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"Terrorists," "war criminals," "Genocide," "imperialists," "racists," "Nazis." Who is best described by these words, if not the Hamas and Hezbolla and related groups?

How would you describe someone who wants to conquer another country, not their own? Aren't they imperialists? Haven't the Hamas and Hezbollah declared their intention to conquer Israel, and hasn't Mr. Ahmadinejad declared that he is looking forward to a world without Zionism?

How would you describe someone like Hassan Nasrallah, who is happy to gather all the Jews in one place so it is easier to kill them? Isn't he a racist? Isn't he advocating genocide? The Hamas charter relates that at the end of days every Muslim will kill the Jews. It further blames the French revolution on the Jews and the Free Masons. How could they not be racists? How would you describe a group that kidnaps journalists for ransom and forces them to convert to Islam? Aren't they terrorists?

How would you describe an organization that unleashes thousands of rockets aimed at innocent civilians, hospitals and post office buildings. Aren't they war criminals and terrorists?

In the Alice in Wonderland world of the Middle East, all these organizations are "resistance heros" or "militants." Their victims are accused of genocide, war crimes, terror, imperialism and racism.

Consider that Israel is to be investigated for using cluster bombs. Cluster bombs are deemed "illegal" because some of them are duds that may explode later and hurt civilians. But Hezbollah rockets intentionally target civilians. They harm civilians no matter when they explode. Several times a day, Israel radio announces that there are still unexploded rocket parts scattered around the Galilee and warns people - civilians - not to touch them. Yet nobody is investigating the use of rockets, nobody proposes outlawing the manufacture of such rockets by states, and nobody is thinking about destroying the thousands of rockets that apparently remain in the hands of the Hezbollah.

Nobody is worried, for some reason, about the real genocide in Darfur which has claimed at least 400,000 lives thus far.

How would you describe someone like Hassan Nasrallah, who is happy to gather all the Jews in one place so it is easier to kill them? Isn't he a racist? Isn't he advocating genocide? The Hamas charter relates that at the end of days every Muslim will kill the Jews. It further blames the French revolution

The inversion of language and logic is not an accident. The Soviets invented doublespeak. Stalinist doublespeak was the model for George Orwell's 1984. Despotism became democracy, imperialism in Eastern Europe became liberation, enslavement was translated into "freedom." Genocide, practiced on a wide scale in the USSR, was euphemized as "nationalities policy." Anti-Semitism was turned into a campaign against "rootless cosmpolitans." The Soviets devised the vocablulary of "Anti-Zionism" and "liberation movements" in the 50s and 60s. The Algerian FLN adopted it and from there it spread to the Fatah and the PLO and other Palestinian movements.

Language, thought and logic go hand in hand. Alice in Wonderland language is used to justify Alice in Wonderland policies. The "peace keeping" forces protect the terrorists, and the world protects the "fragile democracy" of Fuad Seniora in Lebanon, which is really a puppet regime controlled by the Hezbollah.

Ami Isseroff

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"Islam: What the West Needs to Know" is an excellent documentary The film had an extremely limited release a few months ago in three cities, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles but is now available on Amazon.com or directly from the film makers at
It consists of interviews of a number of former Muslims who disavowed Islam after being indoctrinated by radical clerics and even associating with terrorist groups. They each in their own way discovered that "radical" Islam isn't as "radical" or out of mainstream Muslim thought as they would like the world to believe.
From the beginning, Mohammed was a war lord and Islamists still are bound by his original war-like tenets:
1. "Convert" all faiths and peoples of the world to a very conservative version of Islam.
2. If unsuccessful in forcing a "conversion" either kills the infidel or...
3. Enslave, subjugate or heavily tax the people or nations who decline this ďinvitationĒ to convert and insist on maintaining their religion.
These primary goals have never been changed, modified or disavowed and there is little evidence that "mainstream" even want to change the underlying philosophy of their "religion". Various Islamic groups only differ in the timing of this world wide "conversion" process.
The "radical" elements, including the terrorists, are in a war to enforce Islamic principals today in our time whereas the more conservative Muslims think that the worldwide Islamic "take over" is in the future.
The "terrorists" are merely the courageous Muslims who are truly living their "religion" of intolerance and forced conversion and are secretly admired and supported by the less radical Muslim peoples... they are all of one mind in this quest for world domination.
This makes all the negotiations, treaties, political posturing and calls for "peace" futile efforts since the basics of the "religion" call for this worldwide jihad. When the Muslim armies were defeated and turned back at Vienna centuries ago on 9/11, they only made truces and retreated in order to rebuild and rearm to enable them to attack again when conditions were more favorable. The radical elements of Islam are operating on this same principle centuries laterÖ they think the time is now.
Unless our leaders wake up to these non-politically-correct realities, we will always be at war with Islam. Israel and their allies (primarily the US) are in the unfortunate position of being the "catalyst" for this jihad. The hatred for the Jews dates back to the beginning of time because they are God's chosen people... making them a target of hatred and violence since the beginning of recorded history. Israel is now being made the target of a worldwide campaign of disinformation and has been unjustly blamed for the present unrest around the world.
This is merely a diversion in an attempt to disguise the true goals of Islam - world-wide domination. They dream of a universal return to a very primitive, suppressive culture where women have no rights at all and everyone else is dominated by "Taliban-like" primitives.
If Islam ever succeeds in its un-ending quest, we will all be forced to return to the "stone age". The rest of the world should wake up and realistically confront the reality of the Islamic quest. At least the rest of the world would not be fighting, confronting and negotiating from a position of ignorance and disinformation.
The film drives home these facts in a stark, forceful manner and every thinking person should see this movie, research its premise for themselves. The present debates over the causes and solutions for terrorism is oblique to these facts and therefore misses the point and the present attempts at diplomacy, treaties, cease-fires and compromise are doomed to failure.

John McMahan, Monday, September 11th

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