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In recent years conspiracy theories about the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001 have become rather popular in anti-American circles all over the world, both among Moslems and in radical left scenes. A majority of people in Egypt, Syria and Morocco believe that these attacks have not been carried out by radical Moslems, but by the CIA or the Mossad. This is not very surprising unfortunately.

In the Arab world new editions of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an anti-Semitic hoax describing how the Jews are plotting world domination, are published regularly. This falsification was written by order of the secret service of Tsarist Russia, for the purpose of setting the population against the Jews in the early 20th century. The fraud was exposed in 1921, but in the Arab world the Protocols are still considered authentic today. In every new edition the preface describes how far the Jews have advanced their goals in view of new events like 9/11 or the American invasion of Iraq. This belief is not just held by a couple of extremists, but it is part of the Arab narrative. The Israeli former judge Hadassa Ben-Itto, who spent years studying the Protocols, wrote:

"The Muslim world believes in this tale, even though there are a few intellectuals who halfheartedly admit the protocols could have been a forgery. Only recently I happened to meet an American doctor of Lebanese Christian descent at a hospital in the United States. When I asked him whether he is familiar with the protocols, he replied that he has the book at home, knows it well and indeed believes it. It is part of our culture, he said in perfect English, with an American accent and a straight face."

The Protocols were used in Nazi Germany as a propaganda tool, to justify the prosecution and murder of the Jews. For all the misery the Germans suffered, the Jews were held responsible: the defeat in WWI, the economic recession, and the high inflation. The protocols were obligatory reading for German students.

Just as in Nazi Germany the Jews got the blame for all problems, so now the Zionists get the blame for all problems in the Arab world Wikipedia lists some examples:

An article in the Egyptian state-owned newspaper al-Akhbar on February 3, 2002 stated:
"All the evils that currently affect the world are the doings of Zionism. This is not surprising, because the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which were established by their wise men more than a century ago, are proceeding according to a meticulous and precise plan and time schedule, and they are proof that even though they are a minority, their goal is to rule the world and the entire human race."

According to some the power hunger of the Jews goes even further:

Iranian writer and researcher Ali Baqeri, who researched the Protocols, finds their plan for world domination to be merely part of an even more grandiose scheme, saying in Sobh in 1999:
"The ultimate goal of the Jews... after conquering the globe... is to extract from the hands of the Lord many stars and galaxies".

In April 2004, the Iranian television station Al-Alam broadcast Al-Sameri wa Al-Saher, a series that reported as fact several conspiracy theories about the Holocaust, Jewish control of Hollywood, and the Protocols. The Iran Pavilion of the 2005 Frankfurt Book Fair had the Protocols, as well as The International Jew (reprints from Henry Ford's The Dearborn Independent) available.

In Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian territories the Protocols are taught in schools as a factual description of what the Jews are planning; in several Arab countries they are in the top 10 of best sold non-fiction books, and TV adaptations of them are regularly broadcasted, or they appear as a series in newspapers.

I am not writing all this to demonize the Arabs and make them look like a bunch of racist maniacs, but because it frightens me. As researcher Hadassa Ben-Itto wrote:

"It is impossible to recruit entire nations, hundred of millions of people, in a struggle to destroy Israel and the Jews other than with a methodical long-term propaganda campaign. This time the Muslim world, which has picked up the Nazi torch, has joined the cause and set for itself the goal of destroying our nation and people. And it says so openly, in public speeches by the president of a United Nations member country, in constitutions such as Hamas', in sermons at mosques."

Ordinarily no one desires to destroy a whole people, even when this people does ugly things. Nobody in Europe wanted to destroy all Germans after WWII, or keep Germany occupied indefinitely. In the Arab world there are no calls to kill all Russians, although they killed more Chechenians and operate far crueler than Israel did in the occupied territories. There are many conflicts between Moslems and non-Moslems, but no other people is blamed for all their misery and systematically demonized like the Jews are. Moreover, several Arab states also took harsh measures against the Palestinians, such as Jordan during Black September, Syria in Lebanon, and Kuwait because of the Palestinian support for Saddam Hussein after he invaded that country. Thus, the hatred against the Jews in the Arab world cannot be explained by Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories, however wrong this is. This hatred is caused by precisely this propaganda, by hundreds of millions of Moslems being told over and over again that the Jews are responsible for all misery in the world, that they are the 'sons of monkeys and pigs', that Israel is a cancerous tumor that needs to be removed, that Jews are leeches, who worship Satan and use the blood of Christian children to bake Matzos, etc. These are exactly the sort of things the Nazis said about the Jews: annoying vermin, parasites who eat every country where they live from the inside, start world wars to become rich and powerful. In this way a people is dehumanized, whereupon it can be excluded from society, deported and destroyed.

Many people feel that it is not up to Europeans to criticize Moslem anti-Semitism. Europe has tried to exterminate the Jews. Compared to the Holocaust the Arab world was and is a paradise for Jews. Moreover, anti-Semitism in the Arab world would be of recent date, and Jews used to have a good life in Arab countries. Once again, I am not out to demonize Arabs, but to point out a danger. And we in Europe have seen what anti-Semitism can lead to.

Moreover, the good treatment of Jews in Arab countries was only relative;it is relative how well Jews fared in Arab countries; they were tolerated as second class citizens. Indeed the problems arose when the Jews wanted to take their fate in their own hands on a small piece of land. In the Arab world there was a deep contempt for Jews, and the humiliation was all the greater when they turned out to be superior to the Arabs economically, militarily and culturally. Europeans also looked down on the Jews and were envious when they had good jobs and earned too much money. It was probably the very emancipation of the Jews, when they thought they had to have become free and equal, that became their undoing. In the Arab world Jews only adopted such an emancipated attitude when they had become capable of defending themselves against Arab hostility.

Ratna Pelle

Original content is Copyright by the author 2006. Posted at ZioNation-Zionism and Israel Web Log, http://www.zionism-israel.com/log/archives/00000224.html where your intelligent and constructive comments are welcome. Disributed by ZNN list. Subscribe by sending a message to ZNN-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Please forward by e-mail with this notice, cite this article and link to it. Other uses by permission only.

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Replies: 3 Comments

*URGENT* We have found Darren Dowlmon and need to deport him

borat, Wednesday, September 20th

I live in central Paris, and 3 or 4 months ago, I had a lengthy discussion with a grocer whose shop is not far from my home. He is a 20 years old French Arab. We spoke of the War on Terror; he was very anti-American; and soon, he told me that the 9/11 terrorist attacks had been carried by the Jews, that there was not a single Jew in the World Trade Center towers this day, that the Jews control all medias, and so on. Since then, I have not gone to this grocery, and I will never.

leroidavid, Monday, September 11th

Come to Davis, California. Our local paper is filled with 9/11 "conspiracy" letters to the editors, as well as tales of how Israel, through AIPAC, controls Congress. (BTW, Davis is home to a campus of the University of California -- another rats' nest.

Noreen Mazelis, Sunday, August 27th

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