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The Hamas is undoubtedly one of the most odious organizations that ever came into being. The Hamas charter insists that Muslims must murder all the Jews in order to bring about judgement day, cites the forged "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" as the supposed program of the Zionists, and blames the French Revolution on "Zionists." Hamas leaders have also repeatedly insisted that they will never make peace with Israel. Therefore they can hardly be offered up as a "peace partner." Nonetheless there are those who insist that the Hamas is the "legitimate" "democratically elected" government of the Palestinian people and that it represents them.

This claim, that the Hamas represents the Palestinian people, rests on shaky ground. Arab commentators pointed out that the Qassam rockets and the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, which have brought so much suffering on the Palestinian people, were engineered in Damascus and Tehran. The money and the directions come from there. Like the puppet Lebanese regimes of the Syrians, Palestinian leaders now travel to Damascus to ask what they may and may not do in dealing with Israel.

Judith Klinghoffer points out that Hamas has lost its legitimacy because it is a puppet of unelected terror gurus in Damascus, and of the Syrian and Iranian regimes who protect its leaders, fund its operations and call the shots -- literally. She notes that Mahmoud Abbas had to send a representative to Damascus, to get orders from the Hamas terror hierarchy. She writes:

The most important myth has just been exposed for the farce it is, i.e., that the Hamas leaders elected by the Palestinian people run the Palestinian Authority. They do not. UNELECTED Hamas leaders living in Damascus do.
Beyond the legalities involved (and they are important) the arrangement prevents the Palestinian people from influencing the results in a manner populations do in other countries run by elected governments. If Damascus (or its Iranian patrons) decide that the Palestinians need to put up with living under siege for the "good" of the Islamist future, they have no choice but to do so.

Hamas is not the representative government of the Palestinian people, any more than the Soviet puppet governments of Czechoslovakia or Hungary represented the Czech or Hungarian people. Ironically, the same people who insist that the Hamas is legitimate because elected, often insist that the Iraqi government, which was democratically elected, is illegitimate because it is a puppet of the American and British "occupation."

Ami Isseroff

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Replies: 1 Comment

This article, in my case, is preaching to the converted. How can you get this information and analysis to those, who don't see it, to the world who thinks Israel is wrong in not talking to Hamas?

Angela Wine, Tuesday, July 11th

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