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The campaign for demonification of Israel being conducted by the genocidal Hamas and by supporters of the Palestinian cause is systematic, comprehensive and detailed, and is aided by a variety of "helpful" organizations. It is also highly successful. Intelligent people believe there is widespread starvation in Gaza, despite full store shelves, busy traffic and packed luxury restaurants. The campaign has woven a convincing narrative, despite lack of objective evidence.

Trudy Rubin, who should know better, is one of the latest to chime in with an imaginative and scathing critique of Israel that is largely inventive fiction. The headline is quite correct: "Israel losing in the court of global opinion." What Rubin does not mention is the obvious fact that it is journalists like herself, who have uncritically accepted the Hamas and Palestinian narrative, who are forming world opinion and helping to ensure that Israel loses.

Rubin wrote, for example, Israel's swift dismissal of Washington's proposal for a total settlement freeze undercut U.S. efforts to revive peace talks with more moderate Palestinian leaders on the West Bank and thereby weaken Hamas. From that, one would have to understand that there is no settlement freeze, yet the opposite is true. The continuous reports of settler protests as IDF demolishes
structures erected after the freeze are proof that Rubin is not telling her readers the whole truth.

About the blockade, Rubin made the standard claims. She wrote:

The flotilla activists targeted Israel's blockade of humanitarian aid shipments into Gaza. The Israeli military controls the entry of almost all goods into the strip and lets in sufficient food and medicine. But the list of what goods are or aren't allowed is arbitrary and constantly changing, making it impossible for Gazans to rebuild their moribund economy. This leaves 80 percent of Gazans dependent on charity - or on Hamas.

There is no blockade of humanitarian aid shipments. If there were a blockade, no aid at all could get through. Israel ships about 15,000 tons of aid to Gaza each week. As everyone, even Trudy Rubin should know by now, Israel offered to transfer the aid brought by the Turkish flotilla to Gaza overland, as it has done with previous aid shipments. Egypt offered to transfer the aid as well. The offers were refused. Any real humanitarian aid that Trudy Rubin or anyone else wants to bring to Gaza can be offloaded at Ashdod and shipped to Gaza. After the boats had been brought to Gaza, Israel tried to transfer the aid, but the Hamas refused to accept it. Can you imagine a population suffering under the scarcity of a real siege, refusing aid? In April, Israel also permitted a large shipment of aid that included the supposedly forbidden cement.

The point of the flotilla was not to bring some expired medicines to Gaza, but to try to open the port of Gaza without Israeli supervision, to allow transport of quantities of Iranian weapons. Greta Berlin, who organized the flotilla, admitted, "This mission is not about delivering humanitarian supplies, it's about breaking Israel's siege on 1.5 million Palestinians." The 1.5 million Palestinians presumably have an inalienable right to import cement for bunkers, Iranian rockets and other such humanitarian supples.

Rubin's reference to an arbitrary list of forbidden items that keeps changing is the result of an artifact created by an enterprising Israeli NGO called "Gisha." The list, and Gisha's background "explanations" for the list, have been circulated widely, and people like Trudy Rubin believe that such a list exists. The list compiled by Gisha is truly outrageous and ridiculous. It includes both actual strategic items like cement that can be used for making bunkers, or metal that can be used for weapons, and also a long list of items such as coriander, halva, ginger, potato chips, size A4 paper, notebooks and many others. This is not an official list of the IDF. There is no proof that goods are rejected or admitted based on this or any other list, and the IDF and Israel government deny the existence of such a list. It is a work of creative political fiction compiled by Gisha with the helpful cooperation of Gaza merchants, inspired by the noble Hamas. It has verisimilitude, but it is probably not true.

And what if, indeed, Israel is committing the heinous crime of not allowing coriander into Gaza? Are any people in Gaza dying for lack of coriander or sage? Will Gilad Schalit, illegally kidnapped and held in Gaza for four years, get any of the coriander or sage or jam or A4 writing paper? When Germany decided to conquer the world, the British navy instituted a blockade. If Germany wanted to conquer the world, they would have to do it without butter and coffee and other items. If the Hamas want to murder all the Jews, as they declare, perhaps they will have to do it without coriander and sage and jam. Perhaps, and perhaps not, because nobody has proven that these items are really kept out of Gaza, or if they simply get lower priority than medicines and essentials, or if they were refused in specific instances because the merchant who tried to import them is a known Hamas stalwart, or if items like coriander were placed on the Gisha "forbidden" list because of someone's imagination.

It is obviously true that Israel is losing the battle for public opinion. It is also obviously true that the very journalists who harp on that point are too often the same ones who are ensuring that Israel will lose the battle for public opinion by reporting fiction as fact and by retailing the propaganda manufactured by the Hamas and its supporters.

Ami Isseroff

Original content is Copyright by the author 2010. Posted at ZioNation-Zionism and Israel Web Log, http://www.zionism-israel.com/log/archives/00000744.html where your intelligent and constructive comments are welcome. Disributed by ZNN list. Subscribe by sending a message to ZNN-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Please forward by e-mail with this notice, cite this article and link to it. Other uses by permission only.

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Replies: 3 Comments

islam + jews = peace:

I suggest that you'd best ask your question to the leaders of Hamas who continue to reject Israel's right to exist and use civilians as human shields for their terror troops.

Lynne T, Tuesday, June 8th

hi just wanted u to answer one question why kill inocennt people, children,babies. before the jews christians and muslim use to live side by side in middleast when world war 2 finished, the jews turned against the palestaine arabs what do arabs got to do with hitler and why repeat violence and murder the muslims in gaza why not come peacefully since israel now has the power in their hands.

islam + jews = peace, Monday, June 7th

This is interesting. It would be helpful to know for certain whether there is a list of excluded items so that allegations made even by U.S. legislators and than extrapolated by haters of Israel can be directly challenged. Is there a list of prohibited materials that would definitively settle this angle that focuses on items like potato chips?

Bruce Levine, Sunday, June 6th

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