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We all know that criticism is essential to improve any person, organization or country. So why, ask critics of Israel are "you Zionists" so defensive when "anyone" criticizes Israel?

The question is disingenuous because the answer is common sense that we all know. Suppose you have a spot on your tie and you are attending a public gathering. Someone leans over and whispers, "Excuse me, you have a spot on your tie." Obviously that is well intentioned criticism that brings the brings the problem to your attention and obviously, you will try to clean up the spot.

However, suppose that someone gets up and announces, "Hey everybody, look at this degenerate! He has a spot on his tie! Moreover, I heard rumors he beats his wife and is an escaped embezzler. What a jerk!" We don't have to belabor the point...

If the criticism is couched in the same terms you would tell a friend that they have a spot on their tie, it is constructive and deserves our attention. If not, then it is not going to be attended to.

Those who want to help Israel and make the world a better place know how to criticize without being destructive. Those who yell about "war crimes" "Zionist plots" and "apartheid" are probably not interested in improving Israel. They are interested in destroying it, or else they don't realize what they are doing, and hurting their own cause and their own credibility.

There are also those who are "pro-Palestinian" or announce that they are pro-Palestinian, and they are entitled to their opinion, but they should be engaging primarily in support for the Palestinian cause, not promotion of race hate.

For example, a Mr. Richard Melson, invited "pro-Palestinian Jews" to view his Web site. At Mr. Melton's Web site, I did not see writings that support Palestinian Arabs. I did see an Israeli flag and a Palestinian flag. However, I also saw writings about "Zionomics," and articles that seem to identify globalization with Zionism. That is interesting, because a lot of anti-Zionists condemn Zionism because it is nationalistic! Of course, when Mr. Melson talks about "Zionomics," he probably means the same thing as "internationalen Finanzjudentum," the "international finance Jewry" that Hitler blamed for starting World War II. Here is one way in which the word is used by Melson:

Furthermore,"stagflation" in the US in the 1970ís cannot be analyzed in the manner of Profs. Paul Samuelson and Morris Adelman of MIT as lineal consequences of the two oil shocks of '73 and '78/'79 since the oil shocks themselves are part of this West/Third World "double helix."


CFG calls such Samuelson and Adelman-type anti-Third World explanations of change "Zionomics" since they reflect, at the deepest level, the rise of an acute Zionist anti-Third World antagonism.

Probably CFG (which apparently consists only of Mr. Melson) calls such Samuelson and Adelman type explanations "Zionomics" for a different reason. Isn't it because Samuelson and Adelman are not named, for example, McCormack and Des Moulins or Mearsheimer and Walt? They have "Zionist" names and as they are economists, their theories must be "Zionomics." The polio vaccine invented by Mr. Sabin must also be a Zionist plot that is bad for the whole world, because, as everyone knows, Sabin was a "Zionist." Moses and Jesus were other examples of "Zionists."

Watch that word, Zionomics. According to Google, there are only 27 entries for Zionomics right now. Mr Melson posted most of them at his Web sites or at forums advertising his Web site. He defines it differently in each place, as a more or less all-purpose condemnatory term for any theory that Melson doesn't like. Perhaps we should name that sort of usage "Melsonism." Others have not yet realized the hate potential of "Zionomics," but they will. It should have a great future ahead of it in neo-Nazi and "pro-Palestinian" Web sites along with "ZOG" (Zionist Occupied Government) and other crypto-racist and notso crypto racist catchwords and catch phrases.

There were many other writings at Mr Melson's Web site critical of Zionism and Zionists, but hardly any if at all supporting Arab Palestinians. I didn't find any articles that had positive things to say about Palestinian nationalism or the Palestinian Arab people. That is really odd. At "pro-Israel" Web sites there are always materials explaining the wonders accomplished by Zionism and by Israel, as well as materials praising Israeli and Zionist leaders, scientists and creative artists. Likewise at Web sites supporting America, France, Spain or any other country there are articles that take justifiable price in the accomplishments of their people. At this "pro-Palestinian" Web site, and many others, there were only materials critical of Israel and Zionism, but nothing at all really supporting of the Arab Palestinian cause in a positive way.

Ami Isseroff

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Replies: 3 Comments

Iran must not be allowed to built nuclear weapons

sheila and mel stanger, Thursday, September 14th

Iran must not be allowed to built nuclear weapons

sheila and mel stanger, Thursday, September 14th

Zionomics??? wow

It does make you wonder what planet a lot of antizionists are on? or how much strong beer they might drink!

great post

http://modernityblog.blogspot.com/, Wednesday, September 13th

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