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We know that Evangelical Christians are often opposed to gun control. It was surprising to learn that the Christian Peace Teams of Hebron, who claim affinity with the Quakers, are in favor of war toys for kids. They have uncovered a grave human rights violation by the IDF: IDF is violating the right to bear toy arms.

During the Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr (the festival of fast breaking), marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, children receive Eid gifts: new clothes, toys and sweets.

A common Eid gift for boys is a toy gun. Some are water pistols; some shoot little plastic pellets; some are ominously like the real thing.


For the Israeli military, it appears that real guns in the hands of Israelis are acceptable, but toy guns in the hands of Palestinian children are unacceptable.

A few weeks ago CPTers saw heavily armed Israeli soldiers ordering Palestinian shopkeepers to remove the toy guns from their shops. Over the past week or so, Palestinians have reported instances of Israeli soldiers taking toy guns from children. Two days ago, I watched in amazement as an Israeli soldier snatched a small gun from the hands of a Palestinian child. When I attempted to photograph the incident, another soldier tried to stop me.

He told me, "It is against the law for a Palestinian to have a gun or anything that looks like a gun, or that sounds like a gun, like fire crackers. It is dangerous. The children point them at us. If we shoot them, that is their fault."

(currently posted here - cpt.org/hebron/hebron.php, entry of October 23, 2007) How could those evil militant Jews interfere with the right of Palestinian kids to bear toy arms? Shame!!

Palestinian Arabs are in urgent need of real or toy guns and weapons to educate their children in the ways of Jesus. So please, if you have any spare water pistols, lugers, fire crackers and toy hand grenades, AK-47s and the like, be sure to send them to CPT Hebron. cptheb@palnet.com. It's the Christian thing to do according to Christian Peace Teams. You can make some little Palestinian Arab kid really happy. He can lob a toy hand grenade (or a real one) at a war criminal evil IDF soldier and when the IDF soldier shoots him for no reason at all, CPT Hebron can explain that it was just a toy. Meanwhile the kid will be a martyr in Heaven, and when he is old enough, he is sure to get 72 virgins.

Be generous in the true Christian spirit and support the values of the National Rifle Association too.

Ami Isseroff

Original content is Copyright by the author 2008. Posted at ZioNation-Zionism and Israel Web Log, http://www.zionism-israel.com/log/archives/00000474.html where your intelligent and constructive comments are welcome. Disributed by ZNN list. Subscribe by sending a message to ZNN-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Please forward by e-mail with this notice, cite this article and link to it. Other uses by permission only.

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Replies: 3 Comments

It is abundantly clear that the so-called Christian Peace Teams are simply against Israel when they come out with a complaint like that. Children with realistic toy guns have been a problem in the U.S. in the past, as children have been shot by policemen who have a split second to react to a perceived gun menace. My belief is that any Christian, regardless of his political beliefs on gun control, would be expected to support the IDF on this issue, unless he is either insane or has some ulterior motive, which now becomes not so ulterior. In either case, these unreasonable claims should not be associated with Evangelical Christians in general.

Thomas Gray, Monday, January 7th

I enjoyed your article. A bit of tongue-in-cheek humour is very necessary in trying times. The point that you make - and the soldier made - about Palestinian children being mistaken for carrying real weapons and being injured or killed is very pertinent. There was a case that I recall last year of a Palestinian youth who was shot dead while "brandishing" a toy assault riffle that looked very much like the real thing. As you say, just another Palestinian martyr... When violence and hatred become virtues the valour of death is sure to follow.

This brings me to the point of my email: there is another very good reason why Palestinian children should not play at war games. The valour of self-death is so strongly promoted within Palestinian society that children cannot wait to get themselves killed. Don't worry about the very young having to wait till they are old enough to get the 72 virgins as stated in your article; the Palestinians have developed a whole raft of fantasies to lure the very young into acts of self-death. Take for instance an interview with Barbara Victor, the author of Army of Roses, who said that it is very disturbing to see young children sitting around fantasising about the coconut covered chocolate cake they will receive in a martyrs' heaven. And endless days of flying kites on the beach and endless days at the fairground as depicted on PA TV as the "reward" of the young shahid or shahida (there is currently no gender discrimination amongst the Palestinians when it comes to getting yourself killed).

Self-death can be achieved in any number of ways: "brandishing" toy guns, throwing stones, blowing yourself up - they all belong in the same basket. Simply the turning of the young into body-bags in order to frustrate Israel and for the international, often bigoted and racist, media to lap up; "human missiles" as Arafat used to call them. I cannot imagine for a moment that this "Christian" Palestinian organisation does not know the true meaning of giving a Palestinian child a toy weapon. They scream about Israel's human rights abuses when they are themselves the perpetrators of huge human rights abuses against their own young. Why is the world so blind to this? It isn't as if Itamar Marcus from PMW has not circumnavigated the globe for years giving the message that Palestinian suicide terrorism is aspiration, not desperation.

Vic, Sunday, January 6th

Sorry, but I regard this as a lame attempt at satire. You've done far better recently.

Howard Wolf, Thursday, January 3rd

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