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What is Ju Zionism?

"Ju" is already familiar to most people. It is a Japanese word.

Ju Jitsu is formed from two ideograms: Ju , the various meanings of which are suppleness, flexibility, pliancy, gentleness and Jutsu meaning technique or art. So Ju Jitsu means the art of suppleness or flexibility. This flexibility allows the body to respond to an armed or unarmed attack with suppleness and composure, maintaining calm in the heat and confusion of battle, as another source notes, in order to thwart the attack in the most efficient manner possible, given the relative positions of oneself and the attacker, Practitioners of Judo, Jujitsu and Aikido learn to stand and position themselves correctly, to follow the movements and position of the attacker, to be opportunistic and flexible, and to use the movements and strength of the attacker against him or her. These methods allow relatively weak and small people to defend themselves against large, strong and ferocious enemies.

From its inception, Zionism had no choice but to follow these methods in order to succeed. It was the only way that a handful of determined idealists could persuade a skeptical Jewish leadership, and a hostile world, to adopt their plan. It was the only way to overcome the hostile British empire and the masses of hostile Arabs and defend our state.

For years, we were successfully able to maintain the correct image of the tiny Jewish state that wants peace, surrounded by very numerous and hostile enemies, reactionary genocidal religious fanatics, who seek its destruction. The image is still very largely correct. In claiming that the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is the property of 1.5 billion Muslims, the PLO reminds the world of the correct proportions in the fight - 7 million Israeli Jews, or perhaps 15 million Jews world wide, versus 1.5 billion Muslims, a tiny country of less than ten thousand square miles, versus the endless territories and resources of Arab and Muslim countries. That is the truth, despite the now popular image of the Palestinian David versus the Israeli Goliath. We aren't fighting just "David," but also his very numerous relatives and allies. And most of them are still just as intent on destroying Israel as they were in 1948 and 1967. We too need to remember the truth and understand our limitations, and we must not be taken in by pride or Palestinian propaganda or our own modest successes.

Ju Zionism requires that we position ourselves correctly, as peace loving people who assert our right and our essential need for self-determination. It requires that we know what is essential and what is not, and remain focused on essentials, and not distracted by flashy moves of the enemy or irrelevancies. It requires that we remain calm in the face of opposition, confusion, unexpected events, disappointment and threats, and that we say and do what is wise rather than satisfying to ourselves or belligerent sounding. It requires that we stand so that our position is rock-solid and unassailable, that we invite attack only where we are strongest, that we study and exploit our enemy's vulnerabilities. It requires that we defend absolute essentials, get the enemy to attack when they are off balance, and keep them off balance.

Ju Zionism, like Ju-Jitsu, Judo and Aikido is not just a technique, but an integral philosophy of life that must be mastered over a long period. It took many years for Zionism to learn how to be Ju Zionism.

Somehow we have unlearned the art of
Ju Zionism. We have allowed our enemies to portray themselves as weak when they are strong, while we, ignoring the percepts of the Ancient Art of War as well as Ju Zionism, invited attack where we are weakest. We allowed the enemy to distract us with non-essentials, and we began to confuse means with ends. The result is an absurdity. Today Zionists are reviled as fanatics and "ultranationalists" while genocidal maniacs like Khaled Meshaal are considered "peace partners" worthy of "engagement." Tiny Israel is pictured as a vast Juggernaut of evil warmongers, fighting the tiny and helpless Islamic world. Leftists like Naomi Klein can incessantly and credibly attack Israel as a villainous apartheid state and call for boycotts.

It is time for the Jew-Zionists to relearn the Ju Zionist strategy, which has obvious advantages for the State of Israel, and which was the historic policy that helped to create the state, overcoming huge obstacles and vanquishing ferocious enemies many times our size. Haven't we allowed ourselves to be distracted by settlement freeze gimmicks? Haven't we become confused between the end - the rebirth and re-establishment of the Jewish people in our own land, and the means, the settling of the land? And because we are confused, aren't others confused as well, because we cannot explain clearly to the American people and the American president exactly why it is important for our state to be recognized as a Jewish state, and not the Islamic Republic of Israel or the Arab Republic of Israel, and why it is important for the world and the Arabs to recognize Jewish rights in Jerusalem. The Palestinian side certainly understands both issues quite well and in candid moments they are quite willing to explain that a "Jewish State" would prevent them from flooding Israel with refugees, and that once the Zionists lose Jerusalem, the world, especially Jews, will lose interest in Zionism and, they hope, the Jewish national home will become extinct. It is better to focus on these issues then to pick fights over nonessentials that turn friends into enemies, and it is certainly better to chose winning strategies then to fight the same losing battles over and over, on the grounds chosen by the enemy and with the tactics chosen by the enemy, in our most vulnerable positions. How did Naomi Klein get to mouth her nonsense about Apartheid? Because Israel insists on putting the security fence in Bilin rather than a few kilometers away, allowing anarchist and Palestinian demonstrators to stage a weekly unedifying show there that draws the Israeli army into fighting on grounds and with methods where they cannot possible win. Is the object to protect Israel or is the object to have a fence exactly in Bilin?

Some final notes: Ju Zionism, as noted, is not just a technique. It is a way of life and philosophy that was internalized by Palestinian Jews and that grew out of the conditions here and their experiences here. It is not to be expected that it will be understood by Jews who have lived all or most of their lives abroad. Ju also means "gentle" in Japanese, and is frequently mistranslated as such. A diplomatic strategy of this sort may also seem to be too "gentle" to those who are not observing carefully, or who are not trained in the philosophy.

Ami Isseroff

Original content is Copyright by the author 2009. Posted at ZioNation-Zionism and Israel Web Log, http://www.zionism-israel.com/log/archives/00000703.html where your intelligent and constructive comments are welcome. Disributed by ZNN list. Subscribe by sending a message to ZNN-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Please forward by e-mail with this notice, cite this article and link to it. Other uses by permission only.

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Replies: 4 Comments

To Eric,
Thanks for doing what I was too lazy to do. Alas, you did not do the job to the end. I do not know where Larry Riteman got those numbers from but he does include non-Muslim countries such as Russia. As I am still too lazy to check each country, I content myself with the Wikipedia article that gives a table based on CIA records.
That's probably accurate within 10-15%

Ami Isseroff, Wednesday, July 8th

To Larry Riteman,
The author is referring to the amount of muslims in the world but in your population countyou only count muslim arab countries. You are forgetting the huge numbers of muslims in southern and southeast Asia. But let's see in Indonesia there are 206 million muslims, in India there are 155 million, in pakistan there are 176 million, in Egypt, there are 86 million, in Nigeria there are 74 million. Just by summing up the population of those few countries out of the many ones with signifcant muslim population we have more than the number you said. This does not as you claim, give them the right to any land that does not belong to them. If the chinese want fiji out of x religous reasons, that does not mean that they should be able to take the place because they are more. I might be mistaken on what you say by that you "undersand the logic of creating validity by the weight of numbers" if that is so pardon me.

I learned a thing or two from this post :) thank you.

Erick, Wednesday, July 8th

My apologies for intruding at this perfect moment of Zen. Maybe if the Japanese had mused for a moment on these thoughts before attacking Pearl Harbour, they may have avoided self-destruct as successive governments in Israel seem bent on doing.
But as you advocate adopting this thoughtful strategic approach - “Haven't we allowed ourselves to be distracted by settlement freeze gimmicks?” - let me answer.
We have allowed ourselves to be distracted by settlements, messianic fanaticism and the fallacy that if Israel settles occupied territory, any of it, all of it, as much of it, a wave of Ju # Zio mystical pilgrims will sweep into the Holy Land and dilute our Palestinian neighbours into obscurity, the temple will be rebuilt and those olive groves that we keep burning down will be replanted with Ju# Zio olives.

If we are truly talking about the purity of the arguments in order to avoid confusion, then this ongoing colonization of every corner of what may one day be a state for Palestinians must stop. Our American friends, our European friends our young Jewish friends around the world simply cannot understand how Israeli governments pay lip service whether via the roadmap or a grudging speech by Netanyahu while audaciously populating the few scraps of now geographically dismembered territory designated to enable “two states for two peoples”. You will no doubt say, correctly, the Palestinians have not laid down their sword, they have not given up their dream of taking this entire land. But muse now for one Ju Jitsu moment and think – are we not doing the same? We have lost every ounce of credibility with this settlement fiasco, every shred of integrity. We have contravened international law.
For what exactly? For the de facto importation of millions of Palestinians into our de facto enlarged state who will eventually demand the franchise, the vote, the acknowledged rights of all peoples.

In our quest for security, integrity and the ability to define ourselves as we wish – as a Jewish State, and not by Palestinians or Arab neighbors or any other countries, foolhardy territorial aspirations albeit written in our ancient texts and in the hearts of many must be put aside. Territorial entitlement has ironically become our golden calf, the great distraction – and this time there is no Moses out there to give Israel a second chance.

Compliments on the concept though, its refreshing.

jayzed, Tuesday, June 30th

From where do you get this claim that there are 1.5 billion Moslems in the world? I have gone through several sources, among them the UN, and the II AC (Internationl Insurance Adjusters Commission) and tallied up the numbers, the facts are these: there are 52 nations that claim they are Muslim, 22 of which are Arab Muslim countries the total population count is 614,907,328, there are approx. 62,000,000 others including Russia, China, India, from Norway to South Africa and from Chile to the Azores (Canada has 488,000, the US 2,355,000)so the fact is 676 million Moslems +/- 2% this is not 1.5 billion! (and by the way there is 1.21 billion that profess they are Christians in this world, who also have a prior and legitmate claim to holy sites in our land) I well understand the logic of creating validity by the weight of numbers, and that Arabs in their flourish will embellish their supporters will no doubt utilize the fabrication as a tactic, but for you to just allow this fabrication to gain your repetiton without verification or correction is either intellectual laxity or unwarrented presumptivness

Larry Riteman, Sunday, June 28th

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