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We have already sat through this movie a few times, in different productions. Terrorists Militants attack Israel. Israel responds and terrorists militants are killed along with some civilians. In the next stage, the UN and the EU condemn Israeli "disproportionate response." In Gaza, we have passed that stage already. The moderate Palestinians write that the Israeli attacks are due to the Israeli right wing. The "Zionists" are compared to "Nazis" of course. The following stage is that Israel is forced to stop the operations, and the enemy declares a big victory.

In Israel, everyone will claim that the "Hasbara" (Israeli information efforts) is no good. Caroline Glick and others will write that the sky is falling, the whole world is against us, and that it is all the fault of the "leftist" government. If the right was really in power, as Palestinians imagine it is, they promise they would pave Gaza over and turn it into a parking lot.

What is the truth?

Palestinians and others can't imagine that Israelis are really angry about getting killed. They assume that any armed attacks must be associated with the right wing "Lahkoud" as many Americans say the word. This is reinforced by the ferocious image projected by the Israeli right. Everyone also assumes that the IDF must be a bunch of warmongers. But the IDF chief of staff and the government, including the Defense Minister are fighting mightily to counter pressure for a full scale offensive on Gaza, as demanded by the right. These strikes were not carried out by the "Israeli right" because they are not in power. The Israeli government carried out these strikes because they are desperately trying to find a way to stop the rockets falling on our towns.

Every time Israel kills terrorists militants, it is claimed that Zionists are Nazis. This time, the excuse is that Reuters mistranslated remarks of Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai, and claimed that he threated a "Holocaust" in Gaza. As I have shown elsewhere in detail (see Gaza: Holocaust or The Shoah", the accusation is simply untrue. The word "Shoah" means 'catastrophe' or 'disaster.' Only "Hashoah" means "The Holocaust." I checked three dictionaries and checked how it is used in materials posted on the Web. In the context, Vilnai talked about a "greater disaster." How could he have been misunderstood to say "greater Holocaust?" What would it mean? Reuters retracted their error, but many others are continuing with the "Holocaust" accusation. This suggests that the problem is not Israeli "Hasbarah," but rather that Caroline Glick may really be right, the world is really against us. There may be something to Caroline Glick's lament. According to the BBC the Lebanese army killed about 260 people in Nahar el Bared camp last year. Over 40 were civilians, while the rest were terrorists militants of the Fatah al-Islam Al-Qaeda group. Other sources place the number of civilian dead much higher. But there was no complaint at all from any rights group about the "Holocaust" in Naher-el-Bared. Arabs have a license to kill as many Palestinians as they see fit. The UN and the EU will remain silent. Israel is singled out for special treatment.

This view is bolstered by an interview with Danny Gillerman, Israel's UN ambassador, aired by CNN. CNN let Gillerman talk, but CNN, as is its wont, also expressed its jaundiced political opinions by showing photos of suffering Palestinians in Gaza all the time that Gillerman was talking, mocking his words. His words were very good, but the Hasbara message was very bad. Israeli politicians should not give interviews to networks who do that.

Finally, when others are not busy kicking Israel, our own media and government do it. Caroline Glick's own Jerusalem Post had an article about Israel's efforts to present our case to the world. The article was entitled, when last seen on the Web, J'lem diplomats briefed on 'hasbara' and announced to the world

Officials in Jerusalem began preparing the grounds for a large hasbara campaign to try and show the world that Israel's actions in Gaza were "careful" and the harming of civilians was "impossible to avoid" when Hamas terrorists were using civilian grounds to launch rockets into Israel.

It went on to describe a big "public relations" effort. Of course, with one stroke, Jerusalem Post killed any chance that this effort can succeed, because no journalist will ever pay any attention to "Hasbara" (propaganda). Like "Shoah," Hasbara has entered "Hebrew English" in a distorted way, and can only mean "propaganda."

The Palestinian government and press never announce a "Hasbara" campaign; they don't have any "hasbara" or "propaganda." They only have educational and informative messages and op-eds and television programs that tell the "truth" about Gaza and defend the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people. They explain that Gaza is undergoing a cruel siege, that people have to use candle light, that sick people are dying in hospitals for lack of medicines, that Israel is committing war crimes worse than a Holocaust, that Hamas "martyrs" are "defending the Palestinian people against the occupation," that Israel is killing only women and children, and that the "heroes of the resistance" are firing Qassam rockets against military targets in the "settlement" of Sderot. All of this is presumed to be absolutely factual reporting,

The truth about the Hamas' intentions and about who is doing what in Gaza, is perhaps given in the following poster, which is not propaganda, but rather an explanation of the Palestinian narrative or "point of view," which supports their "legitimate rights."

Gaza Holocaust

The caption reads 'Death is coming, O Zionists, hide yourselves', and the photo shows the "Zionists" cowering in fear of the rocket fire.

However, this poster will probably never appear in Al Jazeera or BBC or The Guardian or Jerusalem Post to explain the intentions of Hamas. Nobody will dare to say that the Hamas threaten Israel with a Holocaust, though that is precisely what is written in the Hamas Charter. The reference to "Zionists" hiding in the poster, is apparently a reference to the Hadith quoted in the charter, which says that the end of days will not come until the Muslims kill all the Jews. The Jews will try to hide behind trees.

Just because you are paranoid does not mean everyone is not out to get you. Perhaps Caroline Glick is right. The leftists in the Jerusalem Post betrayed Israel and Israeli Hasbara. The whole world, or a lot of it, really is out to get us. The sky really is falling. But the sky has been falling on the Jews for most of the last 2,000 years. Panicking and issuing dire warnings and hurling accusations at each other cannot help.

Ami Isseroff

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Replies: 1 Comment

I advise anyone who wants to get the full, rich, ripe flavour of Arab Muslim (and some non-Arab Muslim) hypocrisy re. the sufferings of the jihadi inhabitants of Jihad Fortress & Armed Camp aka Gaza, to read Yates' translation of the medieval Muslim jihad theorist, Al-Mawardi, 'Laws of Islamic Governance', pages 77-78 and 200-201. In that interesting treatise Al-Mawardi states that if the [infidel] foe uses women & children as human shields, those shields can be killed if it is the only way to get at the Infidel fighters; and that cutting off water to besieged Infidels is OK: "it is also permitted to block off the supply of water to them, or to prevent them from using it, EVEN IF THERE ARE WOMEN & CHILDREN AMONGST THEM, as it [cutting off water] is one of the most potent means of weakening them & gaining victory over them, either by force or through a treaty. If a thirsty person amongst them requests a drink, the amir may either give him a drink OR REFUSE HIM, JUST AS HE HAS THE OPTION OF KILLING HIM OR LETTING HIM LIVE".
Since folks like Al-Mawardi are doubtless still authoritative for jihadis like Hamas, one must assume that were the positions reversed, Hamas would unblinkingly slaughter any Jewish women and children who were foolish enough to act as 'human shields', and that it would have cut off water, power, medicine & food as a matter of course (cf the siege of Jewish Jerusalem in the '48/'49 war).
I'm afraid that after reading about 1300 blood-drenched years of Muslim mass-murders and enslavement of non-Muslims, in Andrew Bostom's 'Legacy of Jihad', I have zero sympathy for Hamas or any other declared jihad warriors, preachers, plotters & their enablers, financiers, deluded fellow-travellers & Useful Idiots. They launch total war against humanity in order to subject us all to the bloody scimitar of their war-god 'allah', their war 'prophet' Muhammad, their war book the Qur'an, & their war cult, Islam, the Arab Imperial Religion? - fine, sooner or later (one hopes sooner for all of our sakes) they will GET total war back, from those who choose neither to be Muslim, nor dhimmi, nor dead.

S McCosker, Wednesday, March 19th

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