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I don't usually take the trouble, but this comment was so exceptional, so permeated with self righteousness and with the barely conscious anti-Semitism that is a part of Western culture, that I can hardly resist.

That the comment is anti-Semitic and vicious, can be understood from the context. It comes at the end of a long article, in which I tried, in my blundering and inadequate way, to explain that it is the patriotic duty of Israelis to root out problems of misconduct in the IDF as they occur, and not to leave this task to those who want to destroy Israel. Of course, no allegations have been proven. The are allegations. Everyone other than Jews are usually considered innocent until proven guilty. For Jews there are different rules.

That the comment is anti-Semitic and vicious can also be understood to the frequent references to race and religion, though it is true that it didn't have the usual quota of allegations about "Jew-Zionists" and the "Israel Lobby" The brave "American" person who made the comment, as usual, hides behind anonymity and won't give an email address, so they don't have to own up to their innuendo and lies. Ordinarily, I might ignore or delete a comment like this.

The commenter asks:

Do you believe that you as an Israeli, regardless of religion, have the right to attack who you want, simply because they do not agree that you are the true owners of a land, that was once theirs?

No, we Israelis do not have horns and tails, regardless of religion. We don't attack people because they disagree with our views. We attack them because they launch rockets at our cities and make life hell for our citizens. We attack them because they want to destroy our homes and us. If you do not agree that we have the right to self defense, "regardless of religion" (I am not religious) then it is your problem.

This person also wrote:

I understand your points of view, and the psychological effect of random rockets falling in your cities, but what never makes sense, is the fact that you justify killing a thousand people indiscriminately(or 3 thousand+ as the case at hand is) for very few people killed, while illegally occupying the land...

Nobody justified killing a thousand people indiscriminately except the Hamas and the Hezbollah and other such groups that are so beloved of the commenter. Nobody, not even the Palestinians, claim that three thousand people of any type were killed in Operation Cast Lead. Israelis justify killing people only when it is absolutely necessary, and the procedures for opening fire in the IDF are pretty strict. Nonetheless, civilians get killed in every war, and this one was no exception. Far from justifying it, I explained that it is our patriotic duty as Israelis to find and fix any irregularities. That was the point of Danny Zamir's revelations, that were used by degenerate scum such as this anonymous commenter to blacken the state of Israel.

That was the point of the article I wrote, as well. The fact that a call for investigating every allegation against the IDF was met with that miserable comment illustrates the dilemma. We cannot, regrettably, have an open investigation of the type that we would like to have, because we are beset with racist vermin who use any allegation, proven or otherwise, any fairy tale, any blood libel to try to dispossess us and to rob the Jewish people of the right of self determination.

Even the Palestinians do not claim that a thousand people were killed "indiscriminately." No Israeli soldiers occupy Gaza. All Israelis, soldiers and civilians left Gaza in 2005. The comment also reflects the strange and groundless idea that has taken hold, because of endless repetition, that the Israeli presence in the West Bank is "illegal" or that territories were annexed "illegally" in 1948.

It is disputable whether territory that doesn't belong to any sovereign nation state can be "occupied." But occupation is not illegal, and even annexation of territory is not "illegal." The United States occupied defeated Japan and Germany after World War II, as did other allied countries. Poland annexed Silesia. Nobody complained that it is "illegal." A special law, that does not exist in reality was made only for , and this commenter has adopted it. The facts have been remodeled to suit the world view of this "American."

Of course, like others in the past, this person professes to be a paragon of progressive values, and spreads their vicious falsehoods only in the name of peace and "political hygiene,":

Before I am made out to be anti-Semitic understand that I wish only for peace, I am not at all concerned with your Religion or your race...

As it happens, I am not religious. I belong to the human race. It is not clear what race the commenter belongs to. It is evident that the commenter does not recognize a Jewish nationality, a Jewish people, only a Jewish "race," and that is the root of our disagreement. That is the reason they deny the Jewish right to self determination.

They always want peace, don't they? There was never a scoundrel who did not assert that they want peace:

How many peace offers have I made to the world and disarmament proposals for a peaceful, new sound world economic order? All these were rejected by those who could not hope that such peaceful work would keep their regime at the helm. (REICHSF‹HRER ADOLF HITLER'S BROADCAST TO THE GERMAN PEOPLE, 1941).

What is strange, is that most of those who feel differently from this commenter do not write comments. I get many email comments, but the enthusiastic supporters of Israel are reluctant to put their views on the Web. That has to change. We can't let these people dominate the public arena.

Ami Isseroff

Original content is Copyright by the author 2009. Posted at ZioNation-Zionism and Israel Web Log, http://www.zionism-israel.com/log/archives/00000677.html where your intelligent and constructive comments are welcome. Disributed by ZNN list. Subscribe by sending a message to ZNN-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Please forward by e-mail with this notice, cite this article and link to it. Other uses by permission only.

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Replies: 5 Comments

There are Israeli elites who used to say, and their still saying "it doesn't matter that the Arabs refuse to come make peace, what is important is, the Americans and the international community, and it is for them that the hard concessions must be made, so they will tell the Arabs to desist" This is what Dayan told Begin and Perez and company told Rabin and Sharon, and no doubt what Barak and Ramon is now telling Avigdor and Bibi . This stupidity has to stop, we have played this game for centuries, isn't it time to learn how to make some new mistakes, instead of this insanity. I came to the conclusion that the bottom line is when Jews or Israelis take on passively, unjustifiable attacks on their community and their integrity, they send a message that they can be tormented at no real cost to the tormentors, they further prove to the bystander that they have no conviction or integrity. They send a message that their enemies can always get cheap PR victories. The tie is profound, make yourself a rag and people will rub you in the dirt, and they won't feel one bit guilty. The only time their guilt will catch their conscience is when they are giving a eulogy for your corpse. Our "nutzlicher Juden" both in the eretz and the jerks who think they're "white folk" over here haven't learned a' ting. When our enemies understand that they will pay a frighteningly unacceptable cost for attempting to victimize us only then will we start to see this persecution abate. Prisoners in the lagers will tell you that in the last weeks of WWII that they saw with their own eyes how their nazi tormentors, began to back off and be more forgiving for infractions that would have brought death only weeks before, all because the Germans had heard that it was Jewish soldiers that were leading the allied armies in.

Larry Riteman, Tuesday, April 14th

That is so unfair of you, Ami.

But as you wish, why shouldn't I demonstrate that I have something of importance to write by penning my thoughts with a goose feather pen and send it with a dove?

You should be ashamed of speaking from on-high!

BTW, as we are speaking about "spending time", I sent you my whole M.A. Thesis a while ago by email, a Thesis which dealt with Terrorism and the Media. I thought you will be interested. You never wrote back. Not even a simple "I got it, will read it when I have time".

You lost me here as a reader for being such a prick. If you want to tell me anything, come to my blog and write me in Spanish, ok? And if it takes you too much time, tough luck.

Fabian from Israel, Tuesday, April 7th

Fabian's excuse beats 'em all. Compared to the thought and care that should go into writing a comment, the time taken to fill in or not fill in your personal details is minimal. The time is the same of course, whether the comment is pro-Israel or anti-Israel. At a pro-Israel Web log, you would generally expect the pro-Israel comments to outnumber the anti-Israel ones greatly.. That is not the case here. I wonder if Fabian has a technological explanation for that.

Of course, there is no way I can "fix" the technology without changing to a different type of Web log, which would leave this one stranded. But I think that anyone who is deterred from providing their important opinions by having to write some trivia in the fields and enter the word "ISRAEL" probably doesn't have much of importance to write.


Ami Isseroff, Tuesday, April 7th

Ami: one simple reason why you don't get many comments: the crappy technology of your comment boxes. Each time you want to leave a comment, you need to fill Name, email and homepage. In every other blog, these fields are automatically filled after the first time and remain in cookies.
Fix your system and you will get more comments.

Fabian from Israel, Tuesday, April 7th

It's interesting how many Americans think that the Jewish people have no historical or moral justification for a country in our own homeland. Yet every American, with the exception of Native Americans, lives on land that was purchased, conquered or stolen from those same Native Americans. Nor can they claim historical ties to America (at least not before their first colonialist ancestors arrived in the West within the past 400 years). Double standards, anyone?

DrMike, Tuesday, April 7th

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