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The great miracle of resurrection is at work in Lebanon again. All morning, during the Arab foreign ministers conference that took place in Beirut, the wire services and BBC headlined that the evil Israeli warmongers had killed 40 people. Bad Israelis.

From the BBC:

Israeli strike 'kills 40 people'

An Israeli air strike has killed more than 40 people in the southern Lebanese border village of Houla, Lebanon's prime minister has said.

Fouad Siniora told an Arab foreign ministers meeting in Beirut that there had been "a horrific massacre".

Note that from the headline to the article, the number of dead people increased from 40 to "more than 40." It is a good thing the BBC doesn't write longer articles. In a few more paragraphs we would have had a veritable Holocaust surely.

Seniora pleaded with the ministers with tears in his eyes to save Lebanon:

'Israeli army has left no bridge standing, bombarded hospitals and UN posts, all for the sake of revenge,'

"Just because we lobbed over 1,500 rockets into Israel, those evil Jews have it in for us," says Seniora. A great country, Lebanon. Surely it is worthy of the sympathy of the media and of all the Arab countries and of the EU. A great man Seniora. Surely he is worthy of the backing of the USA and France, and of all the Arab countries.

It didn't occur to anyone in that assembly, apparently, and certainly not to Seniora, that all he has to do to save Lebanon is to return two captive Israeli soldiers and disarm the Hezbollah terrorists.

A later story revealed what really happened:

One person, not 40, dead in Israel strike: Lebanon
Mon Aug 7, 2006 11:30 AM ET
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said on Monday that one person had been killed in an Israeli air strike on the southern border village of Houla, rather than 40 as earlier feared.
A resident said about 50 people had been found alive under the rubble.

"The massacre in Houla, it turned out that there was one person killed," Siniora told reporters. "They thought that the whole building smashed on the heads of about 40 people ... thank God they have been saved."

Poor Lebanese, they are not so good at arithmetic. First they said 56 people died in the Qana "massacre." Later it turned out they could only find 28. And now they had another miracle. Anybody could make a mistake between "over 40" and 1. Right?

It was mighty convenient though, that this "mistake" happened just in time for the Arab conference in Beirut, wasn't it?

At the end of the war, it will probably turn out that half the "900" casualties were miraculously saved from beneath falling buildings, or had fled to other areas and were just missing, or were resurrected by the miracles of Islam.

Seniora is allowed to lie, that is what people like Seniora do. But is it really necessary for the media to trumpet Seniora's lies every hour? When Hitler said the Jews started the war, did the Washington Post have a headline stating that the Jews started the war? Seniora must think Americans and Europeans are really gullible. He has lied time after time. He lies about casualties. He is lying about the extent of damage. A few damaged blocks of Beirut are presented to show that the whole city was destroyed. This will also come in handy later when someone is presented with the bill. He is lying about the fact that his government supports the Hezbollah. Yet the media and the politicians seem to swallow it all.

Those who remember the Six Day War are familiar with this sort of "truth": "Israeli troops are preparing to attack Syria." "Israeli troop concentrations are forming along the Syrian border." "We are advancing on Tel Aviv." "Our cannons and tanks are advancing on Tel-Aviv." "We are conquering Tel-Aviv." "The Israelis won because the Sixth Fleet helped them." Now however, we are in a contest to see who can be portrayed as inflicting the most damage. Israel cannot win this war. Photos of actual damage in Haifa or Safed are not nearly as dramatic as doctored photos of smoke over Beirut. Photos of actual dead people and actual statistics are not nearly as effective as random prevarications about "massacres" that never happened, and faked ghoulish National Inquirer type photos of bodies dragged out of morgues.

Unfortunately all of the Israeli dead will stay dead, and all of the damaged houses and apartments and hospital wards will remain damaged.

Perhaps it would help if people wrote to media outlets that disseminate this rubbish, and to the governments that believe it.

Ami Isseroff

Original content is Copyright by the author 2006. Posted at ZioNation-Zionism and Israel Web Log, http://www.zionism-israel.com/log/archives/00000203.html where your intelligent and constructive comments are welcome. Disributed by ZNN list. Subscribe by sending a message to ZNN-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Please forward by e-mail with this notice, cite this article and link to it. Other uses by permission only.

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Replies: 2 Comments

What are you talking about 'The great miracle of resurrection'?

You zionist bastards.... Because of all the bombing and chaos, you evil people dont understand it is difficult to count deaths. Lebanon is almost totally destroyed and still you point the finger at muslims or Hezbollah. What Hezbollah did was not a bad act. Soldiers know the risk and soldiers do die, like everywhere else in the world. Israel kidnapped thousands of muslims, so what the hell if we capture 2. Like Iran says....it is our certain right.

Because the world says not much about Israel, you think you are all right. That is because Amerikkka and its Jewish Lobby control everything, even the oil on muslim land. But know one things you zionists....every superpower in the past has been defeated and washed away. Atlantis, Egypt, Rome, mongols and many more. It is just a matter of time before Amerikkka is gone too. Either it goes bankrupt cause of all the wars they are fighting or it will be succesfully attacked. The question you zionists should ask yourself is.... what happens with Israel if Amerikkka is no longer a superpower? Believe me....the answer to that question is not a beautiful one.

Ofcourse you will all critisize me as an anti-semetic, what ofcourse is not true. It is so stupid to critisize every critic against Israel as anti-semetic. But we are already used to that. It doens't do us any harm. I just pity all of you saying that. Because I totally disagree with Israel does not mean I hate jews. I met a few good jews as well in my life. Also stated in the Qur'an is that all good Jews and good Christians will go to paradise. But you zoinists can rule yourself out as good jews, because you are simply not!

Please stop pity yourselfs about what happened in the WWII. It has been over for 60 years!! Wake up people!! How long are you going to cry about that and say you are oh so pityful? You are doing the same thing with the Palestinians. They live in camps, forced by you zionists just as you were forced in camps! How shamefull can you people be?

Back to the article. Yes you are so right. Lebanon is not really destroyed it will resurrect and all the death will be soon alive again, just like that. Yeh right! (comment on:'Unfortunately all of the Israeli dead will stay dead, and all of the damaged houses and apartments and hospital wards will remain damaged')

Zionists keep on dreaming! You feel so powerful, but soon you will all be nothing! Like I said before, all superpowers has been defeated and so will Amerikkka. You will realise that, while you are all dreaming your zionists dreams. You will wake up and realise you just dreamed and that the reality will be different. It will be your worst nightmare!!

I want to give my love and peace to Hezbollah and all Muslims fighters, fighting the unjust. And Yes also peace to all good christians and all good jews. The jews who has been living in Palestine in peace with muslims and christians before the zionists came!

And one more thing...zionists do u still know why you came to Palestine? It was because after the second worldwar neither Amerikkka or Britain wanted you in their land. They just send you off to the desert in Palestine and thought: let these jews just figure it out overthere.....

Different Sound, Sunday, August 13th

how do I get on your excellent mailing list?

Bruce Epstein, Monday, August 7th

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