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How much can one take without allowing some of the bile that is building up in one’s throat to spew out uncontrollably?

I have recently decided to switch my TV viewing habits, and let my remote control vote for my preferences as far as watching the nightly news in the US.

I was a loyal viewer of Tom Brokaw of the NBC Nightly News for over 20 years, balance and fairness were the coinage and trade mark of his news cast; until “enter left” Brian Williams, and slowly but surely the same newsmen and women somehow are now capable of a whole new dimension in reporting!

One can only draw a simple conclusion; whatever the slant the broadcast is taking must be guided by the new managing editor and must land squarely in Brian Williams’ lap.

We now see the same reporters, inanely analyzing the situation and spouting Hezbollah’s virtues. Hezbollah has a stabilizing influence in Southern Lebanon, building schools and hospitals and in general has a salutary effect on the life of the Shiite Muslims living in Lebanon; and their brilliant observations stop there???!!!

Well, it is the same tack reporters took when they described the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party in the early 1930’s, Hitlerism and Nazism restored Germanic pride and revitalized industries and restored the faith of the German people in the rising new Germany. Unfortunately we all know how all this ended up, history is repeating itself, but the William’s team is sleeping on the job, they don’t need to look any further, beyond their own noses!!

We fast forward and see another brilliant reporter, who covered Iraq with distinction, describing the ruins of a building with the grimace of emotions palpable in his expressions and his spouted words. And we can, of course, safely call that “objective” reporting.

Only we know better, since there was no mention of Hezbollah mingling with the populace while storing and caching their deadly arsenal in building chockfull of harmless civilians, and firing their missiles from people’s balconies and roof tops.

Hezbollah is hiding behind women skirts and children so they can boast that the casualties were mostly civilians and they had not sustained many losses in the process.

Where is the sense of revulsion and outrage one would expect from the same “emotive” reporter now? Non existent, of course, and I lay it squarely in your lap Brian Williams.

Last night I ventured to watch ABC instead, on my way through the dial, to CBS and Fox News in turn. We see images of the heart rending displaced fleeing Lebanese civilians, quartered in subterranean garages and we see their children on seesaws and playground equipment, with the reporter chiming in, these amenities were provided by your “friendly neighborhood Hezbollah chapter”, a nice propaganda gesture propelled forward by the naiveté of US media reporting.

No mention of course about their military arm co-mingling with the civilians and hiding behind their women skirts and their children smiles! Cowardice is unfortunately being rewarded and promoted by the US media.

Well tonight, I am switching to Fox News, since I have been told they are fair conveyors of truth, objective and factual reporting. So maybe their emotive reporters would cope better with the illusion of goodness on the part of the terrorist killers and call a spade a spade for a change …

Israel Bonan

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Replies: 4 Comments

While I don't follow any particular news show or Brian Willaims for that matter, I do watch and have been glued to my TV since this new war started. On FOX news its pretty clear their cheering for Israel as they are for Bush in pressing the war in Iraq. We know where they stand. Other newspeople are not so obvious. I saw all the reportage about Hezbollah's political and social wings in Lebanon covered by all the news programs I've viewed. Frankly none of the "accused" leftest leaning programs have swayed me on hezbollah although, were they to lay down their arms, accept Israel's existence I would have no porblem with their political and social services wing. I have been reading about the history of this region and while I think Israel is justified in striking Hezbollah I'm not optimistic about the outcome of this. I do support Israel in as far as it is the only Democracy in the region but I'm not sure they can succeed in disarming Hezbollah this way.
I think the real concern here is that this conflict will probably get worse but where and how will it end? And this raises the question; are we alienating potential allies in the region? After all we are often reminded that most Muslims do not subscribe to these various extremists views. We know this is not a conventinal war and are reminded that we must win hearts and minds. As things stand this is more rhetoric than reality. Right now a bomb them back to the stone age mentality has replaced diplomacy and that is not likely to change no matter how slant of the news runs

D. PHEE, Thursday, July 27th

The irony of it is, in Israel they build bomb shelters under buildings, to safeguard life in a case of bombing raid; while Hezbollah builds underground bunkers under civilian buildings to shelter their bombs!!

A different value system I suppose

Israel Bonan

Israel Bonan, Thursday, July 27th

Absolutely right, but it is not just USA media. The UK media is just as bad. The infamous BBC is now called the Beirut Broadcasting Corporation.

A total of 170 Hizbollah locations with underground bunkers have been identified by the Israeli intelligence and what is above them - you've guessed it - civilian buildings

Stuart Palmer, Wednesday, July 26th

I am no fan of Israel, but I must say that the coverage in the media is shocking, deliberately giving Hezbollah a pass, for no good reason that I can see. Any sane person should be able to tell that if Israel really wanted to commit war crimes and target civilians without cause, then Lebanon would be nothing but rubble and there would be no one left alive. Only Foxnews seems to understand this, and their coverage is accused of being pro-Israel simply because they are trying to be fair. While almost everyone else is bashing Israel, anyone who does not go along of course looks like a "Zionist puppet" to those who are on the anti-semitic bandwagon.

Abraxas Incarnate, Wednesday, July 26th

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