from Saudi Arabia
09/14/2006: Zionist Plot Revealed

09/13/2006: Protocols of the Elders of Zion - Favorite Classic
09/13/2006: BBC: The Jihadi who turned 'Supergrass' - Terrorist to good guy?
09/12/2006: Zionomics, constructive criticism and Israel - the spot on the tie test

09/08/2006: Amnesty International on Lebanon and Israel: Guilt by Omission
09/08/2006: Giant step: Anglican-Jewish Dialogue Agreement.

Zionism - The God that Did Not Fail

09/06/2006: Anti-Zionism: Where does the stench come from?
09/02/2006: The Alice in Wonderland language of the Middle East: 1984 and beyond
09/01/2006: Fundamentals: Zionism is the God that Didn't Fail

08/31/2006: Arbeit Macht Frei: Son of Nazism returns or just ignorance?  - Europe is forgetting the Holocaust. Holocaust education is not a Zionist plot but an imperative. More

08/30/2006: Lebanon - Last to make peace with Israel - Lebanon is not about to make peace after all. More

08/27/2006: Gaza 'Peace' Education: Camp kill-a-Jew teaches 'anti-Zionism' - Hey kids, be the first on your block to drive 'em into the sea. More
08/27/2006: 9/11 & The Protocols of the Elders of Zion - We can't ignore systematic teaching of hate More
08/26/2006: Lebanon: It was a famous victory
08/26/2006: United Church of Canada retreats from divestment (somewhat)
08/25/2006: Civilian casualties and war crimes
08/25/2006: Presbyterian Church USA Doesn't Recognize Israel
08/25/2006: Japan and Zionism - a basic question
08/24/2006: It takes courage

08/24/2006: Zionism, anti-terrorism and hoaxism versus integrity - Fake "information" about Zionism and Israel harms the cause - don't spread it, please! More

08/23/2006: Israel - The Mouse that Squeaked? - Should the post-war debate focus on left-right issues? More

08/22/2006: Who violates the cease-fire? - Who is really breaking the cease fire in Lebanon? More

08/20/2006: Angelo Frammartino: The tuition of saints and fools - Supporter of "resistance" was killed by terrorists. More

08/18/2006: Lebanon war - an opportunity for peace? - What are Israel's policy priorities now? More

08/16/2006: The power of the Media to rehabilitate
08/15/2006: The gains and losses of the Lebanon war
08/14/2006: A Shi'ite Lebanese Muslim speaks out against Hezbollah

Media Wars: Israel Strikes back on Hezbollah TV - (Nasrallah photo - Caption - 'Hezbollah member - watch out') More

Legitimate Resistance: 123 Israeli Kids killed by Palestinian Terror

Download Slideshow - The Israeli Spirit (0.65MB)

08/11/2006: Jewish ethos and the new Peace movement Manifesto - Achieving peace for Zionism requires tough love, not unlimited compassion. More

08/10/2006: Lebanon War: More Media Photo Hoaxbull-ah
08/09/2006: All they are saying, is give terror a chance
08/08/2006: Lest we forget, it is still about terrorism
08/08/2006: Backing the Shebaa farms myth is succumbing to aggression
08/08/2006: Lebanon: Who is winning and what comes next?

08/07/2006: More resurrection in Lebanon: 39 "victims" come to life
08/06/2006: Reuters faking photos of Israeli "war atrocities"
08/06/2006: Washington Post: Evidence of miraculous resurrection at Qana
08/06/2006: HRW Discovery: Murdering Civilians is a War Crime even when nice Hezbollah do it
08/06/2006: Israel's war aims and how they were frustrated

08/05/2006: Israeli Terror Victims: If you prick us do we not bleed?

08/04/2006: Media fairness a new Oxymoron

08/02/2006: Are Hezbollah targeting hospitals?
08/01/2006: How Hezbollah uses human shields
08/01/2006: More evidence that Qana was staged - Some of it is convincing.... More

08/01/2006: Lebanese Web site: Hezbollah set up the Qana massacre to defeat disarmament plan
07/30/2006: The Passion of Mel, like father like son
07/30/2006: IDF Precision bombing and Media silence

07/30/2006: Hezbollah is killing Lebanese Civilians - Hezbollah is killing and terrorizing Lebanese - More

07/30/2006: Iranian Weapons In the Hands of Hezbollah - Iran denies sending weapons to Hezbollah. A picture is worth a thousand words. More

07/30/2006: Civilian Casualties, Lebanon and Israel: Lies and confusion - The way the media tell is, heads Israel loses, tails Hezbollah wins. More

07/28/2006: Pan Arabism by any other name - After Nasser, comes Nasr-allah More

War crimes photo documentary-Rocket damage to Israeli civilian targets caused by Lebanese-hosted Hezbollah terrorist movement. More

War Crimes: Hezbollah Rocket Attacks on Israeli Hospitals  - Download Slide Show More

Program of the Hezbollah (Hizbullah) - Hezbollah is out to destroy Israel and they do not hide it. More

07/27/2006: Objective Reporting and News as Reality shows
07/27/2006: UNIFIL tragedy in Lebanon: How did it happen?
07/26/2006: Richard Cohen on Proportionality
07/26/2006: Image and reality in Lebanon: CNN spin obscures truth
07/26/2006: US media frenzy and the rehabilitation of Hezbollah
07/26/2006: Lebanon must be free - from the mountains to the sea
07/25/2006: European anti-Zionism prevails again
07/24/2006: Israel and Lebanon: The Gore War
07/24/2006: Hamas, Hezbollah and the blame game

07/23/2006: What Hezbollah Wants

07/22/2006: Progressive anti-Zionist Fascists: Nazi Cartoon in Der Guardian Son of baby eating Sharon returns. More
07/21/2006: Qualities That Keep Israel Going  - Hope is one of them. More
07/21/2006: Tel Aviv situation -- 21.7.06 - How to tell truth from Propaganda More
07/21/2006: Are Israel's Military Operations in Lebanon Proportional? Is Israel Guilty of War Crimes?  - A detailed examination of international law by peace activist Gidon Remba More
07/21/2006: Israeli peace activist says military campaign is justified - Founder of Four Mothers says her group supports action to wipe out terror threat More

07/13/2006: Rockets hit Haifa, Safed - collective punishment of whom? - Failure of Int'l Law - Lebanon is in flagrant violation of UN resolutions. Hizbullah, participant in the Lebanese government is inflicting "collective punishment" on Israel. More
07/19/2006: "Innocent" Lebanon government supports Hezbollah terrorists
07/19/2006: Anti-Zionist on Israel: Jewish Survival is a mistake

07/13/2006: Lebanon and Hizbullah: Punishing the guilty

07/12/2006: War in Lebanon and Gaza: Made in Damascus and Tehran

Photo Essay: Collective Punishment:
The Qassam Victims of Sderot What were their names? Why were they killed? If this was your child, what would you do? More

07/17/2006: What George Bush REALLY Thinks about the Lebanon-Israel Crisis
07/17/2006: Kuwait journal: Israeli operations in Lebanon and Gaza serve Arab and International Community

07/16/2006: As Israel Goes for Withdrawal, Its Enemies Go Berserk
07/16/2006: Lebanon kills Israeli civilians

07/15/2006: Hezbollah, Israel and the escalation of the conflict in Lebanon
07/15/2006: Hezbollah Katyushas are aimed at Beirut and USA - via Israel

07/13/2006: Lebanon and Hizbullah: Punishing the guilty

07/12/2006: War in Lebanon and Gaza: Made in Damascus and Tehran - Whatever Israel does to the Hizbullah and the Palestinians may strengthen their real masters. More
07/11/2006: Attention Jessica Alba fans: Israel's new mutant superheroine at Marvel - Will the mythical Mossad superagent be the subject of the next Middle East rumor? More
07/11/2006: Israelis, Palestinians and Gaza: It's about the terrorism stupid!!

07/10/2006: The Arab Lobby versus the Israel Lobby - The Arab lobby is a lot bigger than the Israel lobby. More

07/10/2006: Israeli Realignment - is it still an option??

07/10/2006: Hamas is not acting as an elected government expressing Palestinian will
07/10/2006: Arab commentators tell the truth about Hamas and violence

07/06/2006: Immigration from North America and France - Israel's Future?
07/06/2006: Women's Rights Activism in Iran

07/05/2006: Release of Palestinian Prisoners is Bad for Peace - Rewarding terror and violence will result in more of the same. More

HRW on Gaza Explosion: The act of making people disappear - Serious faults in HRW report because it ignored data from suicide bombings More

Pakistan-Israel Peace building blocks ... Some assembly required

07/03/2006: Dennis Ross's Gaza Solution versus Middle East Reality
07/02/2006: Palestinian misery and Gaza violence: whose fault?
07/02/2006: Hamas - Terrorists R US

07/02/2006: Perspective: "Collective punishment" in Gaza and Sderot

06/28/2006: Palestinian Prisoners' document may end the peace process - Revised document erases nearly every concession made by the PLO and PNA since 1988 More

06/27/2006: Hamas does not recognize Israel, Implicitly or otherwise - Careless news reports created a false impression. More

06/27/2006: Show international solidarity with Gilad Shalit  - Sign a petition to free the abducted soldier. More
06/27/2006: Academic Freedom and the NATFHE Boycott - The NATFHE boycott was worse than an intrusion on academic freedom. More
06/27/2006: An academic tourist reports about Israel - A great advertisement for Israel - look who wrote it please. More
06/27/2006: The mistake about disengagement - The rules changed, but nobody understood that yet, including the Israelis. > More

06/26/2006: The real story in Gaza and Sderot: Who are the victims? - Who is Yuval Ababeh? Afik Zahavi? Dana Galkowicz? You never heard of them, but you know about Huda Ghalia. More

The intellectual significance of Chomskyism: Perfecting the art of prevarication - It is a technique and an intellectual movement, not just a person. More

06/23/2006: Presbyterian Assembly: Suicide Bombing and terror are crimes against humanity  A major victory  for the forces of light - spread the word More
06/22/2006: American Conservatives love Bashar Assad, blame Israel  - Who says only "leftists" can be anti-Israel and support terror? More
06/22/2006: Saudi Arabia admits to boycotting Israel in violation of WTO Rules
06/22/2006: Become a Jew: Riches and Power - All yours with this special offer [Humor] More

06/22/2006: Another victory: International Red Cross admits Israel - A struggle of over half a century is over. The good guys won here too. More

06/22/2006: Victory: Presbyterian Church USA reverses divestment - proactive for peace - The good guys one this battle, in fact all the good guys won on all sides, but the war isn't over. More

06/22/2006: Moderate Islam vs Iran: In the Name of Islam - Hussein Solomon takes on fanatic Islamism More

Presbyterian Divestment Status  - Presbyterians might vote to rescind or soften the divestment resolutions of 2004. More

Pallywood: German Expose of Palestinian media hi-jinx in Gaza beach tragedy  - The German Suedduetche Zeitung ran the following article with a detailed examination of the evidence in the Gaza Beach shooting  More

The biggest danger to Israel - or who's afraid of the peace process? The biggest danger to Israel is not Hamas and it is not the Peace Process. It is "Right of Return" for Palestinian Refugees, that is gaining legitimacy with each day of stalemate. More

Islamism in Action - "Islam will dominate the world"

06/17/2006: Palestinian Resistance in the West Bank
06/17/2006: Extreme Right in Israel want third Intifada

06/15/2006: New book: Efraim Karsh on Islamic Imperialism - The struggle with Islam is just imperialist rivalry, argues Karsh. More
06/15/2006: Do Israeli settlements help the image of Israel? (II) - Israel Eldad believes God gave all the land to the Jews and we must never give it back. That will evoke sympathy for Israel in his view. More
06/15/2006: Do Israeli settlements help the image of Israel? (I) Evelyn Gordon thinks the world will love Israel more if we insist on our rights in the West Bank More
06/14/2006: Sid Ryan protesting against Israeli apartheid - An Open letter regarding the CUPE Boycott. More

06/13/2006: Gaza Killings - Israel's Role "Not Proven"
06/13/2006: Of Hamas and the value of human life
06/13/2006: Targeted Killing

06/12/2006: NATFHE: The boycott is dead. Long live the boycott
06/11/2006: Presbyterian doubts over divestment: Before We Hear It
06/11/2006: Gaza Tragedy
06/10/2006: Palestinian Medical Crisis Evaporated
06/10/2006: Zarqawi gets his virgins - Maybe
06/10/2006: Why Anti-Zionism = Anti-Semitism= Racism

06/10/2006: Ahmadinejad in Der Spiegel - Holocaust and German "dishonor" - Europeans and Germans in particular have accepted the anti-Zionist thesis that Israel is allowed to exist because of the Holocaust. Will they accept the rest of Ahmadinejad's sinister program? More
06/10/2006: Jewish Refugees: There seems to always be one more question! - Israel Bonan answers those try to denigrate the rights of Jewish refugees from Arab countries. More
06/10/2006: Good news along with the boycotts? - Not everyone wants to destroy Israel. Is that a cause for complacency? More
06/10/2006: Israel PM Ehud Olmert Defends Convergence, blasts Palestinian Prisoners' Document (complete text of the interview)

06/10/2006: Sudanese Arab Genocide is blamed on the Jews - What did you expect? More

06/09/2006: Presbyterians reconsider divestment
06/09/2006: Hamas denies they support Zarqawi, then supports him anyhow
06/09/2006: Is the US Justice Department persecuting AIPAC??
06/09/2006: Christian Zionism and Christians who are Zionists - Asset or Threat?
06/08/2006: Hamas and PFLP mourn the death of terrorist thug Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi  Respectable Arabs and Muslims disowned Zarqawi - but the Hamas and PFLP claimed him as a martyr. More
06/08/2006: Invective as a substitute for thought: Other Jews and Zionists as "the enemy"  - Something is wrong when Jews accuse each other of being Nazis. More.
06/08/2006: Arab boycott: WTO and US are flouting their own laws - Oman, as well as Saudi Arabia, enforces the Arab boycott. More
06/07/2006: International Jihad (Al Qaeda) Terror in West Bank - As Hamas becomes "respectable" diehards will splinter off. More
06/06/2006: Delegitimization of Israel and Zionism - Someone Finally Noticed!
06/04/2006: CUPE Boycott Worse than NATFHE [with Text of CUPE Decision]
06/04/2006: Saudi Boycott Follow-up
06/04/2006: British NAS Council Opposes Academic Boycotts
06/04/2006: Is Europe turning away from the Palestinians, and what does it mean?
06/03/2006: Boycott me?
06/03/2006: Boycotts again: the good, the bad, and the judges
06/01/2006: What do the Arabs want from Israel?

06/01/2006: Presbyterians consider cost of divestment
06/01/2006: Are Saudis violating WTO ban on boycotting Israel?

05/29/2006: British Academic Union - NATFHE Votes to Boycott Israel - The situation for Israel and decency (and even for the Fatah-PLO!) is clearly much worse than anyone suspected. Only Hamas is Politically Correct in British "Progressive" circles. More

05/29/2006: Brave Zionism: Coexistence from Kindergarten

05/29/2006: The Protocols - Twenty First Century style

05/28/2006: The Palestinian Prisoners' Document: Dilemma and Challenge for Hamas and for Israel - Israel and the quartet may need to choose between supporting Marwan Barghouti and condoning terrorism or abandoning their support for the Fatah and acquiescing in the Hamas government More.

05/27/2006: Justice for Jews from Arab Countries  - There are almost as many Jewish refugees from Arab countries as there are Palestinian refugees. Perhaps there are more. They have the same rights and in a "just" solution they should get them. More
05/25/2006: The forgotten Refugees - Hardly anyone talks about Jewish refugees from Arab countries, but they certainly exist. Ignoring them does not make the problem disappear. More

05/28/2006: Iranian letter to USA: Did the US miss a chance for peace between Iran and Israel?  In 2003, Iran apparently sent a letter offering to adopt the Arab peace initiative in return for US concessions. The Bush administration ignored it. More
05/25/2006: Junior Jihad game recruits toddlers for terror - Hey kids be the first on your block to kill a Zionist! War game teaches "religion of peace." More
05/25/2006: Reaction to UC Irvine hate Israel festival: College Chief Hit Over Anti-Israel Events
05/25/2006: Impressions of the anti-Zionist hate fest at UC Irvine
05/25/2006: Dutch Social Forum and the Middle East - Why do they always target Israel? More

05/24/2006: Racist Saudi texts in the USA: Trouble right here in River City

05/23/2006: A Brave Palestinian Arab Zionist - Not all brave Zionists are Jewish or Israeli. Walid Shoebat is a Christian Arab Palestinian... More

05/21/2006: More Brave Zionism - Israeli plants Palestinian flag on Mount Everest - An act of courage and compassion shows the true face of Zionism, which is not always easy to maintain. We must do what is right, even if others do not. More

05/20/2006: Christian anti-Zionists yell "Death to Us"  - Don't kid yourself. Hamas anti-Christian incitement is aimed at all Christians. More

05/20/2006: Yitzhak Ben Aharon: The giant was dwarfed by midgets - Veteran labor leader was honored and ignored for much of his life. More

05/18/2006: A.B. Yehoshua and Jewish Identity - Again

05/16/2006: The Right to Exist - The real issue that puts anti-Zionists outside rational discussion. More

05/16/2006: Defining a Two State Solution - What does a real two state solution require and who really supports it? More

05/16/2006: Eddie Butler - An Israeli success story - Eddie Butler got chosen for his talent and presence, but Butler's love of Israel and the choice of his song as Israel's entry in the Eurovision Song contest make a statement about how we view our society and what Zionism is. More

05/14/2006: A.B. Yehushua and Natan Sharansky: Zionism versus Judaism - Questions of Jewish identity, Zionism, and the "A" word have started a great fight. Don't miss the fun. More

05/13/2006: Rabbi Moishe Aryeh Friedman Strikes Again - Head of tiny Viennese ultraorthodox sect makes headlines by signing a pact with the Hamas. Any publicity is good publicity. More

The Israel Lobby: An Open Response to Professors Mearsheimer and Walt  - Is Walt and Mearsheimer's "Israel Lobby" a study or just another Israel-bashing fest - another cogent reply. More

Google, Sex and the Arab City - Guess what words are  popular search words in Iran and Egypt ? More

Brave Zionism in action - Charitable aid for Israeli Arabs - Jewish groups in the USA decide to do something to bootstrap the Israeli-Arab community of Israel -- one of the urgent tasks of Zionism. More

British Education Union NATFHE to consider Israel Academic Boycott  NATFHE may endorse the Hamas as well. Will the British Trade Union movement stoop to supporting racism and medieval religious fanaticism? More

Happy birthday Theodor Herzl - Zionists pay tribute to the man who taught us to turn dreams to reality. More

Debunking anti-Zionist historical myths: Benny Morris tears apart Walt and Mearsheimer

Democracy, Zionism and Israel- Abusing constitutionalism for right-wing agendas More

The 'Zionists got the best land' myth - The Zionists actually got the worst land, but the myth persists. More

Israel at 58- Being Independent - Time for Israel to grow up. We have the largest Jewish community in the world and need to assume the obligations of an adult state. More

Anti-Zionism, criticism of Israel and Anti-Semitism revisited - There is a difference between criticizing the policies of a country, and trying to wipe out the country.More 

The Israeli-Palestinian peace process is dead- get over it. - Much as we want peace, we can't bring it about with false illusions about the "peace process." It is dead and it is not coming back, and it was a failure. It hurts to say it, but that is the truth.  More
 Hamas: Victims or Villains? - A movement is afoot to reinvent Hamas - and history. More 
 Iran: part of the 'axis of evil'?  - Sometimes there really are bad guys in black hats - or Ayatollah turbans.  More

Why Europe and the USA are right in refusing aid to Hamas

Hamas - Worse than you thought

Brave Zionism

Will the real West Bank disengagement (consolidation) plan please stand up?

Rethinking Disengagement - It may not be a great idea, but what are the alternatives? More

Zionism to make us proud: Kibbutz shelters Darfur refugees-The Kibbutz movement and Labor Zionism are still at the heart of everything that is good about Zionism.

"V" is for Victory, Vanquished and "Vay iss meer" - Daniel Pipes wants "Victory" but doesn't explain how to achieve it or what it is. More
Not by negotiations alone
Israeli electorate tells the politicians where to go
To withdraw or not to withdraw
What will happen after the Israeli elections?
Try Thinking - Israeli Policy 
Cancer in its midst
The devil is in the detail in the Middle East
Arab Moderates and Zionist Reactions
Israeli 'Dissidents' and Moral Dilemmas
Pernicious lobby controls US foreign policy
The story will be in the coalition
The Israel Lobby Revisited
Fighting Back: Presbyterian Committee to End Divestment Now

“BEYOND CRISIS ZIONISM” -- Israel in the twenty first century -Goals for Israelis and Zionists.More

"Just Say No" - US Foreign Aid to Israel and the anti-Zionist Lobby- Israel is too dependent on the good will of the United States. This good well may not last forever. This is evident from reading a blatantly anti-Zionist "study" published by professors from Harvard and Chicago Universities. More

An exemplary citizen of the Zionist state- The citizen has invested his large fortune in the future of Israel and the advancement of his community. A real Zionist. He is Jawdat Ibrahim, an Israeli Arab. Jewish-Arab coexistence? If you will, it is no legend.More

Jews Against Sanity and True Torah Traitors  Anti-Zionist extremist views lend respectability to Islamist Holocaust denial.More

Media and the Middle East - Setting the record straightBBC report censured by BBC governors for distorting history. More

Racism in the Middle East - Zionism or Arabism? - What are the sources of Middle East racism and who is practicing it? More

Israel in a Post-Mythological Age - by Gil Troy -  Israel -- and a dynamic, challenging Zionist identity -- should be the answer to the modern Jew’s secular, ethnic, individualistic, nondenominational prayer. Israel should be the premier Jewish identity-builder, inspiring Jews worldwide, be they religious or secular, left or right, Israeli or Diaspora-based. More

Exclusive - Inside the Palestine Solidarity Movement - Palestinian Subversion and Mendacity Movement - A Hollywood B movie nightmare come true. They are taking over your stores, your churches, your synagogues, your universities, your activist groups. They disguise themselves as folks like you or cartoon imitations of folks like you. Behind the Ned Flanders cartoon disguise there is something worse than a lizard-like TV monster 'alien.'  They appear to be all things to all men. They have one goal: to get you to destroy the State of Israel. Read all about the new anti-Zionist movement and its insidious and pernicious influence on America.  More

Cartoon Carnival - Who's a racist and how did it start?More

Cartoon Fun - Irshad Manji: Impure Islam - Who fanned the controversy over some some cartoons in an obscure Danish newspaper into an international incident and what does it prove about intolerance and race hate?    More

Anti-Zionist cartoon of Jew with Bush Parrot - Zionism and Israel

See also  e-Zion Commentary  e-Zion - Zionism & Israel previous articles Vol I

En Français

Limites de l'antisionisme #1  

Limites de l'antisionisme #2 

Limites de l'antisionisme #3

Limites de l'antisionisme #4 

Limites de l'antisionisme #1 

En Español

Judeofobia española

Dos enfoques de la urgencia:  León Trotsky y Zeev Jabotinsky

中国和以色列之间的桥梁 - Israel - China Bridges (In Chinese)

Russian - Русско

Какое слово сдержит ООП?

Кто оплачивает террор палестинцев?

Похоже на то, что мирный процесс закончился, а Израиль и США даже не заметили этого

Iranskii vopros (Russian - Question of Iran)

In Russian - Zionist Plot Revealed

(Russian-Their Ignorance is our enemy)

Жизнеспособность применительно к идее великого Израиля

Хамас и Осло – новые мифы в истории (Russian - Hamas and Oslo)

Как получше продать геноцид: Халед Машаль объясняет самого себя

Стоит ли Израилю игнорировать ООН?

Пресса в войне против Израиля

Либерман - конец сионистского старшилища? Ну, не совсем так

Гордость и унижение

Двадцать пять возможностей упущенных палестинцами

Соглашение о палестинском единстве и его значение для Израиля и для мира на Ближнем Востоке

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