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I agree wholeheartedly with the letter below and call on everyone to follow this great example and volunteer to be boycotted by NATFHE. As a European, I also have the association with the Nazi boycott of Jewish academics and shops, but I have experienced that this connection very much upsets the advocates for boycotts of Israel, and also to some outsiders it seems to be an unfair comparison. Comparisons to the Nazis are often used by both sides in the 'propaganda war', and there is a famous rule that says that whoever first uses the N-word, loses the argument.

In this particular case however, the association is hard to ignore. The boycotters are standing in a long tradition, of the Nazis blaming the Jews for everything and boycotting them and finally murdering them, the Arab League blaming the Zionists/Jews for everything and boycotting them and threatening and attempting to destroy their state, and now the left-wingers blaming Israel and its supporters for everything and aiming to abolish their state, in effect joining the Arab boycott that has been going on for 60 years.

The anti-Israel boycott is singling out one nation, the Jewish nation, for its aggression against another people, that is also aggressive and is supported by others (Iran, Syria) who are also aggressive. But more importantly, Israel was created in part as a reaction to anti-Semitism (after adaptation and assimilation very obviously didn't work), and 2000 years of persecution proved that Jews are not safe as a minority in other countries. The boycotters are not only against the Israeli occupation, but against Israel as a Jewish state, which they call an Apartheid state and racist. They call for all Palestinian refugees and their descendants to return to Israel, knowing that this would create an Arab majority there soon. Jewish communities in Arab states have disappeared almost entirely, because of persecution and violence. Given the hatred many Palestinians feel for the Jews because of the bloody conflict, and the pogroms they carried out against the Jewish community in the 1920s and 1930s, it is likely that Jews would not be able to live as a minority in an Arab Palestinian state.

Denying Israel its right to exist as the national home of the Jews, means willing the Jews to return to their status of being a minority everywhere, being at the mercy of the states they live in. Losing Israel would also mean losing a cultural home, the place where the Jews' ancient language is revived and their history, culture and religion are researched and preserved.

Ratna Pelle

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I volunteer to be boycotted to Israel boycott union NATFHE

boykott_april33 (18k image)
picture (above) : German soldier placating shop:
It reads: "Germans resist! Don't buy from Jews!"

I have written to NATFHE, a British union for
teachers in higher education to boycott me.
Perhaps others will follow my example?
The email and copy of the letter is below!

To Andrew Fall,
NATFHE Policy coordinator

NATFHE Head office.
E-Mail: afall@natfhe.org.uk

I am utterly condemning your boycott of Israeli academics! This is a fascist touch that reminds me of the expulsion of Jewish academics from Germany run by the National SOCIALIST WORKERS Party of German (NSDAP) otherwise refered to as the Nazis or Hitler.

My main problem with it is its singularity and picking on a cause amongst causes. International Law contraventions are being committed amongst all even by the UK, the USA, China, Russia, Cuba, Syria, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Turkey, (even) Palestinian Authority (itself), Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, Marocco, amongst others.

I therefore would like to volunteer myself on your list of people to be boycotted as I am a research student who has links to Israeli academics and who is supporting Israel. The fact that I have supported a bilateral solution to the conflict for 20 years, and opposed the Israeli right is of course not important to you, because by being a Zionist in being in favour of Israel's existence I am already sub-human it appears.


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