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Saturday, February 3rd

Christian Science Monitor: Israel's Right to Exist is an obstacle to peace

The powers that be across the ocean need to have "peace" talks and to "resolve" the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at all costs, because of the problem with Iraq, and the problem with Iran. We are told that Arab states are anxious to reach a peaceful Israeli-Palestinian solution, so that they can support US policy and let the US deal with Iran for them. It doesn't occur to anyone that if Arabs want the US and Israel to take care of Iran, then they should be the ones to make concessions regarding Israel, and not the other way round.


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Ami Isseroff on 02.03.07 @ 12:37 AM CST [link]

Friday, February 2nd

Which lobby is stifling free speech about the Middle East?

For those concerned about the "Israel Lobby" stifling freedom of expression on campus, here's a brief and informal letter I recieved from Gene Stark in California.

On Wednesday evening, Jan. 31, 2007, I attended a lecture given by Daniel Pipes at University of California Irvine. The lecture was organized by Hillel and it was about the reasons for the renewed threat against Israels existence. It was attended by about two hundred people at most, and included approximately fifty Muslims (their dress was indicative of their religion males in Arabic garb and Arafat Kefiyas; females wearing head covering, etc).


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Ami Isseroff on 02.02.07 @ 07:20 PM CST [link]

The Topsy Turvy logic of CPT Hebron

The Christian Peace Teams in Hebron do their best to spread the light of partisan misunderstanding about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They bring a message of 'justice' for one side only. That cannot be 'justice.'

Hebron is dear to my heart, because my mother was born in Hebron. Though our family left Hebron long before the troubled times of the British mandate, ex-neighbors, and virtually everyone in mandatory Palestine, lived through and remembered the massacres of 1929 and 1936, the ethnic cleansing of the Jewish community of Hebron by the forces of the fascist Mufti Haj Amin el Husseini, with the collaboration of the sometimes anti-Semitic officials of the imperialist British Mandate.


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Ami Isseroff on 02.02.07 @ 01:34 PM CST [link]

Bradley Burston: The progressive Zionist credo

I have to agree (partly) with Bradley Burston of Ha'aretz.

A reader hiding behind the mask of anonymity wrote about the recent suicide bombing and Burston's column on it:

The REAL Mr. Burston surely would have blamed himself - and the rest of us - for today`s suicide bombing. Are you feeling ok, man?

The reader from Toronto, who would not give his name, is probably a certain well known Bundist from that city. His letter exposes the fallacy of those who insist that the "Israel lobby" is shutting up "legitimate criticism" of Israel. This is not legitimate criticism. Blaming Israel for Islamic Jihad suicide bombings is sick.


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Ami Isseroff on 02.02.07 @ 12:22 PM CST [link]

Thursday, February 1st

Anti-Zionist, not non-Zionist

In a post about a suicide bombing that killed three Israeli Jews in Eilat on Jan. 29, I referred to Rabbi Yosef Sholom Eliashiv as "anti-Zionist." The post appeared at ZioNation, and at the weblog Israel: Like This, As If.

A reader has taken me to task for referring to Rabbi Eliashiv as "anti-Zionist."
This reader writes:

"I am neither a supporter nor a follower of Rabbi Eliashiv, but I think your dig at him was somewhat unjustified.

"Firstly, he is not a Zionist, but neither is he an anti-Zionist, as you state. He is not Neturei Karta, but the spiritual leader of part of Agudat Yisrael, a party which has members in the Knesset and supports (sort of) the government."

No dig was intended. I would like to explain the use of the term "anti-Zionist.'


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Joseph M Hochstein on 02.01.07 @ 06:54 PM CST [link]

Unity and Dissent: The two faces of Progressive Zionism

See also the previous article about Israel Bashing. In redoing this latest article, it struck me that an important question to be answered is whether or not it is enough for a Zionist group to declare that it is "pro-Israel." Richard Nixon was pro-Israel. Did that really make him part of the Zionist movement? The Lubavitcher Rabbi is pro-Israel, but he is not a Zionist methinks. There is nothing wrong with saying you are 'pro-Israel,' but it isn't the same as being a Zionist, is it?

Supporting Israel and criticizing Israel: The two faces of Progressive Zionism

(updated and adapted from http://zionism-israel.com/israel_news/2007/01/supporting-israel-and-palestinians-two.html)

The Union of Progressive Zionists, Ameinu and other progressive Zionists are justifiably upset by the crude attempt of Mort Klein and the ZOA to oust them from the ICC, or to change the ICC charter so as to stifle dissent. Good sense and tolerance triumphed over partisan grandstanding and hysteria, and the attempt was quashed. The controversy did no good for Zionism, though it generated publicity for ZOA, UPZ, Ameinu and the Breaking the Silence group sponsored by UPZ.


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Ami Isseroff on 02.01.07 @ 01:09 AM CST [link]

Tuesday, January 30th

Totten: 'They Had Machine Guns Welded in Windows'

[Moderator's note: Michael J. Totten, a U.S. weblog author writing from Lebanon, has posted an unusual article which he describes as the transcript of an unauthorized telephone interview with an Israeli soldier who fought in Lebanon last summer. The article follows below. -- J.M.H.]

'They Had Machine Guns Welded in Windows'
[by Michael J. Totten]

January 26, 2007

I went to South Lebanon looking for Lebanese civilians who witnessed the July War between Israel and Hezbollah and who could, perhaps, clarify some controversial claims. Did Israel bomb indiscriminately? Did Hezbollah use human shields?


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Joseph M Hochstein on 01.30.07 @ 03:06 PM CST [link]

Eilat: No longer the end of the world

Monday, January 29, 2007
Until today, Israel's southernmost city of Eilat seemed like a world apart. To Israelis, it was mainly a holiday getaway, or the last Jewish outpost on a trip to the Sinai. It had a nightclub called "The end of the world" and a street bearing the same name. It was a place separate from the tensions and dangers that can interfere with ordinary life elsewhere in the country.

What changed today is that a suicide bomber killed three people in Eilat. It was the Red Sea resort's first suicide bombing.


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Joseph M Hochstein on 01.30.07 @ 02:23 PM CST [link]

Monday, January 29th

Truce again: Suicide bombing in Eilat

We have had another lesson in Palestinian Arabic. Once again we have been taught the meaning of Hudna (truce).

The murder of three Israelis in Eilat by a Palestinian suicide bomber will cause hardly a stir in world capitals. The UN Human Rights Council will not condemn anyone for it, except possibly Israel, nor will angry and righteous young ladies write about "genocide" plans and ethnic cleansing programs of the Palestinian reactionary imperialist warmongers in American journals and online media such as Counterpunch. No former U.S. Presidents will write books entitled "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid" condemning the evil, land greedy and violent benighted fanatics who perpetrated this act.


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Ami Isseroff on 01.29.07 @ 07:53 PM CST [link]


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