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Christian Peace Teams (CPT) in Hebron distributes e-mail newsletters telling of their experiences. Depending on the author, they may be relatively fair or unfair, sometimes describing Jews in caricature racist terms that are familiar from a certain very unchristian regime, sometimes dehumanizing them in different ways. They focus on injustices, as they see them, that are done by the IDF and the Jewish settlers to the Arab Palestinians. Terror incidents against Jews are always reported in a minimalistic fashion if at all. A CPT person once explained to me that they report on what they witness, and they do not see the terror incidents. What one sees depends on what one wants to see. CPT refused to put a permanent presence in Sderot. Presumably, if they saw the Qassam rockets, they would have to report on them. Out of sight is out of mind.

I have a special feeling for Hebron. I would be happy if CPT were to write about all the injustices there in the greatest detail. I am a Palestinian - ana filastini. My mother was born in Hebron, and her Palestinian neighbors, who had lived there for hundreds of years, were ethnically cleansed from Hebron by racists in several incidents. You can read about one such incident here: Hebron Massacre. Of course that was a long time ago and there were no alleged Christians to report about the alleged massacre other than officers of the British Mandate. In those days, the only "Palestinians" were Jewish.

A recent CPT letter, dated January 1, covering 17-30 December, caught my attention. As usual, it described all the happenings in the same, supposedly neutral tone. Thus we have for example, the following:

Friday 28 December

Feustel, Funk and Uhler went to the Jabari action where eight internationals joined the family in raking the fields. Two Israeli soldiers sat a few feet above the raking and were served tea. At 11:45 am an adult male settler with a toddler and a dog on a leash entered the plowed field just below the action. The police were quick to intercept him and moved him away.

Returning via the mosque gate Feustel, Uhler and Funk witnessed a border police officer who verbally abused and detained two young men by having them stand in the corner with their arms raised. A group of older Palestinian women refused to move when ordered to do so by border police.

"Adult male settler." I have never seen CPT refer to Arabs in this way - they are always "men," "young men," "women" or "children." Presumably settlers are of a different species. The sex and age of the dog is not specified. Maybe the dog was an adult male Setter. Many other such events and factoids are reported in great detail as usual. The dogs and the toddlers get meticulous attention in these reports, as did the chickens of one adult male Palestinian in a different report. The sex of his chickens was not specified in that report, but his difficulties in feeding them that were caused by the adult male IDF soldiers were reported in detail. Incidentally, that report mentioned that the evil IDF had imposed the curfew because of a fatal terror attack.

In addition in this report, in passing, we find the following:

Benvie and Hicks attended the 20th anniversary commemoration of Women in Black at Paris Square in West Jerusalem...

Around 2:00pm, as Hicks and Benvie were leaving the vigil, Hicks received a telephone call from a colleague in Hebron reporting he had heard that Israelis had been killed near Hebron. When the two got to Bethlehem, there were no Hebron services parked at the stand, although one or two drove up as they waited. When they got to the Halhul Bridge, they saw an Israeli armored personnel carrier parked there and a military jeep blocking the entrance ramp to the westbound lane of bypass route 35. On their return to the CPT office, they learned that two Israelis had been shot and killed west of Hebron, allegedly by Palestinians. Around 7:00pm, the team got a phone call from a colleague at Al Ahli Hospital, in H1 on the western side of the city. He said Israeli soldiers had invaded the hospital about 40 minutes before and were letting no one enter or leave. (See release, ĎIsraeli army, in search of injured gunmen, lays siege to Hebron hospitalí 30 December 2007)

On their return from the hospital, Benvie and Hicks and two colleagues, saw a patrol of six soldiers come out of the Beit Romano gate and drop into defensive positions, with guns pointing in different directions. The soldiers briefly stopped two Palestinian men before they continued their patrol.

Midst the chatter about everything else, we learn about the alleged Israelis who were allegedly killed by the alleged Palestinians in one sentence. A minor incident. The focus of the alleged Christians is on the alleged suffering caused to the alleged Palestinians when the alleged IDF tried to apprehend one of the alleged killers. An incident in which adult male Palestinian Arabs had to put their hands up, a very heinous violation of rights, is described in detail too. Note that they had another separate alleged release on the alleged siege of the hospital on December 30. The alleged lives of two (adult male) Israelis are worth about the same amount of text as the alleged adult male settler with an alleged toddler and the alleged dogs on an alleged leash, but less than the Palestinian (Arab) young men (not adult males) who had to put their hands up.

By the time this alleged report was written the whole alleged world knew for certain that the off duty adult male Israeli soldiers had been killed by Palestinian Arabs and the young male heroes of the Hamas had taken credit for it.

Alleged Zaire Times of December 30:(alleged AFP Report)
GAZA CITY - The armed wing of the Islamist Hamas movement has claimed responsibility for an attack in the West Bank that left two Israeli settlers dead.

Alleged International Herald Tribune of December 29: (alleged Associated Press report) JERUSALEM: Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said Saturday that his security forces had arrested an unspecified number of suspects in Friday's killing of two Israelis in the West Bank and had passed to Israeli authorities weapons taken from the dead men by their Palestinian attackers.

During the alleged attack, two alleged Palestinian Arab young men were also allegedly killed. They might possibly have had something to do with the attack. Or maybe the adult male Israelis had died of sunstroke.

The adult male Israelis who were killed lived in Kiriat Arba, allegedly close to Hebron. If the alleged Christians of CPT had wanted to provide fair witness, they could have gone to pay a condolence visit to their families. They could also have spoken with the young adult female Israeli Jew who was with them and escaped. Perhaps it could have told them something about these alleged Palestinian young men attackers, provided that young adult female Israelis can speak a language that humans can understand. But then they would have had to write more than just a single sentence about what they saw there, because they would be eye-witnesses to the grieving families whose relatives were allegedly murdered in the alleged incident and allegedly buried. It is true that they were only adult male Jews and not oppressed Arab Palestinian young men who had to hold their hands up for five minutes. It was only a minor case of murder, and not a serious incident caused by an adult male settler with a toddler (sex unspecified) and an alleged dog (sex, age and breed unspecified) on a leash, or the very grave violation of rights caused by a jeep blocking a road, but still it might of interest to the alleged readers of the alleged CPT e-mail "report."

From the point of view of CPT they are fair. They are humanitarians, reporting humanitarian violations. Killing of Jews does not belong in this category in their reckoning, since Jews are viewed as a different species to be classified as adult males, mature females, pubescent females etc. The SPCA probably uses similar terms when it puts unwanted pets and stray animals to sleep. They didn't see the shooting of the adult male Israelis, so they report it as "alleged." On the other hand, they didn't see the ID card of the adult male settler or his dog, so they don't really know if it was an actual settler or only an alleged settler. Maybe the adult male alleged settler had escaped from a zoo or an animal shelter in Tel Aviv.

How much is that adult male settler in the window, the one with the waggly tail?*

Had the adult male settler been spayed? Unspayed adult male settlers can be a nuisance, I bet. They try to breed, and that always makes a mess, with unwanted male and female baby settler Jew pups.

You can write to CPT at cptheb@palnet.com

Ami Isseroff
Adult male Jewish Palestinian

* Not everyone may remember the ancient teenybopper song, "How much is that doggie in the window")

Original content is Copyright by the author 2008. Posted at ZioNation-Zionism and Israel Web Log, http://www.zionism-israel.com/log/archives/00000472.html where your intelligent and constructive comments are welcome. Disributed by ZNN list. Subscribe by sending a message to ZNN-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Please forward by e-mail with this notice, cite this article and link to it. Other uses by permission only.

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Replies: 3 Comments

Let us not forget that christians are clinging to a 2000 year old anti-Jewish pro-Roman piece of propaganda as a religion. If you can believe blindly in this crap, you will believe anything, even that you are unbiased.

Deuel, Wednesday, January 2nd

To those wonderful members of CPT Hebron

Your contribution to peace in the Middle East through such unbiased reporting of events and the dehumanising of Israelis and Jews does you much credit. This is what Christianity is all about. Why not station a couple of representatives in Sderot for, say, a couple of weeks just to prove to the world that Israeli claims about rocket attacks are false? Or demand in the name of justice post mortems on all Israelis allegedly shot or blown to pieces to demonstrate that they actually died from natural causes or accidents in the home?

But the thing that really gets me is that some Adult Jewish Palestinian Male has the temerity to criticise your good work. That is really disgusting and demonstrates a quite unacceptable bias in commentating. Does this AJPM not realise that his role in life - and that of his siblings, parents, children, friends and other co-religionists - is to be demonised by inter alia the good God-fearing and God-loving Christians who work for and with Christian Peace Teams in Hebron and elsewhere and who know the only true way of life and the path to world peace?

If I have one word of criticism - forgive me - it is that amongst your reporting of so may injustices carried out by adult male (and female?) Israelis, you have failed to report all the cases where adult males of the IDF have not raped Arab women. I understand that the number of instances runs into thousands and yet CPT has not reported one non-rape. Please correct this as soon as possible as the world has a right to know about such heinous racist behaviour.

Clive Hyman, Tuesday, January 1st

I read that activists of "Green" movements stand for stop of people reproducing because mankind growing demages Nature, brings "global warming" etc.
Should we be surprised by their colleagues demand that Israel people stop exist?

Mark Appel, Tuesday, January 1st

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