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The appearance of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the United States is causing a furor, which is what he planned of course. The man is a master of public relations. He has set this up so there is no way he can lose, no matter what he does.

Had he been barred from speaking in various places, he could portray himself as the victim of persecution and "Islamophobia." Given a platform, he uses it to tell the usual lies and advance his cause. Of course, people are asking him the usual questions, and he is giving the expected answers:

"Is Iran developing nuclear weapons?"

"Oh no, Islamic weapons are un-Islamic. We would never never develop nuclear weapons. Iran is developing nuclear energy because we have no gas or oil. Everything about our program is nice and peaceful. Our reactor in Arak is for research purposes. Our warheads and our missiles are also nice and peaceful."

"Is Iran supporting terror in Iraq and Lebanon?"

"Of course not. Iran never supports terror. Killing infidels is not terror. It is a religious duty."

"Is it true that you are a Holocaust denier?"

"Of course not. We simply want to investigate the important question of whether Zyklon B can really kill Jews. We believe it was just an insecticide. How can we be denied our academic freedom? Anyhow, in the first place, the Holocaust never happened, in the second place it is the doing of the wicked West and we had nothing to do with it, so why did you saddle us with this Jewish state? They are your damn Jews, you can take them. In the Middle East, we don't need any European Jews with their newfangled and un-Islamic ideas."

"Are you an anti-Semite?

"Whatever might have given you that idea?"

And the coterie of apologists that has been organized and financed with quiet finesse will say, "You see, we only have to engage Iran to solve all the problems.

The Israel Lobby will demonstrate, and the Middle East faculty of Columbia University and a dozen other prestigious universities, very politically correct, will dismiss it as the Eternal Israel Lobby, the International Israel Lobby, the wandering Israel Lobby, etc.

Rather than confronting Ahmadinejad in such an impolite way, it might be better if interviewers tried to engage him, and let him present his case. That might give Americans a glimpse of what the Iranian regime is really like, and what the powers that be at Columbia University are trying to foist on the US as a legitimate point of view that must be "engaged":

"Your excellency, as an avid opponent of gay marriage, I am interested to know if you could you give us some guidance on how to discourage homosexuality? We understand that Iran has been very successful in that field."

"Why yes, of course. Thank you for asking that interesting question. In Iran, we hang homosexuals, because homosexuality is forbidden according to Sharia law. If we can have some volunteers from the audience, I can show you how wonderful life in the Islamic Republic of Iran can be."

"Your excellency, as I am an avid upholder of family values, I would like to know how Iran handles the problem of adultery."

"Thank you for asking that question. I see that you full identify with the Iranian version of Islamic morality. In Iran we stone adultresses to death. In fact, the President of the university has graciously offered his wife for use as a subject in a demonstration, which we shall perform here shortly. It is very effective."

"Your excellency, I am concerned about the activities of Evangelical Christians. How do you solve that problem in Iran?"

"In Iran we have no such problem. Iran has complete freedom of religion for Shi'a Muslims. Others can practice their faith in complete freedom too, provided they do not try to make any converts. Apostates from Islam get the death penalty they deserve, as do missionaries. In Iran, we don't have any problems with people like Pat Robertson."

"Your excellency, thank you for this illuminating glimpse of life in Iran."

Ami Isseroff

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Replies: 1 Comment

Hey...Amy Isseroff...You wrote a good portrayal of the iranian jerk! LOL! Someone in the news said the reason iranian has no homosexuals is that they were all hanged!!! Hah!

Adela, Tuesday, September 25th

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