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Who is to blame for Palestinian misery and for the current mess in Gaza? lt is easy enough to blame Israel for responding to Qassam rocket attacks of course. Terror is always OK if it happens in someone else's back yard. It is also fairly easy to blame the Hamas and the other terror groups, since they announce,

According to the Oslo Interim agreement, which is the basis of the Palestinian elections, Annex II, Article III:

The nomination of any candidates, parties or coalitions will be refused, and such nomination or registration once made will be canceled, if such candidates, parties or coalitions:

commit or advocate racism; or pursue the implementation of their aims by unlawful or non- democratic means.

Hamas is a terrorist organization. The United States State Department lists Hamas as a terrorist organization. The European Union lists Hamas as a terror group. Terrorism is outlawed. Therefore its members "pursue the implementation of their aims by unlawful or non- democratic means." Hamas is a racist group. The Hamas charter cites the anti-Semitic forgery, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and maintains that Muslims will slaughter all the Jews at judgement day. Nonetheless, neither the US, which is a signatory of the Oslo Interim agreements, nor the EU, did anything to stop Hamas candidates from running in the elections, or even to make then take an oath abjuring terrorism and revoke their charter. On the contrary, both the US and the United States opposed Israeli efforts to hinder Hamas participation in the election.

Both the United States and the EU also made undertakings with regard to the Gaza disengagement. They have not fulfilled those obligations, and therefore the resulting chaos and violence are in part their fault. Gerald Steinberg points out:

The security arrangements negotiated with Egypt and Europe, which accompanied the withdrawal of Israeli military forces from Gaza in August 2005, have all collapsed.

The first agreement was signed with the Egyptians, after former prime minister Ariel Sharon overruled many advisors, and agreed to remove Israeli troops from the 13-kilometer border strip between Gaza and Egypt. The IDF had been very active in stopping Palestinians from smuggling explosives, terrorists and various anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles under the border. Although turning over this responsibility to Cairo was a calculated risk, the hope was by making this move, Israel would be seen to have ended the occupation of Gaza. And perhaps the Egyptian presence along the border and inside Gaza would encourage the Palestinians to turn their energies from war to peace.

In parallel, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice brokered a separate security arrangement covering the Rafiah crossing. On Nov. 15, 2005, Rice pressed then prime minister Sharon to agree to a joint Palestinian-European Union arrangement in this very sensitive area. The U.S. was responding to pressures from the Europeans, who desperately wanted a major role in what was seen as the latest "peace process."

A short time after the agreement was signed, Palestinians bulldozed a breach in the barrier along the Philadelphi corridor and moved freely into and out of Egypt. The 70 European "observers" were shunted aside and chased away by various Palestinian gunmen. As a result, the smuggling of weapons and terrorists has grown into a torrent, and these agreements have joined many others in the dustbin of Middle East peace efforts.

Indeed, as Steinberg notes, this is not the first time that international "guarantees" have failed Israel. In 1947 the UN voted to partition Palestine, but the UN did nothing to keep the peace when Arab states attacked Israel. In 1967, despite previous promises, the US and other countries reneged on their commitment to guarantee freedom of passage through the Suez Canal and Sharm El-Sheikh. The UN also withdrew their peace keepers from Sinai. Israel was forced to defend itself in both cases.

Those who are concerned for the progress and prowess of international law should be appalled by the failure of any international body to stop the rise of the Hamas and the attendant violence. Those who are concerned for peace in the Middle East must understand that Israel will not consent to "peace" agreements which is not enforced by international guarantors and which are used as excuses to prevent Israel from defending itself.

Ami Isseroff

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Replies: 2 Comments

I just landed from Mars. We have been watching Middle-East geography from our planet for many years. In the 12th century BCE (earth time) the Tribes of Israel lived in a large area along the Medditeranean Coast for many centuries until the Assyrians invaded and sent them into exile. But the Jews returned and lived in relative peace until the Romans destroyed them. But they returned and lived in relative peace until the Arabs invaded in the 7th century. But the Jews hung in there and it looks like their land was returned to them after your big world war, but the Arabs attacked again in 1948, and again in 1956, and again in 1967, and again in 1973, and on and on.... We can't believe the patience the Jews have with the rest of you. If the Earth ever attacked Mars, we'd bomb you back to the stone age.

raptaker, Monday, July 3rd

"Who is to blame for Palestinian misery and for the current mess in Gaza?"

Are you for real? Or have just landed from Mars and you are trying to figure out the meaning of words like Israel and WAR CRIMES (redundant, "Israel" suffices)?
Just how brainwashed are you, ziodots?

M Moraidi, Sunday, July 2nd

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