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Syria has revealed a dangerous plot by the the international Zionist conspiracy, as you can read in this fascinating item from the Syrian official news agency, SANA:

Arab strategist divulges Israeli plan of new immigrations

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 - 06:55 PM

DAMASCUS, (SANA - Syrian News Agency) - Chairman of the Arab Center for Strategic Studies Nasser Mohammed said Wednesday that the Zionist International Organization, conspiring with Western governments and the Israeli entity, are managing a new plot aims at attracting a million Jewish emigrant to Palestine in a step to expand its imposed colonial existence in the region by the human factor and the frightening power.

"The Israeli entity's extreme aggression, killing and expanding settlements goes a long with its seeking for imposing normalization and economic cooperation on the Arab countries in order to push them toward a New Middle East determined by the USA, Israel and the Zionist movement as a substitution for the Arab integration," he said.

He clarified that the New Middle East plot aims to fragmentize the Arab regional entities on one hand, and re-distribute the land, humans, wealth and powers according to the new map of the Middle East.

Arab Center held in Damascus a workshop on policies and programs required for directing possible future scenes in of the Arab-Israeli Conflict in 2015.

A.Zeitoun / S.Younes

As Allah lives, this is a news item with an authentic Middle Eastern flavor. The aroma of za'atar and hel and sumsum halabi emanate from this noble revelation. Imagine! A million Jews will redistribute the land, humans wealth and power of the entire Middle East. Thank you, Dr. Nasser Muhamad, Shukran ya-saidi for informing us of this pernicious conpiracy to remake the entire Middle East.

Surely we must avert catastrophe. There are only about 80 million people in Egypt, and another 70 million or so in Iran. In Syria, there are another 19 million. In Iraq 25 million. In Jordan there are about 5 million people. Only about 200 millions in all, not counting Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and a few other neighbers. Israel has 7 million people, of whom 6 million are Jews. We can see where another million Jews will really upset the balance of the Middle East.

Moreover, we can really appreciate the imminent danger posed by these Zionists, since Israel, including the Palestinian territories, has a total area of 27,000 square kilometers, whereas threatened Syria only has an area of 185,000 square kilometers - six times as large, while Egypt has 1,000,000 square kilometers, Saudia Arabia 2,240,000, and Jordan 98,000. This is even more alarming when we see what it looks like on a map of the Middle East.

That whole huge blue area represents Israel within the armistice lines, whereas the tiny surrounding white area is part of what is left to the poor Arabs and Muslims after the Zionist incursion.

It is even worse than that you know, because the Jews all believe in their secret book, The Bible, and in that book, God tells them to "be fruitful and mutiply." At night, the boy Zionists and the girl Zionists conspire together in a plot to make more Zionists and upset the balance of the Middle East. It seems that the Arab neighbors of Israel also follow this commandment. Suppose someone were to say that Muslims could not move to Seattle or Paris, because it would upset the demographics and change the face of North America and Europe, or anyone were heaven forbid to remark on the tremendous population explosion in most Arab and Muslim countries, and claim that it is upsetting the ecology of the Middle East and taxing the water and arable land resources. Just suppose. They would certainly be accused of racism. Muslims and Arabs are not threatening. Only "Zionists" are threatening.

Of course the idea that 7 million Jews in ten thousand square kilometers are going to dominate several hundred million Arabs and Muslims in over 300 million square kilometers is, to put it euphemistically, a bit of Middle Eastern hyperbole. However, lest you westerners feel too superior when contemplating these strange Middle Eastern ideas, consider the following. In the United States, learned professors Walt and Mearsheimer advanced the thesis that the "Israel lobby," consisting of Jews who make up about 2% of the population of the United States, dictates U.S. policy in the Middle East. This absurdity was advanced as a serious academic thesis, and discussed in nearly every major media outlet. Anyone who objected was told that they object because they represent the all-powerful Israel lobby that squelches "legitimate debate" about the Middle East.

Ami Isseroff

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