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I don't always agree with Dennis Prager, but this time he got it right. Explaining why anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism he wrote:

Imagine someone saying that he seeks the destruction of Italy because he regards Italian national identity as racist. Further, imagine that this person constantly denies being anti-Italian, because he does not hate all Italians, only Italy and all those who believe Italy should exist.
Now substitute "Jewish" for "Italian" and "Israel" for "Italy" and you understand the absurdity of the argument that one can be anti-Zionist but not anti-Jewish.

Among the many lies that permeate the modern world, none is greater -- or easier to refute -- than the claim that Zionism is not an integral part of Judaism or the claim that anti-Zionism is unrelated to antisemitism.
...When people isolate the one Jewish state in the world for sanctions, opprobrium and delegitimizing, they are doing so because it is the Jewish state. And that, quite simply, is why anti-Zionism is simply another form of Jew-hatred.

You can criticize Israel all you want. That does not make you an antisemite. But if you are an anti-Zionist or advocate the destruction of the Jewish state, then let's be clear: You are an enemy of the Jews and of Judaism, and the word for such a person is antisemite.

Actually, if you want to destroy the national state of any people, you are a racist, and a few other bad things as well.
Ami Isseroff

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Replies: 4 Comments

I've never met a "Leftist" who called for the destruction of of israel or any other people or nation...

must be kind of like meeting someone calling themselves a Nazi who's calling for world communism I would have thought.

in my world at least, a "Leftist" would be someone who subscribed to leftist ideas... not mass murder...

Oyvind, Norway

Oyvind, Wednesday, June 21st

One can clearly see from the map on the link below, that of the UN League of Nations Plan for the Partition of what has been known as "Palestine" since the Romans wished to blot out the memory of what they formerly referred to as Iudaea, that both the Jewish and Palestinian Peoples were set up.


Even two nations on the friendliest of terms cannot exist mutually bisected and bisecting.

On a board wherein I ask the son of Nazis from Germany what his take is on the bombardment of Guernica; he responds that it is not the responsibility of the arms-producing nations what those who purchase those arms do with them.

I disagreed entirely and vehemently.

All big businesses create market conditions that will foster the sales of their products.

Arms producers are no exception. In fact, they are paradigmatic.

It must be clear from the map above that the UN described the absolutely untenable division of "Palestine" into Palestinian and Jewish states in order to create conditions that would lead inevitably to war. This was done in order to create a market for weapons, among other equally ugly reasons.

Indeed, the British were already supplying the Arabs with weapons before the declaration of the State of Israel and were working together with France bringing Arabs into the area. They were fomenting as much trouble as possible as the plans for the partition of "Palestine" were being laid.

And so, the arms market that was so painstakingly planned by the countries that were supposedly in favor of a Jewish State was launched.

I elaborate on this matter and provide links to information about it in my essay "An Anarchist Explains Why Israel Is Not An Imperialist State", which is to be found on the following URL: http://www.geocities.com/dordot2001/IsraelIsNotAnImperialistState.htm.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Monday, June 19th

Excellent point Doreen.
The need to tear down the walls is paramount and supercedes all arguments pertaining to racism, anti-semitism, etc.

permanentceasefire, Friday, June 16th

I must disagree, Ami.

As an Anarchist, I am against the existence of all states. I believe that the gov't apparatus of the State of Israel is essentially inimical to the welfare of not only the Palestinian People, but of the Jewish People who languish under the arbitrary laws and unfair economic practices of the State as well.

I wish to see the disarmament and the dissolution of the agencies and powers of all states.

Anti-Semites are those who call for the destruction of the State of Israel and only that of Israel. These people may be found throughout the entire spectrum.

I believe that those Leftists who call for the disarmament and destruction of Israel alone are hypocrites and their beliefs are the result of much money and effort that has been invested in infiltrating the various Leftist movements and distorting the thinking of the members.

As an Anarchist, I am chagrined and dismayed when I see that the Leftist movement has been reduced to little more than cries of "AmeriKKKa delenda est!" and "Iudaea delenda est"!

My cry is "Respublica delenda est!"

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tuesday, June 13th

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