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Stuart Palmer lives in the north of Israel and writes a diary for friends. Recently he wrote about coexistence. Arabs and Jews - in Israel and abroad - need to know this side of Israeli reality, which rarely makes headlines.

Living in the north of the country only a few kilometers from the border with Lebanon we are surrounded by Arab villages of all three faiths - Muslim, Christian and Druze. The co-existence between all these faiths and the Jews in the area leaves visitors from abroad amazed. We thought everyone was fighting each other, they would say. Who would have believed this!...

The streets of Tarshichah are kept clean by a Russian immigrant from Maalot. The chemist in Kfar Vradim belongs to an Arab Christian family. The bank in Tarshichah has a convenient Bankomat [automatic teller] for everyone in the area -- especially when the one in Kfar Vradim is on the blink - where one regularly sees Druze dignitiaries standing in line.

At the big Arab super market in Mielya you see Jews on Thursdays and Fridays, Christians and Russians on Saturday and Muslims and everyone together the rest of the week.The second hand shop in Kfar Vradim is a hub of activity where everyone who lives here comes looking for bargains and so is the DVD shop which has Arabic films as well...And so it goes.

This Succot once again there will be a Succat Shalom for all the local communities. And it will be packed as it is every year with mommies and daddies and all their kids.This is what surprises tourists and visitors to the North. The foreign journalists never get here and neither do they want to know about it. I might add that this coexistence is unknown to many Israelis who live in the center of the country.

Oh, by the way, the katyushas fell on all of us. That experience too, was shared!

Stuart Palmer

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Replies: 2 Comments

I recently watched a video put out by the Galilee Experience, called the Galilee Experience, it has the history of the Galilee, and video coverage of the Galilee. This video literally covered everything that has happened in the History of the Galilee. It was a great video and very informative, a wealth of knowledge of the Galilee. I myself will purchase a copy of this video. I knew that these people could live in peace, it just takes a little of a earnest effort from the people, and these people probably have wanted to dwell in peace. This is awesome, and true you rarely hear about it in our media today. I agree, enjoy. It's a blessing. I've been wanting to visit Israel for over ten years now, I just never had the finances to go, if I did, I would have gone a long time ago, and I would go, every time I had the oppertunity to go. No I'm not affraid of going to Israel. I would live over there if I had the oppertunity, I have a connection to the Land.

Marvin Funkhouser Jr., Monday, October 16th

Stuart, my advice is to stay very very quiet. The last thing you want is these journalists coming like the Riders of the Apocalypse into your haven of peace.
Have you noticed that as soon as Kate Adie or Orla Guerin visit somewhere trouble starts and pestilence follows.
Shhh and enjoy it! This secret you have discovered will spread queitly as we all learn that most people (99%) have 1 head, 1 body, 2 legs, 2 arms, 10 toes, 10 fingers, 1 heart... in fact except for the packaging they are all the same (some are born girls and some boys of course). Almost none of them are monsters. But shhh it's a secret!

Rod Davies, Monday, October 16th

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