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If we believe the Boston Globe and Op Ed writers Eyad Sarraj and Sara Roy, we can well understand the reasons for the great Gaza famine, AKA the "Humanitarian crisis." In their article, "Ending the stranglehold on Gaza," they assert1:

...Gaza daily requires 680,000 tons of flour to feed its population...

Sarraj and Roy made the same assertion earlier2.

I confess that I find this hard to believe. 680,000 tons per day amounts to over 400 KG of flour per person. I am a puny little guy. I might be able to eat a couple loaves of bread. Can you eat 400 Kilo (about one thousand pounds) of flour in a day?

But it must be a fact, because the Boston Globe is a respected newspaper and wouldn't publish nonsense, and the authors are authorities. Sara Roy is a respected Harvard academic. Eyad Sarraj is a psychiatrist and a Palestinian moderate. Nobody could possibly suggest that the editors of the Globe, and these two respected academics, lack the necessary arithmetic skills or knowledge of nutrition to determine the approximate needs of a population that might number 1.5 million. Nobody would suggest that a large US newspaper, or a respected US University, or a known Palestinian "moderate" like Sarraj, would be unfairly taking up the cudgels for a group of genocidal violent racist religious fanatics like the Hamas, would they? Of course, Israel is quite foolish to have tried to starve these giants, who can consume 400 KG of flour in a day, and must be evolved descendants of Goliath the Philistine of Gazan fame. An angry giant is a terrible thing.

Now here is yet another amazing fact. Despite the gravity of the "siege" which has brought condemnation from the UN, and has Condoleezza Rice scurrying about and pressuring Israel to find a solution, Hamas refuses to reactivate the Rafah terminal under the conditions that prevailed before their coup d'etat of June 2007. According to a Palestinian source:GAZA, (PIC)-- The Hamas Movement on Sunday stressed that the old crossings agreement, which ensured European and Israeli control on the Rafah terminal, was part of the past and could not be restored.

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, said in a press release that his Movement refused any attempt to restore the Rafah terminal agreement, noting that the PA leadership was attempting to steer the issue in this direction.
That brings us to the great truth about the Gaza siege. From the beginning, it was as fraudulent as the claim that Palestinians require 400 tons of flour each day. The Palestinians would not agree to Israeli border supervision, so a laxer arrangement with EU control was negotiated when Israel left Gaza. That's right - the agreement was negotiated and agreed - Israel does not and did not control the entry to Gaza, and therefore, if that is a criterion, Gaza is not occupied by Israel. The Europeans, for their part, refused to continue their role after the Hamas took over Gaza, because they could no longer guarantee the safety of their people. So it was the Europeans who created the "siege" for which many of them now condemn Israel. And the entire "crisis" is a result of fact that the Hamas needs to import not half a ton of flour per person per day, but half a ton of explosives per person per day, and they did not find the previous border arrangements suited to their purpose.

To this tale of the thousand and one Islamist nights, we can add the bogus electricity cuts in Gaza. Remarkably, a few days after the Gaza electricity cuts caper, the Lebanese "opposition" (=Hezbollah) had their own "power cuts" caper in Beirut. Angry mobs were called out on the pretext that someone is short changing the electric power of the "opposition." If you can believe that a Gazan can eat 400 KG of flour in a day, then you can believe the claim about electric power outages that discriminate against political parties. The Lebanese army is not yet as used to human rights strictures as the IDF - they shot and killed seven demonstrators. Probably nobody will notice after a few days, but maybe it will finally spark a crisis that brings the Hezbollah to power - power through power cuts.

What do Hezbollah and Hamas have in common? Bosses in Damascus and Tehran, who knew a good thing when they saw it.

Hat tip: Martin Kramer.

And for entertainment, these breaking items about the siege caper. IMRA reports:

Maariv correspondent Amit Cohen reports in today's edition that many Gazans exploited the lack of familiarity of Egyptians with Israeli currency and paid for goods with play money.

"During the disengagement 100 and 200 [fake] Shekel notes were distributed in the Gaza Strip and sold to children," explain Marwan, a Gaza resident. "I saw with my own eyes how people exploited the heavy pressure and paid Egyptian traders with this money. On the third day the Egyptians already learned to check the currency." Marwan told Cohen that other Gazans paid with counterfeit dollars.

Issa, another Gazan told Cohen that the Egyptians sold food that was beyond its expiration date.

Quite a bargain all around.

And from YNET, we have this:

Egyptian Bedouins increasingly frustrated after frenzied Palestinian shoppers trigger food shortages, rising prices; Rafah shopkeepers say price of tea has tripled, many shops remain closed after running out of supplies...

Armed Egyptian Bedouins opened fire in the air to warn away Palestinians, highlighting growing anger over food shortages and price rises triggered by the breaching of the border wall with Gaza, witnesses said....

Ami Isseroff


1 boston.com/bostonglobe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2008/01/26/ending_the_stranglehold_on_gaza/


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Replies: 1 Comment

I for one believe we should start preperations for the welcome comittee for when our new Gazan overlords assert there will over the puny Homo Sapien.

Ariel, Friday, February 1st

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