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Are you the kid who could not play with World War II action figures because your parents thought war toys are not educational? Are you the parent who took those toys away? This game should interest you.

It's called "The Resistance," part of a series of "Islamic Fun" games for young children offered by "Innovative Minds" ( what will they think of next?) and featured at their Web site (http ://www. inminds.co.uk/islamic-fun.html). The series promises:

SUBJECTS your child will learn include:
Islamic History
Islamic Politics
Islamic Science

And of course, Jihad.

The company promises:

Your child will learn about Islam by playing lots of exciting games, full of colourful animations and cute sounds effects. Six different games to choose from, with lots of levels -each time they play its different - lots of fun! The games revolve around an Islamic database of over 1000 questions - each with audio, and lots of images.

Three separate age groups supported :
5-7 years, 8-10 years and 11 and over - each with its own database of questions.

Makes a great gift.

It will keep the whole family entertained for years to come ! No complicated installation procedures - just insert CD into drive, it autoruns from CD, there is no installation!

We can just bet it will keep the whole family entertained. Most of the offerings in this seem harmless. Cute cats and bunnies are featured in games that teach the Qur'an and other subjects.

One offering is sure to strike a chord among those concerned about violence in Kiddy games.


You are a farmer in South Lebanon who has joined the Islamic Resistance to defend your land and family from the invading zionists.

(*) Some in the media have kicked up a fuss over this game. It seems that the media is silent when they, the zionists, use their tanks to slaughter our children but when our children play a shoot-em up game where they shoot zionist tanks in return for correct answers we are accused of training terrorists and instilling hatred towards Jews! On the contrary the questions in the game educate children not to fall for the zionist lie that zionism, jewishness and Judaism are synonymous but to understand that zionism, a racist ideology, has nothing to do with Judaism - one of the questions in the history/politics section asks "What is the difference between a Jew and a zionist?".

What is the difference between a terrorist group and this company? Not much apparently. It seems it is very NOT PC to play war games where you fight Nazis or Viet Cong, but it is perfectly all right to teach kids to kill "Zionists" and to tell them lies about Zionism. Of course Zionism has a lot to do with Judaism. And of course, the "Islamic Resistance" is the Hezbullah, whose anti-Semitic propaganda was banned from European satellite television. But no, this game doesn't teach race hate, right?

Islam, the "religion of peace" is taught in a game that aims to kill people. The question shown in the illustration is "What is Hijra?" with various replies. The Hijra of course, was the migration or flight of Muhamed and his followers from Mecca to Medina. But the religious questions are asked against a background of a war scene, captioned, "Need Ammo." We can suggest some great advertising slogans for them:

"Hey kids, be the first on your block to blow up a Zionist!"

"Don't forget your Hadith lessons dear, and remember to buckle up your suicide belt."

"Peace be unto you and pass the ammo."

No doubt, this cause is supported by many "progressives." Next, this UK company will market a "Bomb the London Underground" game.

Ami Isseroff

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