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In frank imitation of the moveable blog feast, Haveil Havalim (see Jewish Blogging ), I have decided to launch my own erratic, periodic review of pro-Israel and Jewish blogs - and to encourage others to do the same. Let me know (gently, please!) if you find this useful or not. Please also, feel free to suggest articles to be included for next time. Don't be insulted if there is no next time or if your suggestions are ignored.

A pseudonymous blogger, JC, writes about so-called Israeli Racism (Checkpoint Charlie). Actually, it is about how a tourist almost caused a riot at a checkpoint by suggesting transfer of Israeli Arabs. Worth reading.

Hat tip for that one to Simply Jews who has also written about the revival of the Red Sea to Dead Sea canal project, which might help bring peace to our area. Better Red to Dead than dead, right?

Israeli Racism is also taken up by Joe Hochstein at Israel: Like this, as if (yes, that's my Web blog too).

Elder of Ziyon discusses AFPs selective and manipulative use of the word "Terror"

Meryl Yourish discusses the collaboration of the Grand Mufti, Hajj Amin Al Husseini, in the Nazi final solution.

Z-Word blog takes on challenges to Israel's right to exist and "One State Solutions" offered on the 60th anniversary of Israel's Independence.

Dov Bear discusses whether orthodox Jews should support conservative candidates. You may be surprised at his answers.

Magdeburger Joe AKA Magdeburger Chossid, has a great anecdote about Albert Einstein. He also reviews the tiff about Bush's remarks in the Knesset His take is somewhat similar to mine in Did President Bush insult me, Obama and J Street: if the shoe fits, wear it.

There is an old Yiddish story that fits the case of the protesting Obama and J Street. You probably know this story. Once upon a time, in the Cheder (old time Yiddish pre-school), a little boy complained as he was about to go home, that one of the other boys had stolen his hat. The teacher, a wise old man, gathered the children together and said "God will punish the wearer of the stolen hat, as it will catch fire on his head." One little kid (named Jay Street, I guess or maybe Barack) immediately touched his hat to see if it was on fire, revealing himself as the thief. From which we get the Yiddish proverb, "Auf dem gonnef, brent di hitaleh" (the hat burns on the (head of the) thief).

Norman Geras at the Normblog, commented recently on The Guardian giving Hamas a platform.

Jeff Weintraub discusses the almost nonexistent Obama Jewish problem.

Solomonia reviews the vicissitudes of the Camera campaign to reform Wikipedia. It seems of their members broke Wikipedia rules and got themselves kicked out. Wikipedia's vulnerability to bias is known (see Wikipedia, Israel and the Middle East) , but everyone who wants to change it has to be careful to respect the Wikipedia mission and to work within their system. Wikipedia is in charge of Wikipedia. The bad guys very often do know the rules, and they are just waiting for pro-Israel contributors to violate them. The bad guys are sometimes in charge of interpreting the rules too, so tread lightly.

For some reason, Solomonia confuses the anti-Israel problem at Wikipedia with possible bias against conservatives. The lesson to be learned about Wikipedia (and about directories like Dmoz and facilities like Google Maps) is that in general, they are vulnerable to vandalism by fanatics, and to to biased editing by fanatics. The reason is simple - fanatics care enough to spend the time needed to work on these projects for free. The prospect of having a free platform for their message is too good to ignore.

Until next time...
Ami Isseroff

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