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foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman's European tour is not exactly a great diplomatic success. His remarks about the peace industry were not wise perhaps, and he apparently antagonized the Germans by implying that they are cowards. Nonetheless, Lieberman's gaffes should not provide a green light for the arrogance and wholesale Israel bashing of others.

Jurgen Trittin of the Green Party evidently has the illusion that he is supposed to be actually in charge of Israeli foreign policy. He told Berliner Zeitung:

"Germany expects the Israeli government - and Foreign Minister Lieberman - to stop building settlements, for settlers to retreat from the West Bank, and for promises made in Oslo and Annapolis to be kept,"

Herr Trittin may have great expectations, but Israel is not a state of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland or even a member of the European Common Market, and Herr Trittin is owed nothing by Israel respecting "expectations." Among independent states, even the most barbarous of imperialist tyrants preserve the amenities and courtesies of diplomacy.

Israel for its part, had great hopes of the European Union and the United States, and these too are disappointed. If Israel had expectations as well, then Israel was foolish. Great expectations are frequently disappointed, as Charles Dickens pointed out. Israel might have hoped to be treated as an independent state rather than a colonial province of the German empire. Israel also hoped for the promises made in Oslo to be kept, but they were not kept as we know. The Palestinians did not refrain from violence, Israel might have hoped that the EU would cut off aid from the Palestinians when it became obvious that the aid was bankrolling terror operations, but instead they ignored the evidence. Israel might also legitimately have hoped that even Herr Trittin would understand that a withdrawal from the West Bank such as he recommends would at present result in a Hamas takeover of the West Bank and the same rain of rockets and mortars that we are getting from Gaza (199 since the "cease fire"). These would be aimed at the center of Israel and at our international airport. Or perhaps Herr Trittin "expects" and hopes for precisely that. Israel might also have hoped that Herr Trittin and his colleagues would have some respect for Jewish national rights in the Old City of Jerusalem, which was ethnically cleansed of Jews in 1948. Israel might hope that Germany would stop trading with the holocaust-denying Ayatollah regime in Iran. Israel might hope for many things, but it would be foolish to expect anything other than what we have gotten from Herr Trittin and his colleagues.

Ami Isseroff

Original content is Copyright by the author 2009. Posted at ZioNation-Zionism and Israel Web Log, http://www.zionism-israel.com/log/archives/00000689.html where your intelligent and constructive comments are welcome. Disributed by ZNN list. Subscribe by sending a message to ZNN-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Please forward by e-mail with this notice, cite this article and link to it. Other uses by permission only.

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Replies: 4 Comments

Paul Winter is the cross I have to bear I guess. There are some pretty rotten comments about Zionists and Jews as well. Unless they are really terrible I leave them alone.
Of course, you are free to comment on want Paul Winter wrote, if you think it is worthy of comment.
Trittin was explaining what in his view, Steinmeier should say "clearly" to Israel. Trittin is a member of the Bundestag foreign affairs committee and therefore an official of Bundesrepublik Deutschland, just as Lieberman was an MK when he made silly remarks about blowing up the Aswan dam. I don't think he was a government official then, was he?

Zionism-Israel, Monday, May 11th

When ZionNation bases an entire article on the comments of someone who represents no government or diplomatic entity in the face of such a pathetic performance by Israel’s foreign minister, it is very strange. The argument shifts away from the severe damage Israel’s chief of foreign policy has made and continues to make, and centralizes on the old theme of paranoia in the face of the EU and Germany specifically.
Yet rather than deal with the facts ZioNation knows only how to make attempts at ad hominem remarks: “you apparently do not have the sense..” is the latest one.
From there we move into the land of ifs and ands and woulds and shoulds : the writer has intimate knowledge of who is and who is not the target of this peripheral politician, that he prophetically knows what Shimon Peres would have said (why is this relevant?) and how he would be answered and with which excuses.
Regarding an email address: the website has provided a framework whereby comments can be made with an email address, a user name and a homepage – either of which, not all of which. If the website requires providing id or email data as a rule for commentary, I will happily oblige however at this time I see that it is not required and I will work within the constraints I see provided.
With respect to commentary, the same care and time the editors have taken to write up texts is also taken up by visitors to this site to read, and either agree or contest and reply.
Dismissive personal reactions to commentary that provide a different perspective to conclusions reached here, suggest in general that the core arguments are based on very thin and shaky foundations, and a disservice is done by this rather than seriously tackling and resolving issues.
Likewise, silence in the face of the dissemination of racist commentary (see the comment relating to “Mohammedans” following the article on the 7th May) does no good for “Progressive Zionism”.

jayzed, Sunday, May 10th

Jayzed has too many 'official' opinions for someone who will not even provide an email address.

Lieberman's buffoonery is unfortunate. I made that clear enough I think. But it cannot be allowed to be an excuse for violation of diplomatic protocol and unfair attacks on Israel. You apparently do not have the sense to realize that Mr Trittin is attacking you and not Lieberman or "ostjuden."

He would say the same thing if Shimon Peres was foreign minister, but he would find a different excuse to say it.

Zionism-Israel, Saturday, May 9th

The author says “Jurgen Trittin of the Green Party evidently has the illusion that he is supposed to be actually in charge of Israeli foreign policy”
One could argue that the implication is that Trittin is in charge of German foreign policy. He is not. In fact his party is not in the government representing Germany nor does he represent the European Union which somehow gets embroiled into this piece.
Unlike Trittin and Germany, Mr Lieberman does represent Israeli foreign policy and he does speak for the government of Israel. His statements unravel more support and friendship than a thousand bloggers on pro Zionist websites can hope to mend.
It would be prudent for this website to refrain from consistently taking on the role of an apologist for Lieberman’s political oafishness which is fast becoming the trademark of Israeli foreign policy.

jayzed, Saturday, May 9th

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