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Jews for Jesus may be dismissed as an example of Jewish anti-Semitism on the grounds that they are no longer Jewish. Not so Rabbi Levi Brackman, who has built a career on popularizing and justifying an anti-Semitic stereotype.

The notion that Jews are "clever in business" devious and especially smart has embedded itself in the culture of the western world. "To Jew" is a verb meaning to cheat someone in a transaction. Every ADL questionnaire on anti-Semitism reveals that 10 to 30% or more of the population of Europe believe that Jews are especially good in business because of our devious ways.

The facts of history are sadly different from the image however. Jews have been mostly poverty stricken throughout our exile, whether in Yemen, Ethiopia or Eastern Europe. The Jewish immigrants received at Ellis Island in the United States were so consistently ragged and underdeveloped, so seemingly dull witted, that racists were able to use them as examples to "prove" that intelligence is inherited and that Jews are racially inferior.

By now, one would think that every thinking person is familiar with the reasons for Jewish "success." Evidently it is not so, so you will bear with me for repeating what you may know. Jews have achieved success in some fields out of proportion to our numbers, primarily because nobody else wanted to go into those fields. Because Jews were unable to own land in the Middle Ages, they became proficient in commerce and money changing, where literacy and knowledge of languages stood them in good stead. Therefore, some Jews were in a good position to benefit from the rise of commerce. Jews were excluded from leadership and even from employment in most of the major basic industries. Even in the United States, there are few Jews in the automotive industry. Denied entry to these employments, and generally possessed of little capital, Jews followed academic pursuits where there was relatively little competition, and where merit could sometimes overcome prejudice. Albert Einstein in Germany and Switzerland and Richard Feynman in the United States, as well many others, were able to succeed in the then obscure disciplines of physics, despite prejudice, because virtually nobody else was interested and good researchers and teachers were in demand. Likewise, shut out of other pursuits, Jews entered the infant movie industry.

Rabbi Brackman however, tells a different story. Jewish "success," he tells people, is due to following the percepts and example of Moses and the Torah. No doubt this accounts for the wealth of Mr. Soros and the Rothschild family, and the genius of Einstein and Feynman and others, as well as for the abject poverty of most other Jews. Brackman, being a good businessman and following the percepts of Moses no doubt, wrote a book. In that book, Brackman reveals to the world the secrets of Jewish success, based on the hidden percepts of the Torah and the Talmud, just as it is stated in every anti-Semitic tract. The Chinese, not benefiting from Moses, had to make do with Confucius.

If Moses was such a good businessman, why did he turn right to Canaan instead of left to the oil fields?

Brackman and his book remind me of a venerable Jewish joke. Forgive me if you heard it.

An anti-Semite who sits next to a Jew on the train.

"Tell me, how is it that you people are so successful in business?" asks the anti-Semite.

"It is because we are so smart," answers the Jew.

"And how come you are so smart?" persists the anti-Semite.

"Well, it is because we eat a special kind of fish," explains the Jew.

"Really, now, and where could I get some of this wonderful fish?"

"As it happens, I have some of it with me," says the Jew.

"Would you be willing to sell me some of this fish?"

"We are not allowed to sell this this fish to non-Jews, my friend. But for you, I will make an exception. For only $500 I will admit you to the secret of our success."

The exchange is completed, and the anti-Semite unwraps his fish from its newspaper, tastes it in great anticipation, examines it closely and exclaims, "But this is nothing but a salt herring!"

The Jew says, "You see, already you are getting smart."

Brackman is selling salt herring, as people who buy his book will no doubt discover, being thus much enlightened.

If Jews are so smart, why do we produce people like Brackman?

Ami Isseroff

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