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I got the letter below from the ADL (Bnai Brith Anti-Defamation League) who want to fight anti-Semitism. It tells us that anti-Semites are posting messages on the Web saying that Jews only care about money. Claims like this:

"They [Jews] love money nothing else."

Shocking, revolting and racist charges.

Then it says, "Please give us money so we can fight the anti-Semitic charge that Jews only care about money."

Am I the only one who sees something wrong here?

Of course we need an ADL, but money can't solve all problems, believe it or not, and the most effective political and social action is free.

The people who are posting these racist messages are doing it for free. If the ADL really cares about anti-Semitism, if you care about anti-Semitism, you can fight it for free in the same way. Volunteer action and grass roots activism are the best way, and perhaps the only way, to fight for political causes. Money is needed, but money can't be the main motivator. Would you believe a person who is paid $100,000 a year to fight anti-Semitism? I wouldn't.

Jewish charity has a long and honored tradition. Teachers and rabbis must be paid. Money can buy food and shelter for orphans and refugees. Towns burned down in pogroms could be rebuilt by money, and arms can be bought by money. But anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism can't be fought only by giving money or by those who take the money. In democracies, causes are fought and won by people who believe in them, not by mercenaries. And anti-Semitism cannot be fought by Jews alone. There has to be an outreach effort. There is not much point talking to Jews about anti-Semitism, is there?

Put away your check books. Get on the Web and find those message boards. Get active in fighting anti-Semitism.

Until Jewish and Zionist organizations learn to do grass roots organization and outreach, we are going to keep on losing the battle.

Dear Ami,
In the midst of this economic crisis, Jews are being blamed, and we are asking for your help to stand up to this dangerous hate.

When economic trouble and anxiety hit, anti-Semitism often rises sharply. The current situation is no exception and we're seeing the level of anti-Jewish rhetoric surging dramatically, especially on the Internet. This new wave of online hate rails against Jews, blaming them for economic turmoil.

Its getting worse. Today, Hamas leaders have made the inflammatory claim that the "Jewish lobby" is responsible for the global financial crisis.

Some examples from the most-frequented online message boards:

"Jews are greedy, rotten slime balls."
"[Jews have] infiltrated Wall Street and Government and have ruined our country."
"They [Jews] love money nothing else, no faith or religion can be so heartless to their victims."
"That's how they work they short the stock all the way making billions and then cover it right up, sell and then taxpayers to the rescue and it is true all those institutions are ran by Jews Ö"


Stand with ADL and help us fight this hate. Thanks to your support, we have acted quickly. Major online service providers are responding to our concerns about this dangerous threat.

But as this crisis deepens, the threat continues to grow. We all understand how dangerous this is to Jews everywhere. In this time of challenge and uncertainty, we need your support more than ever.

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Replies: 1 Comment

Individuals can fight for free, but an organisation needs money. The NGO's have a lot of money to preach their hatesermons . GJ Brussels

Guido Joris, Wednesday, October 15th

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