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Next time you read that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, and next time you hear that the Zionist conspiracy is "muzzling" criticism of Israel" remember this one.

An "anti-racist"boycott Israel activist in the notorious BRICUP faction of the British UCU posted a link to the Web site of former KKK Grand Wizard and even more notorious fascist racist David Duke. Jerusalem Post had the story.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Delich's introduction to the David Duke screed read:

Delich's message was in support of a colleague who backs the boycott call. It reads: "John, in support to your link this may be a long but also an interesting reading: www.davidduke.com/general/humanitarian-disaster-595.html. No comment necessary. The facts are speaking for themselves, Jenna."

Indeed, the facts speak for themselves. The article, "Racism, not Defense, at the Heart of Israeli Politics," is an attack on the "Israeli oligarchs" by a 9/11 conspiracy theorist named Joe Quinn. It links to Holocaust denier David Irving. Ironically, it states in part

"There is much evidence to warrant an in-depth investigation of the role played by agents of Israel in the 9/11 attacks. Yet the ubiquitous, tiresome and completely baseless threat of being labelled "anti-Semiticā" for criticizing the actions of the Israeli government effectively prevents all but the most courageous from following the leads. Coincidence? We think not...

"Just what level of power do Israeli interests wield in the halls of power in the US that any investigation into Israeli spying activities on US soil against US intelligence agencies can be so completely quashed? Would this constitute a level of power and control that would allow those interests to carry off a terrorist attack like 9/11 and have it blamed on 'Arab terrorists?'"

The blog Harry's Place publicized the story. Harry put up the photo below.

Delich and her friends decided to threaten to sue Harry's Place for libel, even though what Harry had written was perfectly true, and has gotten their Web hosting company to shut down the Web site, which is now temporarily at Jenna Delich. Engage, Eric Lee, and Modernity Blog have all written this up. They all missed some points, it seems to me.

The first point is that we seem to have settled the question of whether or not anti-Zionism is or is not the same as anti-Semitism. Delich and her friends can plead and have pleaded that it was an "innocent mistake" and that she didn't know who David Duke was. Let's assume that is true. Delich read the article by an anti-Semite at an anti-Semitic Web site and found it to be identical with her views. What does that tell us about anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism? Can anyone really believe they are different now? And this is the ideology that is fueling the boycott Israel movement, isn't it?

The second point is that if Jenna Delich really didn't know who David Duke is, and none of the hundreds of people who got that e-mail recognized the name either, then the Boycott Israel movement in the UK is evidently being lead by ignoramuses. Can anyone believe any of the "facts" and arguments they present? Isn't it logical to assume that this incident reveals what Delich and her Boycott Israel friends have been doing all along: repackaging anti-Semitic lies as "legitimate criticism of Israel" either knowingly, or because they were unaware of the nature of the source of the materials?

Most interesting perhaps, is the supreme irony that the people who rant about the "Zionists" muzzling criticism are quick off the mark to shut down a Web site that dares to tell the truth about them.

Of course, it challenges the imagination to believe that any political activist doesn't know who David Duke is, especially after he showed up in Iran at Ahmadinejad's Holocaust Denial conference. But there are some people who can believe two or three impossible things before breakfast, or at least say that they do. Mike Cushman, a Jewish anti-Boycott activist, is apparently behind the move to threaten a libel suit against Hurry Up Harry. He also wrote to members of the UCU list

"It is clear then Jenna has made a serious error and she has owned up to that and apologised so why are people still trying to beat her up about this..."

So he really buys, or is asking others to buy, the notion that she didn't know David Duke was a fascist. Cushman wrote something worse:

"This is not about whether Jenna is a racist or an anti-semite it is about trying to shoot the messenger.

Actually it is about both, if the messenger is Harry, and Cushman and Delich and their friends were doing the shooting. But Cushman seems to think evidently, that the contents of the Quinn article are correct, and that Delich is the holy messenger of Quinn.

Cushman and Delich have indeed made serious errors. But they haven't even begun to own up to them all.

Remember Jenna Delich next time you read that "anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism." Remember Mike Cushman when someone tells you, "he can't be an anti-Semite, he is a Jew." Remember Harry's Place when someone tells you about the "Zionists" muzzling criticism.

Important Update - Harry's place is still off the Web. Their hosting service is Media Temple Inc. in Culver City California. Contact: http://www.mediatemple.net/company/contact_us. Ask them if they are responsible for succumbing to fascist threats and putting www.hurryupharry.org/ off line.

Ami Isseroff

Original content is Copyright by the author 2008. Posted at ZioNation-Zionism and Israel Web Log, http://www.zionism-israel.com/log/archives/00000595.html where your intelligent and constructive comments are welcome. Disributed by ZNN list. Subscribe by sending a message to ZNN-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Please forward by e-mail with this notice, cite this article and link to it. Other uses by permission only.

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Replies: 3 Comments

For your information:

Sheik Yer'mami's site Winds of Jihad is also experiencing a denial of service attack. We are currently moving to a new site, and I wouldn't recommend anyone to use Blue host services for anything. These guys are afraid of their own shadow!

Sheik Yer'mami, Thursday, August 28th

Thanks for the info and I will follow up with an update. The ISP (Web Host) is the USA firm AFAIK. The Domain name firm is in the UK. I am not sure they let go of their domain name ownership so quickly. Had I done my homework better I would have included the Domain provider. According to WHOIS http://www.daily.co.uk/ owns the Domain if I understood correctly and their email is evidently domains@daily.co.uk.

I didn't know I was famous. The famous Ami is Ami Ayalon.

Ami Isseroff

Ami Isseroff, Wednesday, August 27th

Firstly,let me make it clear I am not spoofing you but am a less famous ami: I I have used this nickname to post and comment on Harry's Place for several years. (an Israeli reader once got very excited because he thought I was the more famous you)

Just to clarify: It was not the US webhost who shut down the site, but the domain name company: see this explanation in the comments on the temporary HP site:
"They are not hosted in the UK. But their DNS is held in the UK. As per Cushman's recommendation, "someone" got in touch with their domain-holder and basically neutered it. The domain is now in the process of being transferred to a less toothless ISP."

ami, Wednesday, August 27th

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