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The media buzz over who was responsible for the deaths of the Ghalia family on Gaza beach obscured the real stakes in Gaza. Since 2001, the Popular Resistance committees and Hamas have lobbed about a thousand rockets of various types and increasing size into Israel. The most "popular" are the Qassam rockets of the Hamas, but there are other brands as well. It is unimaginable that any other country would have permitted such a sustained attack on its citizens without taking effective action, either military or diplomatic. The range and size of the Qassam rockets have been growing steadily. The Qassam 3 has a range of 10 KM and a payload of 10 KG. It is only a matter of time before communities in southern Israel will be suffering the equivalent of the London Blitz in miniature. In addition, the Al Aqsa Brigades have announced that with the help of Allah, they have developed chemical and biological weapons and will "surprise" Israel.

Almost everyone in the world knows who Muhamed Dura and Huda Ghalia are, but almost nobody knows the names of the eight to eleven non-Palestinian victims of Qassam rockets to date. Among them are Dorit (Masarat) Benisian, 3, Afik Zahavi, 4, Mordechai Yosepov, 49, Yuval Ababeh, 5 , and Ayala-Haya (Ella) Abukasis, 17 of Sderot, and Dana Galkowicz of Kibbutz Netiv Ha'asarah. They were totally innocent victims. They were not settlers or soldiers or any of the other categories that provide Palestinians excuses for the murders that are euphemistically termed "resistance."

The rockets also killed a Bedouin shepherd and his son near Nahal Oz (no names available) and three workers in Ganei Tal, a Gaza strip settlement. They were Bi Shudeh, Salah Ayash Imran and Muhammed Mahmoud Jaroun.

The rockets are terror weapons, and the people who operate them are criminals, every bit as evil as the Nazis who launched V-I and V-II rockets on London. That is the truth that is not told in any media account of the Gaza Beach bombings. Nor does it matter if more Palestinian Arabs were killed. In the end, allied bombings of Germany killed many more Germans than the number of British killed by the Luftwaffe. Nobody insisted that Dwight Eisenhower and Winston Churchill were "war criminals."

Yossi Alpher writes:

I believe that the Israeli moral equivalency argument is a powerful one: terrorists deliberately target civilians; we don't, and when we hit civilians in the course of protecting ourselves, we agonize over it. There is an element of the "clash of civilizations" in this equation that we may have to call on in explaining to the world why the IDF has launched a massive retaliation against Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza.

Why do we need to complicate matters with clashes of civilizations? Did anyone question the right of the British and Americans to bomb German cities and invade Germany after the Germans attacked Britain? The United States and Russia were clearly stronger than Germany. Did anyone say it was "unfair" that these "Goliaths" ganged up against the poor Germans? Did anyone count the German victims?

The rocket attacks are not "resistance" to "occupation," because Gaza is not occupied. After Israel withdrew from Gaza in the summer of 2005, it was hoped that that Qassam rocket attacks would stop, but instead they increased. The international community did nothing but talk. Mahmoud Abbas did nothing but talk. The rockets kept falling - more and harder and more frequently.

In addition to the rocket attacks, there were numerous planned terror attacks, most of which were foiled by Israeli security forces. Most, but not all. It pleased Mahmoud Abbas and many others to refer to this reign of terror as a truce. Now that the scales have been tipped by the attack that killed two Israeli soldiers, Lt. Hanan Barak, St.-Sgt. Pavel Slotsker, and by the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, Mahmoud Abbas announces that he wants to "save the truce." What truce? Here is part of the announcement from WAFA, the PLO News Agency:

Abu Rdaina pointed out that the Israeli government has launched a series of threats. It would inflame the situation through waging a series of air raids or assassinations, stressing that the Palestinian Leadership completely refuses such escalation that would lead to a military catastrophe.

The Spokesperson said that the President urged the international Quartet, specially the US Administration to exert all possible efforts in an attempt to contain the situation and to prevent the escalation and the deterioration in the situation.

He asserted that the execution of the Israeli threats would have negative repercussions and would destroy the efforts to preserve the truce or to secure the life of the kidnapped Israeli soldier.

(Source: http://english.wafa.ps/body.asp?id=6668)
Even Joseph Goebbels did not have the nerve to plead with the British not to respond to buzz bombs, in order not to "inflame the situation."

The rockets and other terror are aimed at disrupting and impeding any moves toward peace, further Israeli withdrawals or normalization. The current rockets and attacks were aimed at ensuring that there would be no agreement on the Palestinian Prisoners' document, and they probably have hit their mark.

Israel has announced it will not deal with the Hamas, Popular Resistance Committees and Army of Islam, who are demanding release of prisoners. Israel insists on the return of Gilad Shalit alive. Chances that this will happen are slim.

Not dealing with the terrorists was a tough decision. It was the only possible decision, because giving in to such demands will only encourage further kidnappings and risk more lives.

Even those who want peace most desperately must understand by now that we cannot have peace in these circumstances.

When you next read or hear of Huda Ghalia, remember also Dorit (Masarat) Benisian, Mordechai Yosepov, Afik Zahavi, Yuval Ababeh, Ayala Abukasis, Dana Galkowitz and the other victims of the supposedly harmless Qassam rockets. Remember that in Gaza there is no longer an Israeli occupation, only a Palestinian aggressor. Palestinian rights do not include murder of children.

Ami Isseroff

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Replies: 3 Comments

Well then you should take that up with the BBC and point out the analogy to them.


Ami Isseroff, Tuesday, June 27th

The rationale for surrendering Gush Katif was that "too many Israeli soldiers were being killed"... Israelies are still under fire, now at the other side of the "green line", and Israeli soldiers going back there to put things in order are getting killed, still. What did we gane from it? The Arabs are stronger than before, even more vicious and feel vindicated by having "kicked the Jews out", and there is neither a better security, nor any greater chance for peace than before. And what is the solution proposed by the Olmert regime? GIVING MORE LAND AWAY! SURRENDERING EVEN MORE TERRITORY!!!!
How moronic can you be?

Rafael V. Rabinovich, Tuesday, June 27th

"Remember that in Gaza there is no longer an Israeli occupation, only a Palestinian aggressor. Palestinian rights do not include murder of children."

Tell that to the BBC whose reports insist that the Gazans are defending themselves against "Israeli" aggression.

I wonder how today's BBC would have reported the British bombing of German cities in reaction to German aggression?

To be consistent they would have had to have said that the Germans were just reacting to British aggression against Germans.

scribe, Tuesday, June 27th

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