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The NATFHE (National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education) proposed resolutions are worse than we thought. Previously we noted the NATFHE proposal to boycott Israeli Academia on general principles, following the lead of Ha'aretz and Jon Pike of Engage. However, NATFHE also considered some other proposed resolutions, not mentioned by Pike.

NATFHE members will also vote on a resolution to support the Hamas, as we can find from their Web site:


Conference notes the victory of HAMAS in the recent Palestine Authority elections.

Conference condemns the hysterical reporting of the result by most of the British news media and the outrageous bias shown by UK Government statements against the outcome of a democratic process

NATFHE resolves:

1. to continue to help protect and support Palestinian colleges and universities in the face of the continual attacks by Israel's government.

2. to contact the Palestinian Authority Government to re-affirm that support.

Southern Region

Amendment 1

Delete second paragraph:
'Conference condemns . . . democratic process.'
Northern Ireland Region

Amendment 2

Para 1: delete all after 'in', replace with 'the free, democratic and non-violent elections for the Palestinian Authority.'

Para 2: delete all after 'statements', replace with 'in demanding that Hamas recognises the Israeli state and renounces violence in the context of continuing Israeli violence, the construction of the illegal wall and a voluntary truce maintained by Hamas for over 12 months.'

Point 1) delete 'help protect and'

North West Region

Amendment 3

Add at the end of line 5: 'and is concerned about events such as the apparent collusion of the British and American Governments in the withdrawal of prison guards who monitored Jericho Prison under the Ramallah Agreement enabling the Israeli forces to storm the prison.'

Judging from some of the amendments proposed from different quarters, this resolution has a better chance of passing than the boycott resolution. Hamas, it will be remembered is a genocidal movement that declares in its charter that its aim is wiping out Israel, that in the end of days Muslims will wipe out the Jews, that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (an anti-Semitic forgery) are the basis of Israeli policy, that the French revolution was the result of an evil plot, apparently perpetrated by Zionists and Freemasons. These liberal sentiments are to be backed by a British trade union, according to the above proposals. Interestingly, this seems to bother practically nobody.

In the good old days, trade unions would have said to a movement like Hamas, "No Pasaran!"

For a humorous response to the NATFHE boycott resolution click here.

Ami Isseroff

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Replies: 2 Comments

First we had the European invention called the Inquisition. If you denounced your infidel religion - Judaism - you could get special benefits like being strangled before the fire was lit while tied to the stake.

Then came the Nazi Nuremburg Laws of the 1930s meant to separate and isolate Jews. A special "apartheid". Of course the German's simplified these laws by just killing everyone who was Jewish. But for those 6 years or so they were an improvement on the Inquisition.

Now we have the crowning of European civilization in the NAFTE resolution which combines the best of the Inquisition and Nuremberg Laws with progressive left wing 21st century humanism.

First, only Jews in Israel are directly excommunicated from the world. Not all Jews- so that's progress right?

Secondly if you renounce Israel and confess to the crimes Israel is responsible for, you get a reprieve from NAFTE sanctions. So you have that Inquisition confession and conversion clause. See, Euros are proud of their history and although they maintain its core they also keep improving on it.

But after you renounce Israel and sign the NAFTE resolution - preferably in blood - how does that "reprieve" actually work? I mean you're still part of the University in Israel and the sanctions continue there, right? So do the Euros/NAFTE Excommunication Board give you secret authorization with a secret password only for you so Euros back in cheery 'ole England and elsewhere know that your paper or research is not Jew-contaminated and can be read or even published? Or perhaps a list is published and updated every month called:

"Jews allowed to publish and whose papers you may comment on as they have signed the required oath disassociating themselves from the racist Zionist entity."
In alphabetical order of course. Or perhaps by subject then alphabetically. Oh, I'm sure the Excommunication Board For Zionists and Unrepentant Jews at NAFTE can figure it out.

But when published do you have to add a disclaimer like "Although I am Jewish and Israeli, I hereby renounce any association with the hateful regime in Israel and fully support any measures the Freedom loving people in the world wish to do to exterminate her as such a Zionist entity does not deserve to live ?

Ah, the devil is in the details but I'm sure that a continent full of people as worldly and efficient as those who were able to carry out the Holocaust a mere 60 years ago will think of something.


rick, Tuesday, May 30th

NAFTE is voting on the Ramallah prison episode? What is going on here? Has NAFTE been hijacked by palestinian terrorists? Why not have NAFTE members sign up to do combat against Israel and be done with it.

Their new Resolution should read:

"NAFTE understands that merely passing resolutions against the apartheid Zionist regime has little effect, so NAFTE is commited toorganizing an armed force whose purpose will be to destroy the Zionists in a more realistic fashion"

All I can say as an American is I am not going to visit "cheery 'ole England" until some begins dismantling of this neo-Nazi, pro-terrorist NAFTE.

rick martens, Tuesday, May 30th

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