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You've probably heard of pink washing. "Pink washing" is the label breast cancer activists use for spin by cosmetics firms that pretend they are joining the fight against breast cancer, but are in fact marketing carcinogenic products.

Activists for different causes have used the "blue washing" label. However, it perhaps best fits governments, political analysts and groups that claim their intentions are benign or friendly, while in fact they favor anti-Israel or even anti-Semitic policies.

A case in point is the Olympia Coop, which initiated a boycott against Israel, but disingenuously claimed that:

Criticizing US foreign policy is not anti-American and Israeli supporters of BDS are not anti-Israel.

Supporting BDS is no more anti-Israel than boycotting South Africa is antiĖSouth Africa or anti-White or boycotting China is anti-Chinese. Boycott is a nonviolent people-powered tool for change. This is about working for peace and justice in the region.

When BDS was leveled on South Africa, the goal wasnít to ďdelegitimizeĒ South Africa, to eliminate white South Africans, or to destroy South Africa. The goal was specific: To end Apartheid and the human rights abuses associated with it. That was the goal. BDS was the tactic.

Of course, nobody in the US would really boycott China. And of course, comparisons of Israel to South Africa delegitimize Zionism and are inherently anti-Israel. Israeli and American supporters of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) are anti-Israel however. Many BDS coalition member groups are quite explicit about their advocacy of a one-state "solution," their opposition to "colonialism, imperialism and Zionism," and some BDS supporters. even openly support genocide. Ending what they call "Apartheid" would end Jewish self-determination.

Among those to join the blue washing team is Professor Walt. Along with Professor Mearsheimer, he wrote a book, "The Israel Lobby." The book contends that U.S. policy with regard to Israel is determined by a mysterious "Israel lobby" that controls the U.S. government and press. The "Israel Lobby" of Walt and Mearsheimer bears a suspicious resemblance to the Jews of classic anti-Semitic propaganda. Walt and Mearsheimer advocate greatly weakening or withdrawing U.S. support of Israel. That would very likely result in the end of Israel. Professor Walt must be aware of that fact. Walt was also happy to defend Hezbollah supporter and former CNN employee Octavia Nasr, who mourned the passing of Sheikh Fadlalah. Yet Walt insists that he is not anti-Semitic or anti-Israel, just voicing "legitimate criticism."

Rabbi Lerner of Tikkun Magazine and Jeremy Ben-Ami of J Street have outdone both Professor Walt and the Olympia Coop for sophisticated blue washing. Lerner hosted a "roundtable" on the question, "Is BDS the Way to End the Occupation?" Note that Lerner didn't bother to ask if BDS is the way to bring about peace. That is not an interesting issue for him. He selected three avid supporters of BDS and Jeremy Ben-Ami for his roundtable discussion. Ben-Ami insisted that he has nothing against BDS and its Hamas groupie supporters. He is only opposed to boycotts because he thinks they are not a good way of ending the occupation.

The blue washing prize, however, just might go to the Obama administration. The others are not to be faulted. They made valiant efforts at hypocrisy. Nobody beats Jeremy Ben-Ami and J Street at the subtle art of "pro-Israel" Israel bashing. But they could not possibly have the resources of the most powerful nation on Earth. First President Obama celebrated U.S.-Israel friendship and the unbreakable bond with Israel in a gala spin event with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. A few days after the big celebration, the U.S. quietly announced that it was upgrading the Palestinian mission to the United States, though the Palestinians had done nothing at all to advance the peace process.

Ami Isseroff

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Replies: 4 Comments

That is not an interesting issue for him. He selected three avid supporters of BDS and Jeremy Ben-Ami for his round table discussion. He is only opposed to boycotts because he thinks they are not a good way of ending the occupation. Thanks.

weston harris, Friday, July 1st

Honesty is the rarest wealth anyone can possess, and yet all the honesty in the world ain't lawful tender for a loaf of bread.
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pori, Tuesday, May 10th

Will be sharing this article. The concept is one people need to be much more aware of here in the UK. Plenty of it going on here also with our government.

Monique Lester, Saturday, August 7th

Isn't it remarkable that these people don't realize their hatred of Israel and Jews isn't obvious.

Howard Wolf, Thursday, August 5th

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