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Israel was handed a free gift in the blatantly fraudulent Iranian elections. Had there been even a semblance of democratic procedure and credible results, there is no doubt that all the world would have rallied in support of the wonderful Iranian democracy. (see Iranian Elections - It could have been worse. As it is, even Robert Fisk could not stomach the brutality of Iranian police, though he gave a strong hint of what world reaction would have been like if Mir Hossein Mousavi had been elected.

Fisk claimed that Mousavi would have made Obama's life easier. Mousavi would have followed precisely the same policies as Ahmadinejad, intent on displacing the US and removing its influence in the Middle East, and on creating atomic weapons to further that goal. So how would Obama's life have been easier? Mousavi would have the grace to hide the clandestine nuclear activitives more carefully, as was done during the presidency of the reformist candidate Khatami, to deny Iranian support for Hezbollah and Hamas terror groups, to make less dramatic and disquieting announcements about development of ICBMs that can reach New York and above all, he would stop denying the Holocaust and inviting former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke to conferences. These actions of Ahmadinejad have made it a bit difficult for right thinking progressive folks to continue to support him uncritically. Perhaps Obama could have slept easier for a while, but the final result for the United States and for Israel would be the same.

The Iranian 'elections' were not going to be democratic no matter who won, since "un-Islamic" candidates are barred from running, and since the Guardian Council has veto power over all legislation no matter who wins the elections. Iran is not a democracy and the elections would be a fraud in any case. In the best case, Iranians would have had a choice between the equivalent of Josef Stalin and the equivalent of Nikita Khrushchev. Thankfully, the elections were a fairly blatant and noxious fraud, and 'elected' a candidate who is considered revolting even by anti-Zionists. Ahmadinejad makes it easier for Israel to convince the world that Iranians are villainous, though they would not be less villainous if someone else were in charge.

With better logic than English, one fellow asserted:

Still, I am not sure about the activities of Ahmadinejad and I am really in doubt whether he works for Zion world, that is whether he is a hidden spy! I guess, his comments against Israel helps Israel to make some harsh decision against opponents and Israel and her friends want to hear this comments to survive and to justify their presence in Middle East! :

Yes folks, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, like the Pepsi Cola company and Walt Disney, is part of the international conspiracy of the Elders of Zion, an agent in the pay of the nefarious and infamous Mossad.

Of course, you can still fool a lot of people a lot of the time, especially the foolish ones. Genocide groupie Flynt Leverett, for example, insisted that the Iranian elections were democratic. Women presumably like wearing the Hijab and homosexuals like being hanged. No doubt about it. It really wasn't necessary for the regime to arrest opposition supporters, shut off cell phones and beat demonstrators, since they enjoy such wide support. A "peace" rabbi (his name doesn't matter, since he is representative of a type) explained to me that the US Supreme Court is comparable to the Iran Council of Guardians, since the court declared Bush a winner in the 2000 elections. Therefore, Iranian democracy is presumably just as good as that of the US in his view.

There is however, a bit of danger for Israel, since the Iranian regime has vowed to "investigate" the complaints about fraud, even while firing at anti-government demonstrators. This "investigation" may shave a few percentage points off Ahmadinejad's absurd margin of victory, allowing the true believers of the world to procalim that Iran is a real 'democracy.'

Ami Isseroff

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Replies: 1 Comment

The Supreme Jurist Khamenei and the mullahs around him run Iran. Iran's political system is just democratic window-dressing for the theocracy. It has no real power and the President does not make policy; he carries it out. It makes no difference who wins elections in Iran; the consequences they portend for the US and Israel are identical in nature. We can be thankful Ahmedinejad was "re-elected"; this makes it easier for Israel to do what has to be done.

NormanF, Wednesday, June 17th

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